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  1. Apparently unlearned lessons from WWII: attacking civilians only strengthens their resolve. Its sad that these young Russian men who didn’t even know they were going to fight Ukraine, are dying for a mad man behind his desk. Much respect for all Ukrainians

  2. One Russian missile on a Polish territory would be considered as Russian attack on NATO. Stay Strong Ukraine from the US. 💪🇺🇸♥️🇺🇦☮️💙💛

    1. @Lenin Luna What do you think? You still are a Putin megaphone. How long will it take for YouTube to take your sockpuppet account down? Everyone can see right through your propaganda comments.

    2. @Me Ti hey dude not sure who Baiden is but he sounds funny. Are you sure you are in the right discussion???? Stop trying to be a clown 🤡

    3. NATO wouldn’t have the slightest idea what to do. Probably the member would call in a bunch of lawyers. Basically NATO is a league of bureaucracies.

    1. @Good boy Ringo Obama wasn’t even president and yet covfefe the orange terrorist snowflake was always blaming Obama for covid 45

    2. @Hola Mi Lambo well it may happen because tiny blonde hairplugs COVFEFE weakened NATO for 4 long years and trumputin thinks he has the green light because of the countless attacks for 4 long years against NATO from Putin’s installed puppet during the 2016 election coup

  3. Legendary basketball coach John Wooden said: “It’s not so important who starts the game, but who finishes it.” victory is near ❤️ 🇺🇦

    1. Tell him to sign on up to fight with Ukraine against Russia then.. can’t be having a coach of all people on the sidelines.

  4. Thank you Brianna for allowing Gen Petraeus to give long and thorough answers to your questions. You are the best anchor on CNN !!!!

    1. Yes thank you for allowing one of our experienced Generals to tell the enemy what America is possibly thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice if Russia let us listen to their General’s thinking? Dumb. Boarder line Treason. CNN needs to shut its’ mouth. We are on the edge of WW3 here and the enemy is listening.

    1. his off ramp is to blast the hell out of as much of ukraine as he can and then settle for a carve off of the eastern part

    2. This war is 8+ years old, most people don’t realize that. Doing it right is more important than doing it fast. imo.

  5. I hope someone is actually watching the China-Russia border?? China has shown that it’s very underhanded in its dealings. So even if it says “No” to Russia’s request it could covertly support it. 😰

    1. Well the important stuff is big machines/vehicles/logistic trucks. We’ll see it if that stuff starts popping up on the battlefield.

    2. @Steve Harding wish there were more rants like that in the comment sections… 👍
      I’m surprised that you think an invasion of Taiwan likely. I always thought that, besides th obvious geopolitical consequences, the Chinese would be smart enough to realize what an enormous and hazardous enterprise it would be, especially logistically. It would be a nightmare for the military. But I’m not an expert nor an insider so I could be completely wrong, and considering that I would never have believed that the Russians were so mad to go all in in Ukraine I am non so sure at anything anymore… It seems that rationality is a thing of the past…

    3. China will not sacrifice its own position for anyone tho they’ll leave them high and dry if they feel they need too

    4. I think it’s a very astute comment. I don’t expect China to do anything, but The performance of Russia’s military coupled with its resource-rich country makes it a better enemy than friend. If China does anything, doing nothing may have the biggest impact on both China and Russia.

  6. Putin claiming that Ukraine has chemical weapons is Putin signaling that Putin is considering using chemical weapons!

    1. He is pointing that USA is providing Ukraine chemical or bio weapons. They did it in Syria. Or it could be that, before America falsely accuses Russia of having bio weapons (as they did for Iraq), he himself went in accusation mode

    1. @Andy Carter I think President Trump says things that baffles most people. He things that are taken out of context. President Trump kept World leaders in check, but being soft but strong. World leaders knee not to mess with America because of President Trump. Now, we have a weak and incompetent President that World Leaders see and have no fear of America.

    1. Putin did not invest 1 cent on his Army, his Army and his technology is in worse condition than it was in 1970’s Soviet Era

    2. @İbrahim Moncada you should apply for a Russian general job…. (there are vacancies after Putin’s arrests last week) your insightful analysis will result in a meteoric career

    3. I just watched Chernobyl and it’s great… There’s one line in the show that really stuck with me and it was something like “The perception of power is the real power that we have”.

    1. He’s probably very smart, but don’t think for a second that he wouldn’t lie if that helps his (=the US government) cause. He was the head of CIA so he is a professional liar.

      I would personally prefer that media used university professors etc. rather than retired generals as their experts on issues that have a political side.

    2. I’m very sure the Russians do as well. We are on the edge of WW3 here, the media needs to stop telling the enemy what America is thinking. Boarder line Treason

  7. how can you still misjudge this guy? from the beginning of his presidency he made clear what he wants. the USSR back. stop thinking like a rational human being . he is not one

  8. Russian corruption may have lost them this war. The money they were supposed to be spending on military went to a few. Of course.

    1. That’s true of all countries and all eras, at least in peacetime. Because everything to do with the military has to be secret, nobody can keep track of the scale of diversion of funds: is it 90% or 99%?

      We also see this in purely civilian matters, like roads, public buildings and computerisation, where projects spiral out of control, take years and millions more than the original plans envisaged and turn out to be of low quality. Remember those schools all around the world which collapse during earthquakes due to sub-standard concrete?

    2. The one that has trurne the biggest country in the world with most resources to a fascist oligarchy, where public protest is punishable by prison and the GDP
      is smaller than Italy…that corruption

    3. Russian corruption shows endgame for total corruption in a society. A cautionary tale for us in dealing with our own Oligarchs.

    1. Yes and thanks for broadcasting all our thoughts to the enemy. Remember WW2. The media is not a help in a serious war situation. They need to keep their mouths shut. Just report what is happening and not what America is thinking. That is boarder line treason.

  9. “In spite of temporary victories, violence never brings permanent peace.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  10. Putin “Why is our military doing so poorly?” Where does Putin think all the Mega Yachts were coming from?

  11. A Russian plane crossing the Polish border, completely inside their airspace and performing any strike with munitions of any type would likely result in the intercept or shoot down of the plane.

    1. Exactly. They also have a open communication line with Russia to attempt to confirm is was a mistake before we shoot it down.
      Fortunately that hasn’t happened yet. Not long now though.
      Puddin’ is up against a wall now and that is not where you want a megalomaniac psychopath with his finger on chemicals and nukes. This is extremely more serious than a little invasion happening here

    2. @Tim Smith do russian affraid irsnian oil?To late putler ,Iran will sell oil and u will lose lots of money.I dont take it, ruSSian would do anything to brake deal with Iran.

    1. Vile americu*t not saying but saying merc’s got wiped out, who are helping Neo-Nazis. And also there was a mosque that got hit containing some of the 450 turkish ISIS-K jihadis. The evil usa_fascistland helped military coup in 2014 & has kept helping openly ‘nazism’ spread into the ranks of ukraine military. Research ‘Azov Battalion’ who wear SS lightening insignia yellow badges & flew german swastikas against the donbas oblast. Know thy enemy’

  12. General Petraeus is a great interview. He sees many sides to every possibility and calmly explains them.

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