Return to normalcy is focus of President's speech | USA TODAY 1

Return to normalcy is focus of President’s speech | USA TODAY


President Biden lays out 5-point plan to come out of pandemic during national address
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The President laid out a 5-point plan to bring America out of the pandemic and make July 4th a little more normal.

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    1. @Angel R Newsom and the rest of his fellow socialist politicians in CA have me paying > $10,000/year in property tax, in nearly a 2% valuation. The point is, Angel, that taxes all across the board in the state are the highest in the nation. Newsom and his friends need a lot of tax revenue to implement his social welfare programs for the illegals, since he and they have made the state a sanctuary state. As such it is unlawful to deport them.

    2. @Rob Johnston if you can pay 10,000$ then you’re fine. Plus the rich should be taxed a lot more. You’re definitely rich compared to many Americans

    1. @Heaven Sophia ok then, i misread.

      Just as long as we can agree on normal being what we had before 2020

    2. @Zero9O were you ever that scared of the flu? if so then i feel for you. but if not you are falling victim to fear and it robbed you of your reason.

    1. @Angel R what do you mean who said that? that’s literally what they’ve been doing and will continue doing until the dollar is worthless.

    2. @Ed
      Yep the Venezuelan style election will lead to Venezuelan style economics.
      Those $20 Harriet Tubman bills will be great for starting cook fires.

      Cubans and Venezuelans warned of the Communizt iceberg, but noooooo…we’re “huwhite supremes enablers”.

      I’ll be dancing on deck to some Pete Boogaloo Rodriguez as the Constitutional Republic sinks beneath the waves.

  1. You carry a card in your pocket, no you carry several and they are called flash cards. Like the pre schoolers use.

  2. The Curve has been flat for several months now. Big Money Special Interests are keeping us locked down.

    1. @Doug Dimmadome What happened to the flu dim dome? It’s like the RONA (99+% survival rate)cured the regular flu (98.5% survival rate).

    2. @sheeple beware the flu has a fatality rate of less than .1%. COVID (caused by a coronavirus, not the flu) is somewhere around 1.3% fatal. That number increases dramatically if our healthcare system is so overwhelmed they can’t treat everyone.

    3. @Matt Why aren’t the homeless people falling dead all over? Surely without access to proper sanitation, weakend immune systems, alcohol and drug problems, comorbidities. They should be stacking them up like cord wood.

  3. 1920: “Return to normalcy” was United States presidential candidate Warren G. Harding’s campaign slogan for the election of 1920. It evoked a return to the way of life before World War I, the First Red Scare, and the Spanish flu pandemic.

    2021: “Return to normalcy.” History definitely repeats itself….

    1. Of course Harding’s time in office had the Teapot Dome scandal, which allegedly inspired Mrs. Harding’s poisoning of her husband. Could see Kamala doing that.

    2. Normalization was the term the USSR used when they invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968 and commanded complete control. It’s actually what caused the rift in the entire Communist Party and started the end of the Cold War. But it’s not a term to be taken lightly.. it means the opposite of normal.

    1. @csmidt2885 parroting the liberal msm, are you? What lies? Joke Lieden is the biggest liar.. he lied during the debate. He lied when he said he didn’t know about Hunter’s business dealings in the Ukraine, Russia and China. He lied about marching in Selma. He lied about being in the top of his graduating class. He plagiarized speeches! He called blacks ni gers and he made the crime bill to put blacks in jail because he said they were predators and had to be taken out of society. He’s horrible, don’t let the old grandpa fool you. Trump never lies.. what they accuse him of, the left is actually guilty of. The msm brainwashed you with their narrative! Stop your hate and research the truth! Try watching Newsmax, oan, bcp, eye opener, front page and ntd. Then you’ll learn the truth. CNN, abc, NBC, msnbc, etc can’t trust them.

    2. @csmidt2885 he doesn’t have a chance to do anything wrong bcz they cut his feed !! Not only that TRUMP IS A BEAST and is truly better than this weirdo kid sniffer

  4. Bro he wants our Secretary of health to be a dude in a wig. How the f*** is this dude wanting us to get back to normal.

    1. @Cliff Brown If that kills a human being then you should mourn every time a woman has a period. Or every time a fertility clinic discards of it’s spare embryos.

    2. @Aro Drev what makes them more qualified than someone else? When hiring, job performance, experience, and history of success should be the ONLY parameters. Not gender, nor skin color, not sexual preference. They were hired because they are transgender and it gets the administration some woke points. They were not hired based on their qualification.

      One might argue they are the most qualified transgender. But imagine how many better qualified people were overlooked because they were “too normal”

    3. @J GetsCensored Honestly the best person to be Health Secretary never gets picked, and yeah maybe you’re right, but she is qualified as she’s helped her state through the Covid pandemic.

  5. Return to normalcy= government overtaxing Americans, job loss, inflation, money overseas, and lies!

    1. @lkeve Biden hasnt signed any orders affecting the prices of gas yet. Any changes in the price of gas currently is an extended result of changes from the previous administration.

    2. @Andrew Craft The big issue you are missing is Trump is not a republican politician. He actually got his hands dirty like the rest of us. Idon’t think he cared about the money he would get by greasing hands. He would have been better off staying away.

    1. @csmidt2885 Great comeback.
      I’ll assume you’re a democrat.
      You can’t argue facts so you try to use insults.

      I say try because even your insults are weak.

    2. @jesse k just like they can’t win with policy they’ve gotta talk to us like 3rd graders. fake empathy cards are flyin high.

    3. Me too…I don’t even use hand sanitizer, never did need it. I have my own mind and I trust my immune system . Never took the flu shot, never got the flu except at a very young age.

    1. 24 months and one day. After that Kamala become president and he can get automatically approved to be a candidate for next 4 years

    1. @sheeple beware Biden has a higher approval rating right now than trump did during his whole term

    2. @Trump lost LMAO Oh a poll? BFD! You can get any results out of poll you want. Anyone who believes all polls is a buffoon, but you probably voted potato, the same guy who said he was running for Senate while campaigning for president in North Carolina.

    1. People blamed Trump for the covid deaths but just wait a couple more months and you’ll see it’s only gonna get worse with Biden in office.

    2. With Joke Lieden illegitimately in office, it will never be normal. He’s a disaster for America and he’s making us weak and the world is in disbelief.

    3. @moxncal if you can’t see that he was just trying to calm the masses, you truly can’t see the good in him . People were so scared, thanks to the media you follow that hyped the virus up to fear mongering, people started lining up and wiping out shelves of sanitizers, hoardings etc. He got the vaccine in record time.

    4. When Russia took over Czechoslovakia by infiltrating their government they used the term “Normalized”
      This is scary. I hope people are realizing what’s happening…

    1. @Trump lost LMAO competence? Please change your handle to My judgement is so poor, I voted for the invalid.

    2. @Von Preußen We are real Americans. What are you? Russian? Liberals trashed Trump for four years. Guess what,its your turn now. And Joe is easy pickings.

    3. @Trump lost LMAO The media contacts plenty of Democrats when they do their skewed polls. Stop with the lies!

  6. “I keep this card with the number of deaths in my pocket”

    That’s the excuse he uses so he can pull the card out which just has notes to remind himself where is and what he is supposed to be doing

    1. You sound like someone who doesn’t want to remember that many have died needlessly at the hands of a person who told the public that in 2020 of March that this would be over by Easter, which was in April. No that didn’t happen as a matter of fact it raged on. Here we are today with opportunity at a turn, but yet we have Republicans and even some Democrats saying open up. It’s left to the rest of us to protect ourselves, and keep it pushing. Biden only asked for 100 days of mask wearing. A small request from the public to get his plan of the ground . What I see is the same energy that the Republicans put in to stop Obama is the same energy they’re putting in to try and stop Biden. There’s no bipartisan support from these people unfortunately. That want to take credit for something that they voted against, but that many Americans want and need. This all pains me. Words can’t express how deeply I’m saddened by the state of my country. That people who are elected by their constituents would rather see them go without help to satisfy their cooperation donors. Yet in the same breath when said Bill is passed to help these people are trying to find ways to take credit for a Bill they are against. It’s mind boggling. It’s my hope that everyone who benefits from the passage of this stimulus plan remember your congress men and women as will as your Senate men and women who voted No to help for You and Yours.

  7. Heh nothing about this Presidency or what’s going on in DC with the military lockdown is normal. Try again.

    1. @Trump lost LMAO it’s tax payer money. Tho a lot of it probably is dirty. The other 91% of the bill that isn’t aid is obvious money laundering.

    2. @SaboTopHat More accurately it’s more debt, the elite bankers are wringing their hands somewhere.

    3. @Trump lost LMAO it’s hilarious you bring that up considering Warnock and Ossoff promoted $2k stimulus checks and once Biden gets in, it’s suddenly lowered to $1400. Bait and switch.

    1. @GJJitsuEman dems have this weird obsession with Trump. I’ll never understand it. They act as if supporting him means people believe 100% of what he says. Almost no one who supported Trump felt that way.

    2. @white deion why support someone who values you don’t believe in? Thats Hella dumb, at least have the balls to stand up for what you believe in, thats way more respectable than what you just said.

    3. @Anonymous yeah what happened to Russian collusion? Fake news. I didn’t see YouTube and Facebook censoring that fake BS.

    4. @GJJitsuEman Why do you feel the need to insult and name call? A person is never going to agree 100% with someone, but if there’s a policy they’re going to benefit from, they usually vote for that person. A lot of people voted for Biden for the stimulus checks, or maybe because of the immigration bill. No one will actually ever agree 100% with anyone unless they share the exact same mindset. With your logic, no one will be able to vote for anyone since they don’t agree with their candidate 100%

    1. @Cliff Brown I’m curious: you implied that anyone who uses google is a Democrat. Are you aware that YouTube is a platform run by Google? Doesn’t this imply that you yourself are “perfect for the democratic party”?

    2. @Cliff Brown lol, im just jesting with you because of your hyperbolic statements. I understand what you were saying. I even agree to an extent, but its hard to converse with you when you just post a bunch of troll comments.

      If you wonder why liberals don’t seem to agree with you on anything, it is because of the troll comments, the lack of respect, the name calling, and the assuming of people’s opinions you in fact know nothing about. Why would anyone want to agree with you on anything after you attack them for opinions they may not even have because they are different than yours?

      You are building what is called a “straw man” to argue with. Thats a logical fallacy. You won’t win any arguments against real people that way, just make yourself feel better. You wanted to argue with actual people? Engage with who they actually are, listen to their thoughts and agree or disagree based upon what they say, not what you heard Tucker Carlson or whoever says they say.

    3. @Brett Goldsmith You misspelled truth comments. But I dont expect you to get it. When country goes full on socialist you’ll wonder what did we do.

    4. @Cliff Brown if you are right, about whatever subject this was originally about, then it’s your fault I don’t “get it”.

  8. “Return to normalcy” definition: Agree with us or be censored. Then when all dissent is silenced and all become sheep, we’ll call it “normal”.

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