Returning Political Power To The People | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Returning Political Power To The People | The Last Word | MSNBC


Rep. John Sarbanes says big money and special interests have been preventing issues with bipartisan national support from making it through Congress. He says the “For The People” Act, which he authored, was “designed for the American people to step back into their democracy and take control again.” Aired on 03/27/2021.
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Returning Political Power To The People | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @J Standards? lol Now you care about standards? Do you have that kind of “standards” when trump was the president, when his family was grifting the US government? You are not fooling anyone here. And don’t use the excuse that trump is not the president anymore and just focus on biden.

    2. ​@Jail Trump I feel terrible for your keyboard.. So between that Biden style spew of text – you are assuming that I support Trump? Odd.

      Not all of us are weak socialist extremists buddy.

    3. @J Oh, you don’t support trump? lol hahahahahahaha Don’t be ashamed of whom you support. If you don’t support trump, and biden, you are not also a bernie supporter if you did drop the word socialist extremist? Tulsi supporter who watches fox news, perhaps? I mean i never heard an “independent” uses that kind of language, “weak socialist extremist”? Hahahaha try to fool me much harder please, i am begging you “mr.NOT TRUMP” supporter who supports the newly passed georgia law and admitting that the only thing that he don’t support in the law is about that water thing. Very much independent thinking, i guess?

    4. But, They are the ones that vote, to stop it…You think they [ Democrat or Republican ] is going to vote against money in their pockets? No way……They all benefit from lobbyist money….

  1. Money in politics needs to go away.. ASAP. It has become the one party system of money. Both parties are guilty of that.. Joe Manchin?

  2. I love how he shows polls for first two points but then makes up stuff after.
    Overwhelming Republican support for dreamers rights??

  3. Regarding Georgia: If Georgia throws out the popular vote if they don’t like it, then the federal government should give itself the power to throw out votes from states that ignore the popular vote.

  4. so how long are you all going to yammer about how it’s the obvious and right thing to do (reforming the filibuster and passing hr1) while twiddling your thumbs and not doing it?

    1. Cause it’s not the right thing to do? I mean it’s one thing to say there wasn’t any corruption in the last election. It’s something else to say because there wasn’t we should make it super easy to commit fraud on future elections. I mean if we want to undermine confidence this is one way to do it. Add 2a infringement

    2. @Mark Simpson Another Republican that doesn’t realize you need an ID simply to register to vote. “Voter fraud” wasn’t an issue until after the Civil War.

    3. @Drake Fire LMAO, One of the possible causes of death for Edgar Allen Poe was that he was abducted and forced to vote multiple times. I’m serious. Look up possible causes of death Edgar Allen Poe. And keep in mind democrats have been contesting elections for 20 years and have been defending the filibuster for longer. The Democrats voting bill is going to make it here you can register the same day that you vote and you don’t have to show ID. In other words it will be a crime to even question the legitimacy of a cast ballot. How is that not insanity? How is that not corruption?

  5. Since The SCOTUS ruling in support of “citizens united” Our Nation has been “under fire”. By allowing corporations to give and give to politicians, Our Government has been sold to the highest bibber. Remove money and impose “term limits” on politicians and we MAY get Our Nation “GREAT AGAIN”.

  6. Politicians NUMBER 1 CONCERN, reelection. Every decision is based on if it helps or hinders their reelection. One term limit and we may get our representatives, representing US again.

  7. The ruling class has the schools and press under its thumb. This enables it to sway the emotions of the masses.

  8. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven

    Like so more people can see this


  10. How can we boycott to be effective? What companies do we boycott? Is anyone reputable doing the necessary research for an accurate list?

  11. You know the media is in the pockets of the democrats when there pointing the fingers at republicans for taking Big corporation money they are both guilty of this. For you know democrats it’s OK when we do it.

  12. Returning Political Power to the People? So all the Democrats are quitting and giving us back our Country? wow 😀

  13. Nothing screams Women’s Empowerment like having Bill Clinton as your ‘headliner’!!!!! Go “President” Camela “Harris”, making us proud!!!!

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