Returning To Lockdowns In 2021? Why COVID Is Worse Than Ever In Some Places

America is at a crossroads with the Delta variant of the coronavirus surging. Cases of the virus have made the month of August just like 2020, or even worse in some places as hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise. MSNBC’s Ari Melber details how Republican leaders in the hardest hit areas continue to clash with safety measures as experts sound the alarm. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. I suggest that if an adult can’t prove that they’ve been vaccinated, they don’t get an ICU bed if they’re admitted to a hospital for Covid. Tough but justified.

    1. @William Springer last I checked, 100% of tax money doesn’t go towards hospitals just for covid. They’re also the ones making it worse and prolonging it, so why should they get a break?

    2. @Margarita Moses, re: “people who took the experimental”
      I think those people should have a priority, because they were trying to help society. Whereas the anti-vaccine people were trying to screw everyone else claiming their freedumb was more important than everyone else’s health, so they do not deserve an ICU bed.

  2. Maybe electing a reality TV host who dodged the draft,
    is a compulsive liar,
    and cheats at golf
    was a bad idea.

    1. Biden and the Democrats are like going to the zoo watching monkeys throw poop on each other. I’m pretty sure. The next bill in the loop is how to hive taliban mail in voting rights

    2. Right! Download Diaper don, he wasn’t even potty trained. Now watch Fox mislead saying…OH NOW A BOOSTER..When you know darn good & well they all have taken the vaccine. A bunch of hypocrites. .Why are they so into killing off the’ye base? Now these parents are playing God with they’re children.. ALL in the name of Hate, Racism, & Politics. These ”’trampards” just won’t do what they should, there for making America look like None of us have common sense. They dont even care if the World watches us go down the Johnny Flusher. Many are laughing at us for it too. . If you are reading this. NOT ALL of us are stupid. If they would only do what they’re suppose to , this wouldn’t be bad. But if we have to close down again, it’s on THEM, NOT OUR President Biden. Like him or not. He’s done more for America & Americans than Draft dodger Is STILL trying to do..Lie, the druggie just don’t know how to shut the BEEK, the tweeker is the biggest druggie America ever had in the history of Politics. What a shame we have this many air heads. Racist when it really comes down to it.

    3. Obama just told us how dangerous he thinks covid really is, with his maskless super-spreader birthday bash.

    1. @Chuck Schenck not exactly if they were born with immune deficiencies or auto immune diseases. I don’t understand why ppl think all children or even teenagers have good immune systems like they do because they are young but it really depends on the persons genetics and what’s inherited,

    2. @DAVID MEasles is making a comeback in CO due to low vaccination rates….. ya let them get measles bro good call

    3. @flowstateofmind you should live by the Amish. They don’t get vaccinated for anything. Some of the healthiest people I know.

  3. Like a specific date was going to fix “stupid.” I fully warned my kids a few years if we were lucky and enough morons pass.

    1. @WhenYouKnowYouKnow – BS, tell that to the now over 625K that DIED in hospital beds unable to draw a breath.

      The spread of Covid is like buying a lottery ticket. Nobody knows ahead of time WHO will get only mild symptoms, if anything, and be perfectly OK a week or two later, and who will need the immediate services of an ER, or even a FUNERAL HOME within a short time.

      Obtaining a painless, quick, FREE vaccine injection is simply COMMON SENSE AND CHEAP INSURANCE against the small possibility of SEVERE ILLNESS OR DEATH.

      Getting your FREE Covid shot is just like carrying car insurance. You will probably NEVER need it, but it sure will save you a ton of legal grief and financial pain if you ever do get wrecked!

      WHY IS THAT SO HARD FOR SOME TO UNDERSTAND? It’s scary such MISINFORMED & UNINFORMED are able to vote, but that sure explains how we ended up TRUMPED doesn’t it lol!

    2. @WhenYouKnowYouKnow Over 600k doesn’t matter to you we know! And life time complications don’t matter, we know. And if someone you know dies you will ask for sympathy, WE KNOW!

    3. @WhenYouKnowYouKnow we where lucky before the previous covid seemed not to affect children but Delta is different. We are running out of beds for them. Do statistics really matter for them?

    4. @WhenYouKnowYouKnow Youre not supposed to provide numbers that are inconvenient for the sheep who think wearing diapers on their faces is trendy.

  4. I am all for continuing to vax. However…there are MANY countries that don’t have access to the FIRST vaccine. This will never end until ALL folks have access.

    1. I have a question for you Chris? I need you to deep dive this question. How come third world countries in Africa and India and Pakistan have less deaths then we do even though they have 3 to 5 times the number of people that we have. Better question Chris, if there are 7.7 billion people on the planet and 4 million have died from Covid-19 what is one percent of 7.7 billion people. It is 75 million people. You can ask your smart phone these questions. isnt 4 million people worldwide 1/25th of one percent? deadly virus that has killed one twenty fifth of one percent??? Uhh scary! Also did the Spanish Flu kii everyone on the planet???? Yeah didn’t think so. You do know that Bill Gates is the second largest donor to the N.I.H. you know the thing That Dr. Fraud Fauci runs.. Please, please, please, fact check everything i said….

    2. @robotron17 The fact the virus can be transmitted by vaccinated makes the situation worse, but it replicates much easier in unvaccinated and it’s the replication rate that determines variant formation. There are two possible outcomes, but I’m getting tired, gotta lay down soon.

  5. Texas schools are getting by the no mask mandate by putting masks as a dress code that’s set by the school district ,
    Great job

    1. I rise up to cheer on anyone that opposes paranoid, moronic Trumpist policies against proven facts and science.

      Getting a fast, painless, FREE vaccine is EFFECTIVE cheap insurance and just plain old common sense. Gov Abbot is now INFECTED, yet another cult 45 nitwit that learned the hard way. Covid doesn’t care about his stupid regressive politics and fake Qanon fairy tales about vaccines. Teachers and school staff lives are also endangered by ignorant parents that won’t get junior vaxxed and oppose masks. We must support vax and mask mandates for all American schools.

    2. @JasonDrvmz That either costs money or costs work. You’re assuming that both parents don’t have to work to make ends meet, which most do. Even my dad and stepmother worked when I was a teenager, even though we had plenty of money to go around. Costing work is money not made, costing money means you need to work more.

    3. @JasonDrvmz and you and I both know the pressure society puts people under to have them, to not use birth control or condoms, that it’s all on the woman to take care of that, and that the media (movies ads ecetera) has as much a pull as someone’s parents do as far as making a person lose self esteem if they don’t get that proverbial house in the burbs with a picket fence and 2 and a half kids. Psychologically society pretty much brow beats us to have a family, from media down even to our legal, tax and medical codes. Not everyone is as strong willed as you or I and not everyone has been raised to value their lives by principles and skills rather than things. And in that mind set, sadly, kids are just another thing.

      You want an example in the real world of how people are pressured to have them and how children are objects, I can give you two and even better religion and politics enter into neither case.

      Pressure – I’m a woman, there’s a decent chance I have endometriosis. Endometriosis seems to abate after having kids. So when I discussed the possible diagnosis with my gyno (I’d already controlled it with hormones for years and had to go off them due to heart attack risk and weight gain), the very first thing she suggested was having kids adding that unless the pain was debilitating, which it wasn’t at that point, insurance wouldn’t cover the laproscopy needed to do anything permanent about it. I told her in no uncertain terms that if she broached that again the answer would be a middle finger, and that I’d be giving Insurance the same if they ever said that to my face.

      Children as objects – If you ever doubt that children are still treated as objects in western society, look at murderer Mick Philpot who wouldn’t have birth control, kept hitting on more and more women outright asking them to have children with them, had like 10 children in a house meant for tops four people, plus three domestic partners. He badgered the local housing authority to give him a larger UK equivalent of the projects until finally, when one of his partners left, took her kids and filed for divorce he set the house on fire with his children inside figuring that they’d have to give him a new one if the one they were in no longer existed. Then he tried to frame his ex for the murder. Throughout all of this he’d been going on the news and on daytime talk shows, going on about how he was entitled to a bigger house. Every time someone suggested “well maybe stop having children” he yelled at them that it was his right to have as many as he wanted and then made a show of open desire to have more with one of his partners.

    4. @AnimeShinigami13 there’s no pressure for me, I don’t let society dictate my life decisions. I’ve known for years I never wanted to have kids or be a father and at 40 that’s not going to change. I value my freedom and time too much plus all my money goes to me.

    1. @Margarita Moses Actually they do know because a vaccine is not a cure. It just helps you have a higher chance of survival. This is why masks are important. And I think people who willingly took the vaccine to protect themselves and others are already using masks again because that’s the responsible thing to do.

    2. @Annie Garza – You are correct. It’s a FACT that when you see anyone wearing a mask in various situations w/o being called out and forced to, they have probably been vaxxed. I am interested in seeing future comparisons of heavily masked states vs lightly masked states that resisted them and who ended up w the most sick and dead.

      As if we didn’t already KNOW WHO right from the get go anyway. You just can’t fix stupid lol.

      FL & TX for example are run by very foolish science deniers. Covid variants are exploding and their ER’s are overwhelmed. All we blue states ask is to NOT come here. We DON’T WANT Trumpovirus super spreaders bringing us back to early-mid 2020!

    3. @Blue Perspective 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣
      They saw you coming a mile away.

  6. This crap won’t leave thanks to the unvaccinated people. Don’t you realize you’re taking the beds of people with other illnesses or the injured. Smh.

    1. Doctors and nurses ought to put vax deniers in long waiting periods and just get to them if and when they have time, maybe after a few hrs.

      Why should those of us that got vaxxed have to wait maybe too long for urgent help when some dim witted Trumpers that didn’t want to vax now end up in the ER and take up valuable hospital resources and space?!

      It’s an OUTRAGE!

      The old saying: ‘you made your bed now go lay down in it’ does apply here!

    2. Animals get Covid also.
      If you do not have plans to capture and vaccinate every single rat and mouse in your city, covid is going to keep coming back.

    3. @William Springer Where do you live? I have no rats or mice near me. If there are any I don’t know where. Maybe in a field or something. Or if a person is not particular about leaving food out and about maybe. I don’t know.

    4. The Establishment wants you to blame the “unvaccinated” with their lies. Don’t fall for that trap. Where have all the rebels gone anyways?

  7. The first lockdown was completely necessary. This lockdown will be completely brought on by people’s stupidity. I’m ready for it. Didn’t even bother getting my car battery charged from the last one.

    1. @SaneGoatISwear It’s working in States that have a high Vaccination. Yesterday 188 deaths in Texas. New York 19.

    2. @Jeffrey Kaufmann New York doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants coming across the border. Areas in southern Texas near the border have had a 900% spike in cases and those are the same areas being overrun by illegal immigrants. None of the 270,000 + immigrants that have been released into the Country have been tested by DHS. Those two states aren’t a good comparison. It’s like people complaining about Florida having a giant spike in emergency room patients compared to other states when Florida has a giant population of elderly people that retired and moved to that state. Every old person that gets a cough or sniffle is going to emergency rooms thinking they’re going to die when just not to long ago they would have went to a patient first or scheduled an appointment with their Primary care physician.

    3. @SaneGoatISwearTexas’ Covid problem has little to do with immigrants. Louisiana is doing worse than Texas cause only 39% of them are fully Vaccinated. In Texas it’s 45%. New York 58%.
      Although immigrants may be contributing to the overall Covid-19 case numbers, the increase in infections and current outbreak patterns across the country are actually in response to policies that discourage the use of masks, vaccinations and the isolation of Covid-19 patients.

  8. You lock this country down again you make it legal for us essentials to get time off with pay. Do you think we had fun and will now have FUN AGAIN knowing that going to work can be a death sentence?

    1. @WhenYouKnowYouKnow – BS, tell that to the now over 625K that DIED in hospital beds unable to draw a breath.

      The spread of Covid is like buying a lottery ticket. Nobody knows ahead of time WHO will get only mild symptoms, if anything, and be perfectly OK a week or two later, and who will need the immediate services of an ER, or even a FUNERAL HOME within a short time.

      Obtaining a painless, quick, FREE vaccine injection is simply COMMON SENSE AND CHEAP INSURANCE against the small possibility of SEVERE ILLNESS OR DEATH.

      Getting your FREE Covid shot is just like carrying car insurance. You will probably NEVER need it, but it sure will save you a ton of legal grief and financial pain if you ever do get wrecked!

      WHY IS THAT SO HARD FOR SOME TO UNDERSTAND? It’s scary such MISINFORMED & UNINFORMED are able to vote, but that sure explains how we ended up TRUMPED doesn’t it lol!

    2. Completely agree. I live in FL and lockdowns here were a joke. Basically the only people on lockdown were white collar workers that switched to teleworking.

      Pretty much every business found loopholes in the list the state put out of what was considered essential. My fiance sells furniture, which wasn’t deemed essential. His store closed for 3 days, then they justified reopening by the fact that they sell 2 models of desks and people teleworking may need desks. Nevermind the fact that lockdowns in China put shipments of said desks back by at least a month.

    3. @Blue Perspective PCR tests so not work properly. There is no possible way you can determine how many people have died from Covid up to this point.

      Car insurance is a scam. Be a better driver.

    4. ​@William Springer PCR tests identify the presence of specific genetic sequences. They have worked ideally for decades now, and will continue to do so well into the future, regardless of any of our opinions on the matter.

      Their main shortcoming is that they can only identify one such genetic sequence per test, meaning multiple tests are required to check for multiple issues (ie, to test for both COVID and the flu, two tests would be required). And this is the only reason why the CDC is calling for a new test to be used, so that patients and doctors can speed things up a bit with a single multi-sequence test instead of spending a lot of time and resources running one test after another.

    5. @Alix Marx Very creative thinking! I told small business owners to reopen by selling cans of food from their barber shops, beauty salons and restaurants. Dam Dr Fraudci and his Cdc gang of criminals! They ignored the Science against masks and lockdowns!

  9. We pray there is No Lock Down During Our Life Time, that Covid and Variants are Contain, that we Return to Real FAITH, not the one that Brings Pain, Hate and Division..

    1. It’s this idiocy which is keeping people sick and from getting the vaccine because fanatical Christian people believe that God is going to do everything and we don’t have to do anything. The Bible you claim to believe says that faith without works is dead…. Maybe you should try reading it sometimes instead of thumping it

  10. Yeah, we know, “Why Covid is worse than ever in some states,” thanks. But, no one punishes the liars and Super Spreaders and Ron DeSatan is somehow allowed to walk free among us? . . . 🤦‍♂️

    1. @HobbsO Been reading comments of people getting fully vaccinated and ending up in the hospitals months later. That’s why biden now wants everyone to get a booster.

    2. @Melissa Richter I’ve read people getting covid with the vaccine, very few are being hospitalised. Booster is to help the severely immunocompromised, and apparently hypocrite politicians like Abbott.

    3. @HobbsO Why would anyone get a booster shot with the same vaccine that hasn’t worked? With every shot, you’re taking a risk of a bad side effect too.
      The vaccines that have erraticated deadly viruses, took years of trials and testing before they were given to humans. Not this one.

    4. Cuomo is a free man even though he’s personally responsible for spreading Covid in nursing homes. Where the outrage for that?

  11. Wait, just a month ago a jabber got mad at me for predicting more lockdowns and said it was a conspiracy theory.

  12. I’ve been following what’s happening in America since the election, I’m getting more and more convinced that I don’t want to live there

    1. American culture is toxic. It is not a good place to raise children. People are rude. It is a dwelling place for demons.

    2. @Diana Stypula why do you think i’m a freeloader? you insult me without knowing me i’ve always worked hard for my money

  13. “Places”. Now there’s a news staff working well at their vocation. Because the English language doesn’t offer easy terminology to divide the country in general regions.

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