Rev. Al: I Was Speaking To Floyd’s Family And The American Family | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Rev. Al Sharpton delivered a eulogy Thursday afternoon in Minneapolis at the memorial service for George Floyd. Rev. Sharpton joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 6/5/2020.
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Rev. Al: I Was Speaking To Floyd's Family And The American Family | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. These protests have been coming for a very long time George’s death was the straw that broke the camels back keep protesting peacefully for change until you get change and remember the whole world is with you

    1. @nick cifuno ….. How is it misinformed? I listed all of your failed attempts. Trump is still standing because you failed in every one of your attempts. Now you desperate guys have resorted to violence, arson, theft, and murdering security guards. Desperate, I mean DESPERATE!

  2. Sharpton is G.O.A.T.
    “I’ve been preaching since I was a kid and I’ve never seen anybody hold a bible like that” 🤣🤣🤣

    1. He should have been arrested when he caused an innocent man to be stabbed to death. He has no right to speak of racism, when he is such a racist himself. What he did was far worse than watching a man be killed, he encouraged killing.

  3. They want to Colour you as Rioters because they Intend to Deny you Justice 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. @Paula Gandolfo Do truly peaceful protesters specifically burn down Jewish stores and vandalize synagogues. Once that happened, these rioters lost all credibility.

  4. One always notices when Faux”News” disable their comment section…all the racist trolls and agitators from that cesspool then spill over into MSNBC’s comment section.

    1. O. B. if it was only at fox I believe you but most time is YouTube and this week they disable the comments in The Hill and many other places.

    2. OMG you are on it.Sharp comment never thought until now old donnie boy catchin truth of his lies.

    3. Yo Mama Al Sharpton is the biggest racist AND biggest race baiter in the free world! ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!

    1. Mary R people like you are the reason we have these protest, and what’s so beautiful about it is that people of all ethnic backgrounds around the” WORLD” agree that racism is wrong….so don’t hate the messenger, it’s world wide….have a good day!

  5. Where ia Donald tRump? Is he hiding in his bunker like a Bunker Baby soiling his diaper again!

    1. The President is “Hiding in his bunker? You are either DUMB, Or just Stupid with that comment.
      How about asking where all the Government and Mayors are hiding. Geez…………… a fool kid.
      Oh, you need to blame someone other then the LOCAL Leaders…………most Black?

    2. You mean the bunker the secret service took him to whether he wanted to go or not which happens to be a command center? That one? And let’s not forget the giant double barrel middle finger he gave rioters when he walked to that church. It wasn’t a photo op it was big FU.

      And keep voting for the SOS expecting different results. What have democrats done for blacks since I don’t know 1960? 60 years. No progress. Another black man killed and here they are exploiting them for political gain.

      Looks like slavery hasn’t ended.

  6. It’s ironic that today we consider George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Ray Bradbury to have been prophets of modern society’s truth and Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Abraham Lincoln to have been great writers of fiction…

    1. The only thing ironic right now is this…….
      2018: Total number of police killings against armed and unarmed blacks – 209
      2018: Total number of black on black homicides – 6,318

  7. Trump is against postal votes because he knows the yound vote that way. They don’t vote repugnican the vote for a positive future.

    1. @J West yeah I got so many free tapes and cds that way . Completely forgot about that company lol

    2. @J West Mail voting already exists and the cheating is insignificant in terms of results. That’s what the studies say

    3. Most people with smarts and common sense don’t trust mail in votes. Why can’t people vote like they have voted for 200+ Years?
      And please don’t say COVID 19 or lack of transportation.

  8. Hello from White Earth Minnesota. Thank you for recognizing Clyde Bellecourt in your address to the nation and to all of our ancestors. Thank you.

    1. ABSOLUTELY they are part of us! We are all one, UNITED! This is who the United States of America is! Anyone going against that DOESN’T BELONG! Trump is stoking the flames of racism! He told Governors to DOMINATE BLACKS!!!! He scattered the peaceful protesters with teargas and plastic bullets!!

  9. Hoover released the military to crush the veterans camping in Washington 100 years ago and Trump wants the same!

  10. USA🇺🇸 has a lot of very fine people, unfortunately they are not in the white house or the republican party 💩! Trumpdemic 🤑 is a Cancer in our society.

  11. When the history books are written, Kaepernick will be remembered for his bravery, and Trump for his infamy.

    1. Kaepernick is, Just About, as big a piece of 💩, (or bigger) than George Floyd was… I do believe 💯 unfortunately for you Al sharpton won’t be writing the history books

    2. @Gary Ray Cardoso Floyd may not have been a model citizen, but that doesn’t justify killing him, champ!

    3. 45 need not be remembered by name – only as an clear example of what can happen to a democratic Nation when it drops it’s guard.

    4. First of all,@spud2go , America is a Constitutional Republic & YOUR POTUS will be remembered as the man who restored the Greatness of America🇺🇸 & fostered the #NewRenaissance

  12. One thing that always stuck with me from my mother was she always told me “Never judge a book by its cover and your never better then anyone else but your always just as good. ” I raised my son with those words. During this sad time I am so proud to have been raised by a woman that lived through the depression , did two tours in WWII. And taught me to love others not hate. I am so proud of the people peacefully protesting for what is right and my heart. Goes out to everyone that been deeply hurt by this injustice for so long.

  13. Soon the traitors in the Government will be standing in the dark with a HUGE SHAME IN THEIR FACES. It will be a glory day folks!

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