Rev. Al: Officers Should Be Arrested And Charged | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Rev. Al: Officers Should Be Arrested And Charged | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Where are the good police, oh yeah they’re the ones standing there doing nothing ! 😠😡

    1. @TITANIUM _s you better start behaving like civilized people too or you will Fing your knee of justice

    2. @Deeppumped. . . . .Hey little fella, I think your mommy might have cancer, you should go ask.

    3. Which tells me those cops were just plain bullies. So what would they do to me if pulling me over for a speeding ticket going 5 miles over the limit, arrest me too throwing me to the ground and stepping on my neck too until I’m dead too?

  2. Lynching: a form of violence in which a mob, under the pretext of administering justice without trial, executes a presumed offender,

  3. The policeman should go to jail for the rest of his life , absolutely disgusting, justice must be served.

    1. yes, him and those who stood guard so he couls finish. not shown here but is in other channels.

    1. It causes extreme panic very similar to waterboarding. The fact that he was restrained, concealed his frantic efforts to catch his breath. It must have been terrifying. May God rest his soul.

    1. @Lauraine Garten
      No doubt the rights of these murderers will be fully “respected” with a nice noneffective “investigation” and “prosecution”. As a foreigner looking in I don’t have much faith in US justice especially when it comes to their treatment of non middle class white folk. They don’t appear to see brown or poor people as Humans but as problems and that is a very dangerous mindset to have, in fact it is kind of psychopathic in nature, possibly why so many nasty little c*nts become coppers in the first place.

    2. @Darth Wheezius you nailed it. It sickens me how all of this is going on. How can such wickedness continue and justice not be served? I can’t even imagine the pain Mr. Floyd’s family must be feeling. All the anger raging in the hearts of so many is justified. The blatant racism in this country is appalling. Your description of the police is spot on. I don’t have much faith in them either. They don’t live up to their supposed calling to “protect and serve.” It’s more like terrorize and destroy.

    3. I can’t figure out why 5 officers showed up for a fake $20 and stood around doing nothing for 8 minutes while a man was being strangled. Nothing was right about this. I don’t see how the FBI is going to come to a conclusion in favor of any of them.

    4. @C. H. Yes. All of them did nothing to stop it. Not even to save themselves. All of them need to be locked up for a long time. There is no legal spin on this one.

    5. One Two3 : How many others, judging by these fat dwarves casual ness, have they dealt same way with ¿?

    1. The cop that had his knee on his neck should be charged with murder,it’s plain to see.

    1. @Robert Michalscheck That is because a lot of cops are sociopaths. Not all but a good portion of them.

    2. One Two3 yes your right,that profession attracts a lot of bad people,what other job can you get away with murder with.

    1. David Gibson You’re right and it’s clear from the footage that the officer knew it too. Shocking!

    1. Too bad everyone watching didn’t jump those cops. It would have been perfectly legal since it was being videotaped. No way would those jumping and subduing the cops being charged with anything. The video is self explanatory.


  4. “This time they must be prosecuted” means there’s been too many times of “this” in the first place

  5. Inexcusable, no doubt this is a murder in plain sight. I don’t see how anybody can argue any different. So sad, very sad

    1. Nuclear Sam

      EXofficers, or as I call them
      $cumbags !!!!!!!!!!

      1. Fire them
      2. They are Fired
      3. ARREST THEM ALL !!!!

    1. Yes. Taking him to the hospital was just a formality. He was murdered right there. We have to thank the bystanders who filmed it so there could be some justice for this poor soul. All 4 officers need to be put away.

    2. The ambulance arrived and their attitude was uncaring. They checked his pulse and it was obvious there was no urgency, no attempt to work on him. He was dead right there. Thats when i realised id just watched a man killed. No emotion or concern on the faces of the police at all. The man who did it smiled at his partner. It was chilling.

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