Rev. Al: Reforms 'Cannot Be A Band-Aid' For Problems That 'Need Surgery' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

Rev. Al: Reforms ‘Cannot Be A Band-Aid’ For Problems That ‘Need Surgery’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


The Reverend Al Sharpton joins Ayman Mohyeldin to discuss a recently launched federal civil rights investigation into the death of George Floyd. Sharpton says the we "must seize the time to stop this" by utilizing the current momentum and implementing real policy change. Aired on 06/03/2020.
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Rev. Al: Reforms 'Cannot Be A Band-Aid' For Problems That 'Need Surgery' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. We MUST become more UNITED and NOT against each other! We Americans must have each others back.
    We MUST be greater people. We must be STRONGER!

    1. Nahh, many of us have decided its time to leave this new shithole that was once pristine until it was polluted by the coddled looting few.

    1. @C Seay you forgot antifa….the little white boys and girls throwing rocks and setting fires

    2. @Franklin Jones If they didn’t Report on it HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT IT? WERE YOU THERE AS A WITNESS?

    3. @Alisha Monique Gfys. I heard about because it was reported on. A man getting his NECK CRUSHED BY SOMEONE’S KNEE FOR 8 MINS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS. GO TROLL SOMEWHERE ELSE!

    4. Randy Simmons ,
      Nah, democrats don’t care about him….
      It’s really sickening to watch this selective racism and outrage.
      The Obama legacy is burning in the streets!

  2. Until those who make the law and those who enforce the law live by the law, there will be no order.

    1. You can’t stop a person from becoming an extremist. One cop might one day decide to take out his anger against whites, blacks, Jews or Hispanics. They are humans too.

    2. @Akela DeWolf that depends if We the People allow wannabe DICKtator tRump UNCONSITUTIONALLY use the US Military to police US CITIZENS.

      Any Republicans…conservatives…libertairians…gonna stand for that Document to be desicrated in that way??

  3. Trump wears a black shirt
    Media: “Why arent you wearing a white shirt”
    Trump puts on a white shirt
    Media: “Why did you take off the black shirt”

    Media 2020

    1. @TILT Oh, I guess you got that MO from Trump himself. Blame everyone else, particularly Obama. Not being sick of Trump and his divisive actions is a sign of poor character.

    2. @Madison Heights Barry and JOE BASEMENT can you tell us why you Ignored the call for help from BENGAZI…

  4. Absolutely, this can’t be a temporary fight but rather a battle to win the war against social injustice and racism

    1. Hahaha, well I think you’ve been sold a bill of goods. There is not a racism problem. Only until the media created one. But I will say, that the response of arson, looting and rioting only reinforces those negative stereotypes of blacks. If things had stayed peaceful, the majority if the people would be paying attention, now not so much.

    2. @Akitsu Maru
      are you referring to dRumpf and his supporters? They are the bad actors in my opinion!

    3. @A Omoose libbys are showing alot of respect for working people who are having their businesses burned to the ground.Their inventory stolen, and Black security guard David Dorn gunned down! Now don’t you feel stupid?

  5. I honestly don’t understand why no one from the news has bought up this idea. Hit them where it hurts: their pensions!!

  6. MSNBC. This violence is there Super Bowl. They could give a crap about violence looting and killings. It’s how it effects there ratings. Now for the biggest Clown of all we Present you. Wait for it, wait for it. Yes it’s the Reverend Al Sharpton here to enlighten the masses with his in-site and how to think. Sickening, and people fall for this sht Hook, Line and Sinker. What’s the expression Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice Shame on me. Wake up. Turn this crap off and think for yourselves.

  7. Since firing all current law enforcement officials and screening the new batch appropriately (meaning only hiring those that don’t want to be cops) is cost-prohibitive, I suggest we at least begin reforming law enforcement by prohibiting them from carrying weapons of any kind. Secondly, they need to be taught negotiation skills to help them de-escalate potentially dangerous situations. Finally, all cops need to undergo psychological testing to weed out the worst…

    1. Why is this the medias goal though?(dividing Americans) I get they want Biden to be president because he’s not trump , but do they not feel guilt for being the driving factor in the looting?

    2. @jrok96 tRump has divided more than any modern day potus.
      Hey, something he is actually most bestest bigly #1

    3. Bet they’ve said divide 1000 times in the last 4 years on left wing media. Subconscious programming.

  8. You want to make a change? Educate yourself and vote! Too bad the young generation’s candidate couldn’t win.

  9. If this is the time for us to make meaningful change, let’s effing do it. Because if not now, when.
    People – don’t be on the wrong side of history here.

  10. So Reverend Al, you want government to hold government accountable! That doesn’t work! Hold Government Accountable by Americans! Our tax dollars pay for the tasers, pepper spray, dogs, and immunity that these police officers use! Hold Mayors and Chief of Police accountable for approving choke holds, including Minneapolis.


  12. I have the surgery, ” We can’t change history, however we can rewrite the narrative for our schools, starting with the Founding father John Hanson the first Black President, followed by African Americans contributions to America. For example the building of America.

  13. How has Al Sharpton, the definition of a race hustler, become a respected civil rights figure? If you know this mans history it’s a head scratcher…

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