Rev. Al Sharpton On Action After Protests: ‘We’re In Motion’ | MSNBC

He says, "We already are following it up. And we’re in motion." Aired on 06/10/2020.
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Rev. Al Sharpton On Action After Protests: 'We're In Motion' | MSNBC


  1. Hey msnbc put up more photos of nancy and the dem wearing colors of a nation that still represents SLAVERY 👍😉

  2. Let’s all remember that last time the media thought we had racism in America was with Jussie Smollett. Imagine a country so filled with racist that you need to have it imported from Nigeria.

    1. All the racism is on the LEFT, all the hate crime and political extremists are on the LEFT, all the violence on the LEFT…..where’s all the right wing extremism? it’s all a HOAX, LATINOS FOR TRUMP, STOP FASCISM👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    2. @Carlos Stranger Seriously. Not just online either. Here’s an idea, you cowards– don’t just yap when you’re safe in your house or in a crowd of fellow bigots. Bring that stuff around and whatever happens, happens.

    3. I’ve ran into maybe 4-5 actual racist people…in 35 years of walking around in public here in Chicago…and it didn’t end well for any of them. The N word is a verb, noun, and an adjective to everyone these days. Racism will always be least our lifetime, just stop talking about it. Morgan Freeman, learn from him. He actually dealt with that sh*t for real…..unlike most today.

  3. Bad teachers, bad schools lead to bad educations…. and no alternatives to drugs, crime and violence. At the root of the problem is bad parenting though….. There should be laws to make parents better. Cops are just reacting to what parents are raising, not because they’re evil but because the people they’re dealing with are. In essence, democrats are pointing the fingers at the wrong people…. but they’re only looking for votes, not to fix anything.

  4. Remember the time Al gave Trump the Ellis Island award for his work with minority communities in New York? #Winning #Trump2020

    1. Who is this documented liar and dinosaur to be the spokesperson for blacks (“Ephesians 5:11”)?! #theblackboulegatekeepers #thecfrcontrolsthemedia

    1. @Zebra Zagadore Puss nuts after this weekend’s murders in Chicago Blame Trump I hope they set a record

    2. @Zebra Zagadore In reality Democracts are Anti-America Pro-LGBTQ and everyone knows it. 👀

    3. @William H You got something against LGBTQ? Well, the rest of us straight folk don’t. Let people do what they want as long as they’re not breaking any laws.

    4. @Zebra Zagadore I don’t think you’re thinking clearly Zebra obviously 😳 🎶

    5. William H I just believe in letting people be. You want to condemn people for things you can’t get your head wrapped around, that’s your prerogative. The rest of us aren’t stepping into that gutter.


  6. Screw Al Sharpton. He’s a racist. He doesn’t care about black people, only the money he can make.

  7. Al Sharpton has been a fake reverend for decades. Now we see him standing up for a criminal gang like BLM and it’s more proof that he is a divider, an agitator and a con man.

  8. Al Sharpton is the Don King of racial promotions. And yes, I intentionally left off the title “Reverend”. He works for the “other guy”. You know. Joe Biden.

  9. We The People Power
    Our Money Our Time Our Vote
    Defund trump government
    Vote trump republicans Out

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