Rev. Al Sharpton Reacts To The Details Of Rayshard Brooks’ Death | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @Margaret Nicol Wrong person, but Rayshard Brooks criminal record is on Google. He abused his wife and kids.

    1. @Small Fry. Spaulding oh why don’t ya cry about it. shame on me for insulting the drunk driving child beating arrest resisting loser that was Rayshard Brooks

  1. And some crying cop wants us to feel bad for her because McDonald’s didn’t get her order right. Girl, bye!

  2. One other issue I would love to hear about, is what sort of protection would be afforded to civilians who try to interfere with police malfaisance? As we have seen time and time again, civilians who are there can see and call out the cops’ misdeeds, but they are too scared to interfere more thoroughly for fear of being shot or arrested themselves. There should be an additional law that protects civilians who rush in to turn an arrested suspect around to help them breathe without fear of being bludgeoned and arrested by police.

  3. The two people begin to shut their mouths and stop someone stalking falling in knees and pray to God in obeying him it unfortunately it won’t change

  4. WHY Can’t COPS RUN anymore ? They just SHOOT First, then they Mistreat the BODY. They should call an ambulance NOT KICK or Stand on a Body. That is Despicable

    1. We need real national leadership in America. We the people can and must get out and vote come November. A change in the White House and Senate is long overdue. My fellow citizens get out and vote it counts.

  5. Brianna Taylor… killers .. Who works on the police…. forced need to be charged with first-degree murder.. or send those police officers straight to the electric chair..

  6. TRUMP: “If we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases.”

    That’s Republican LEADERSHIP for you.

  7. Here’s a thought,
    1. Lock the car take his keys to zone 3 station. And he could pick them up in the morning
    2. If he decides to run, fine. Tow the car and issue a alert for him and be at his house waiting for him. Simple

  8. I look at Mr. Brooks pictures and he look like a very nice gentleman, he was no treat to anyone, RIP Mr Brooks, so sad I feel for his family, my sincere condolences 🙏🏼❤️😇

  9. people who commit petty crimes because they lack the socio-economic support needed to improve their situation in life get punished with such brutality! and yet those who commit high crimes in the white house, who violate the constitution, tax laws, who commit treason, these criminals can still seek for re-election!!!

  10. I’ll get on that cop’s side when the supreme court declares shooting people in the backs while running away isn’t a crime……till then I hope he gets life.

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