Rev. Al Sharpton: The Bad Police Need To Face Federal Law | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Rev. Al Sharpton: The Bad Police Need To Face Federal Law | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Mourners gathered Monday in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, for Andrew Brown Jr.'s funeral after he was fatally shot by a police. The Rev. Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy for Brown at Fountain of Life Church, and he joins Morning Joe along with Michael Eric Dyson to discuss.

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Rev. Al Sharpton: The Bad Police Need To Face Federal Law | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. There are bad police, bad doctors, bad teachers, bad bankers, and they all need to be held accountable!

    1. Well, I guess that is progress, for us liberals. We went from “all cops are racist” to “bad cops”. Smh.

    2. What about bad people, like the creep who murdered a man in Baltimore, just for being Jewish?

    3. @mike briganti – I guess I don’t tolerate this “race insanity” very well, when it comes from “my side”. When it comes to being “woke”, we are not very woke on how “race” is a mental box; a trap, we place ourselves in.

  2. They want us divided. They want us hating eachother for having a different opinion. Let’s be kind and loving to one another, after all we are all humans.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera Democrites lost the election 4 years ago and cried all 4 years so stop being such a hypocrite, well actually you cant because you’re Democrite and Democrites are hypocrites

    2. @red rum I don’t remember the Dems storming the Capitol like maniacal lemmings 4 years ago, do you..? And I am not a Democrat, little boy.

    3. Yes, Conner, we ARE all human and should have more respect for each other than we do. It’s very disheartening to see your call for peace and the bitter, nasty, hurtful responses you got for it.
      In our world that has been deliberately ripped asunder for political and financial gain without regard to the harm it causes the rest of us, I am happy to accept your invitation to be happy. When you have someone whose only motive is being a horse’s tailfeathers, I’ve found it to be enormously satisfying/gratifying and insanely irritating to them when I am able to ACT with thoughtful caring and sincere concern rather than RE-ACT with violent anger and non-challenging ignorance!
      So thank you Conner, peace to you and yours , live long and prosper and last but not least…don’t worry, be happy.

  3. John 8:31-32 The truth will set you free. If you continue in my word than you are truly disciples of Mine.

    1. It’s says knowing the truth will set you free It’s saying knowing Jesus which is the truth

  4. Well the bad mayors in cities that have the most shootings should be held accountable after so long

  5. There DEFINITELY needs to be an accounting of their behavior. There also needs to be a listing of all police who get fired, or have complaints against them. This listing would prevent them from being able to just move & apply & work as cops elsewhere where their bad behavior is not known.

  6. They are hiding something that stinks very bad. Thinking we will forget in 30 days, judge? WE WILL NOT! Justice can never be forgotten but must matter!!

  7. The way I practiced police work I would have no problem with complete Transparency. Most cops enjoy being on the side of Justice.
    Only a very few need to fear change.

  8. Also, police who take ‘Killology’ police training are trained to escalate the situation. Can we find out how many officers involved in shootings have taken the Killology training?

  9. The fact that criminal charges against police can only be brought by the same prosecutors who work with police is nonsense.

  10. My heart breaks more and more each time I hear of these families sending their loved ones off to a better life. For the rest of us who are still here; something has to be done to stop the killing of these souls.

  11. I’d like to hear Sharpton address all the recent violence in the New York area… he could use his voice to make a difference!

    1. Sharpton is in it for him self ! NY, Chicago 75 murders in two weeks and Nothing from this so called Rev.

  12. There is absolutely no reason to not pass the George Floyd Act… unless you are very afraid of the Truth coming out. Justice 4 ALL!!!!!!

  13. That’s right Rev. Not just these policemen but the same should go for those that attacked our capital! They should all face federal law!! The police should face a federal standard as well as have a central training facilities all across the country so that they all get trained the same. Yes that would be awesome!

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