Rev. Al Sharpton's Exclusive Interview with Vice President Kamala Harris | MSNBC 1

Rev. Al Sharpton’s Exclusive Interview with Vice President Kamala Harris | MSNBC


Rev. Al Sharpton is joined by Vice President Kamala Harris in an exclusive interview. The female first talks the significance of Black History Month, the impact of coronavirus on communities of color, and the safety of getting the vaccine.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Rev. Al Sharpton's Exclusive Interview with Vice President Kamala Harris | MSNBC


  1. It’s so nice to see people smiling again, the trump administration had the most sour people you could think of, you had to pay them to crack a smile.

    1. @THE PHANTOM he was the most open President this country has ever had. The man never ran from the press, always answering questions. I’m giving Biden a chance, he is becoming disappointing all ready but I’m still hoping he will get on track, stop listening to the extremist in his party and stop hiding from questions.

    1. @Equality For All Also, there is a NY times article to back up what I’m saying. Google it, you on- purpose moron

    2. @Equality For All Let me ask you this: What is your obsession with Kamala? What has she really accomplished? Just give me several good reasons, then I will concede the argument and go away

    1. @Equality For All I voted for Bernie. Also yes I’m sore because establishment trash cheated him 2 elections in a row. You’re brainwashed and it shows.

    1. yes! we can’t just act like something doesn’t exist but somehow try to solve it?? that’s not how it works.

    2. She definitely knows her stuff. She is a Beautiful. Blackblady. She can run this Country. Stay safe and wear your masks.

    1. @Melody Strong Why is it so much steam coming out your ears? Nulliparous have an increased risk of B* cancer.. nothing to do with liberals or conservatives.. it’s medicine.. ask your doctor..

    2. ​@לוין חנניה כהן לוין@ I am aware of that fact. However, when someone makes a statement like that above, in a hateful manner, I tend to get a bit “irritated”

    3. @לוין חנניה כהן לוין • a lot of people stand a chance of dying. You seem to know other folks methods.

    4. @Melody Strong sorry.. let me ask you a honest question, and I hope I don’t irritate you bc you came very straightforward and I appreciated that:
      No one disagrees that the “ orang man” is a big mouth, but do you see how the MSM is betraying him and the 74 million who voted for him as cult? His supporters, for 6 years have been called all the names in the book..24/7 x 6 years.. hate .. hate .. hate… how fair is that?
      Trump is no Moses ( or Jesus) but to call him nazi where he made the PEACE deal in the Middle East.. If he is a dictator, then Twitter and FB won’t kick him off his account.. I lived in a dictatorship place and I know how it looks like..

    5. @לוין חנניה כהן לוין I would love to discuss this with you. HOWEVER, I feel like a discussion on a topic such as this, and any replies I might offer, would only create hostility, and anger, on my post, which was only intended to be in support, of Vice President Harris. I do NOT want this post, to become a “battlefield”, over the ex-President.

    1. @grandma k. that person trolls every news thread like an obsession to spread hate in our positive talks of
      our president and v.p. I just block him.

    2. How very compassionate of them to lie about 2 thousand dollar checks. How very compassionate to start a bombing campaign in Syria. How very passionate to give up on a $15 minimum wage even though they have all the power. How compassionate to push identity politics to separate Americans. Truly compassionate, great leaders

    1. @G R You’re still crying about Trump? He lives rent free in your head huh? Notice how nobody here talks about Joe and Kamalas policy. Probably because they’re basically right wingers

  2. Where is Kamala’s dad? Most daughters want to connect with their Fathers, regardless of what happened when they were growing up. I hope she will reconcile with him.

    1. She stays in contact with her father, he is a professor at Stanford University, I looked it up because of your question.

  3. We must call our reps and pass the For the People Act or we will NOT be able to vote for her in four years for President!!

  4. Rehearsed and scripted with a feeling of fakedy fake. Apparently Kamala’s only role is to be an historic iconic figure. Signifying….. what?

  5. My hearts melts to have such a wonderful black queen leading our nation!! Best wishes and God bless you sweetheart!! HUGS!!

  6. Doesn’t it feel GREAT to hear those words? Madam Vice President Kamala Harris!! I’m proud to have her as my VP!

  7. Gee, just a short time ago she said she wouldn’t take the vaccine because Donald Trump had his hand in it. Now it’s OK to take the same vaccine. Two faced. No ethics.

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