Rev. Dr. William Barber On Standing Up For The Right To Vote 1

Rev. Dr. William Barber On Standing Up For The Right To Vote

Voting rights across the country are under attack and, while you may not see it happening right where you're living, the fact that it's happening anywhere should alarm you. Reverend Dr. William Barber is issuing a call to action. “If you care about this country in this moment…You need to be engaged now”. The urgency to end the filibuster in order to protect voting rights is driving their ongoing marches and acts of civil disobedience. “There’s no moderate position on this…you must be willing to put your body on the line”.

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Rev. Dr. William Barber On Standing Up For The Right To Vote


    1. Just like N. Korea. Must consolidate and centralize. Let’s get the famine started.

  1. Us DEM’S sick of the bad winters! Were moving to RED states and turning them blue AZ GA FLA are going blue!

    1. 17 minutes in and your comment didn’t cause some red heads to explode! You Sir just won the internet! I love it!!!!

    2. Well we knew from the election Florida didn’t turn blue and now we’re finding out Arizona and Georgia also didn’t turn blue so what is your point

    3. Cause your city is ruined and you wanna go to a low crime place. Greetings from Portland Oregon… democratic city forever and ruined…

    1. If restrictions on guns don’t violate guns rights, then restrictions on voting don’t violate voting rights.

    2. @Liz Pedano so tell me what rights don’t people have ? It should be easy for you to explain. Shouldn’t it ?
      Instead of deflecting from the question.

    3. @Liz Pedano so you can’t explain it. Got it. Just stupidity. Like a puppet repeating what he hears from the propaganda networks.

  2. This is the United States there should be a standard put up that states have no control over…..pass the voting rights bill

    1. Dan Ozmatlan is a February 25th 2021 brand new private account.
      These folks are everywhere with the same messaging.

  3. “And your people will rebuild the ancient ruins; You will raise up and restore the age-old foundations (of buildings that have been laid waste); You will be called Repairer of the Breach, restorer of Streets with Dwellings.” Isaiah 58:12 (AMP)

  4. this is a values moment, and in some sense the best thing about this challenge…

    but as the reverend said, there’s just the fact that it’s getting close to being to late because after all in tx there’s not just a pushback happening. in tx right now the state’s govt’s actually broken too!!

  5. “And they shall build the old wastes, they shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the waste cities, the desolations of many generations.” Isaiah 61:4

    1. 100K live viewers on line are watching Trump speaking in Phoenix AZ..While Demented joe got 1.1K live viewers when spoke on Thanksgiving night.. The math doesn’t add up for the 80Mil who voted for him

  6. Rev. Dr. William Barber gives the best explanation of the reality of the country’s voting rights situation!!! Well done Reverend!!!

  7. Great job! Pastor Barber is like Dr. Martin Luther King was. Hopefully …he will be able to march through safe and sound. Pray for that. It’s powerful what he is doing. Yup. Thanks.

  8. Everyone who says “everybody has the right to vote, get an ID”, when he was going through the list of things did he mention one time eliminating voter IDs? It’s the list he gave you that they they are trying to take away. This isn’t about voter IDs, educate yourself.

    1. Okay then let’s go down the list he he mentioned. Every voting Advantage Democrats were given in the last election such as drive-thru voting ballot boxes mail-in voting Etc was only allowed because 19 governors enacted the emergency powers to act that gave them power to make last-minute election Law changes that were temporary because of covid-19. So another words you were only giving those special Provisions because of covid-19 now that the emergency is over the laws go back to what they were before covid-19. You don’t get to change this country’s election laws just because of covid-19 and then have them made into law it doesn’t work that way if you want laws in your states to change you get in touch with your electors legislators lawmakers because Governor’s do not make election laws

    1. He never said what rights you don’t have. So maybe you can tell us what rights are you being denied ?

    2. @Censorship Is real Why are you asking me? Pick someone else to antagonize. Better yet, suffer any one of the classifications outlined, and tell me how fewer locations, accommodations, and shorter hours doesn’t affect one adversely?

  9. Contemporary English Version
    God rescued us from the dark power of Satan and brought us into the kingdom of his dear Son.
    Colossians 1:13

  10. Oh my God everybody needs to support what this guy stands for I wish I could go and protest but arrest means I lose my benefits as a citizen

  11. Thank you for all your will to keep honesty and help Cerrado some Americans that are suffering under just regime of power that just keeps giving to the rich

  12. 1:50 – Velshi talks about the importance of having leaders that can make legislation that stop keeping people of minority groups in poverty.
    Can anyone name a single wealthy mostly minority community?
    Can anyone name a minority community that’s struggling that ISNT run by democrats?

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