Rev. Sharpton Previews Today's Meeting With Biden, Civil Rights Groups 1

Rev. Sharpton Previews Today’s Meeting With Biden, Civil Rights Groups


Rev. Al Sharpton and Politico's Eugene Daniels joined Chris Jansing to discuss what to expect from President Biden's meeting with civil rights leaders, including Sharpton, later today. Daniels reports that police reform and voting issues will be at the top of the agenda.

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Rev. Sharpton Previews Today's Meeting With Biden, Civil Rights Groups


    1. Don’t get upset with us for calling out the truth you’re the one following MSNBC like a cult member

  1. When you can’t lead or want to deflect what you yourselves have done to Black urban core jurisdictions, blame it on the imaginary hobgoblins, Right?

    1. If poor whites would stop being duped by a love for racism, then they could stop being POOR whites!

  2. Rev. You are very, very right. Things have to be put in gear and get moving. Forget about the radical Republicans, Biden must move fast. We are looking at the future already, why so fast because our democracy is at stake and thing (must) be done and fast!!!!

  3. Utah chapter of BLM calls the stars and stripes
    “a symbol of hate”.
    Um no pimpin. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Masculinity and the touchy male ego. Every one hates the cynical eye upon the male Trophy case, it’s a mess nothing reflectively shines into the devil’s trophy mind, there is no devil’s pot of get paid slave gold. King David and the temple that was to be his blood accolade trophy case, “no no no” that’s a no no yes, the trophy of the fragile oh so touchy touchy hypocritical fanboy ego. Distracted call of Duty derelict

  5. Hey Rev, what’s your thoughts on those Hunter text messages? You’re usually the first one to call out the racists. Why have you been quiet on this one?

  6. Sharpton walking with hand out ready for his payment. Talking with Jill and Harris while Joe sitting in the corner reading his cards and the cards message to Joe ( sit here ice-cream is coming).

  7. Supposed to be about helping their constituents. But as we all can very plainly see, republicans don’t care about anyone. Only care about getting re-elected and making the rich richer. They are openly and defiantly against everything that Jesus taught.

  8. sharpy sharpton incited a riot resulting in a death and served not a day in jail. must be his, “white privilege”.

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