Rev. Sharpton Speaks Ahead Of Derek Chauvin's Trial | MSNBC 1

Rev. Sharpton Speaks Ahead Of Derek Chauvin’s Trial | MSNBC


Rev. Al Sharpton and the family of George Floyd spoke before the beginning of Derek Chauvin's trial in Minneapolis, Minn. He said that "justice must be intentional and deliberate," condemning the actions of Derek Chauvin and calling for everyone in attendance to take a knee in honor of George Floyd. Aired on 03/29/2021.
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Rev. Sharpton Speaks Ahead Of Derek Chauvin's Trial | MSNBC


    1. Sharpton is clearly priming everyone to riot if the verdict is anything but guilty of murder, even though it looks more like manslaughter.

    2. @Jennifer Middleton We all know that he came to speak for money bc he owes taxes!! He didnt speak bc he cares for his own community!!! Plus he likes to RACE BAIT!!!

    1. @Dan Stumpf Racists gonna ignore the 9 minute application of police knee — against police protocol. Disgusting act of cruelty.

    2. @Stan Leeger you dont know if that knee had enough pressure to suffocate.. so quit jumping to conclusions. But we do know the man was under the influence of a hard drug that cuases respiratory problems. Quit trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

    3. @Stan Leeger does it make you feel virtuous calling ppl you don’t know racists online? You must lead a sad sad life.

  1. Of course Sharpton has to chime in to stir up race division. They must be paying him money. What about Mr Dorn, the black police officer who was gunned down, they’re not paying enough money? This crime was horrible, but this display is disgusting!

  2. People still give Rev. Al the time of day? He has made millions for being hateful and divisive. Anyone remember Twana Brawley?

    1. @Tam Nguyen will he be punished with free food and free healthcare and free college for life ? Since democrats sent all the killers stimulus checks ,is that why they want to give them the right to vote too ???

    2. @Tam Nguyen Try to understand this. Al Sharpton has been discredited a multitude of times over the years for intentionally false, misleading comments, and the Twana Brawley incident is just one of many. Small minds would not see him for anything other than what he really is. A person who would be insignificant and not have a voice if it were not for his making a lucrative living off of division and hate.

    3. @Tam Nguyen Discrediting a ‘black man’ just because he is Black is a whole lot different, and wrong, than discrediting an individual who promotes division, and has a history of false and hateful divisional rhetoric.
      Lets talk about people like Thomas Sowell, MLK, Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell, Morgan Freeman……..

    1. It’s his business, race hustling and apparently it makes him lots of cash for which he refuses to pay his taxes.

  3. I feel like Sharpton is someone that actually doesn’t care about racism and doesn’t want it to end because he makes millions off of it. This guy is nothing more than a snake oil salesman.

    1. The guy can’t even pronounce Chauvin’s name correctly. Just shows how much he really knows or cares about the case. This guy is a fraud.

    2. @Jkrogs18 yep, he makes a living off of pretending to be outraged, meanwhile he doesn’t actually do anything. He profits off of tragic situations. This guy doesn’t want racism to end, he wants to create it where it doesn’t exist for more profit. Meanwhile he divides people and creates more hatred in the process.

  4. How do I get the job to be the guy next to him that just says “mmm” after everything Al says?

    1. @asasupplies I hear he’s Lil’ John’s cousin. And also, I completely made that up. But it could definitely be true.

  5. What has this guy ever done for the communities . He always EXPLOITS and goes for the money leaves communities in ruins!


    Both autopsies indicating Cause of Death as “HOMICIDE” says it all. That being, the killing of one person by another.

    1. @wht240sxka very true the officier did everyting by the poicy and procedure of the police dept ,,george floyd was drugged out

    2. No it actually doesn’t.
      That’s why the charge is murder.
      Killing someone in self defense is different than killing in a premeditated fashion.

    3. @HC-11
      He wasn’t charged with homicide.
      He was charged with murder.
      So saying, “homicide, it says it all” is wrong.

    1. @Yashae isra We all go through trials and tribulations in our lives. Racism comes from people of all races. For some reason some people think that white people are the only ones capable of racism. So needless to say I am sick and tired of being called a racist just because I am white…

    2. @Yashae isra It’s not racism, It’s called don’t resist arrest, and yes the mister Sharpton is not right in the head.

    1. @Carl Stratton these Democrat terrorists tell their sheep to riot in the streets for months. Trump told his people to go home the second he found out the police presence was so laughably weak.

    2. Trump was not held accountable even for his divisive words that amounted to Jan. 6th insurrection,
      but yh let’s hold the Rev. Accountable for talking about getting justice for some that was killed by a racist cops says maga “unreasonables” as described by Sydney Powell.

  7. You know the one thing that Defense very certainly NEVER ONCE alluded to…

    Genuine Remorse for the outcome.
    NOT ONE SINGLE TIME. Not that his angry little sociopath client could have done it.

  8. Obviously not guilty: “”MPD training materials show knee-to-neck restraint similar to the one used on Floyd”

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