Rev. William Barber On Relationship Between Evangelical Movement And Trump | All In | MSNBC

Rev. William Barber On Relationship Between Evangelical Movement And Trump | All In | MSNBC 1


  1. Splitting the Christian vote may not bode well for agent orange but hey they were fooled once it may be as easy to do it again bigly hugely and tremendously I know the best gods oh you wouldn’t believe

  2. Christian or not, anyone with any moral values should easily see how morally corrupt Trump and the republicans are/have become.

    1. @cmulder002   Imaginary or “NOT…” They took my Jesus away from me a long time ago and replace him with…. “THEIRS!!!!”

    2. yeah I doubt this has much in the end to Christians. Comes down to people recognize certain behavioral traits. A lot of trumps traits are just not desirable by “good ” people. Now as per Christians, this guy is very anti moral. A no brainier for them. The mentality is what has finally upset them.

    3. Cruelty at the border , hate and racism spewing from Trumps mouth is hate period and is the opposite of Christs message , the very heart being a true Christian. Trump is an “election Christian” trying to appeal to get votes.

      His hate is spewed daily and he seems to think saying and faking his prayer crap is all he has to do. A little show will fool the foolish but is so transparent it is sickening. Billy Grahams son has lost any credibility, as
      fake and conniving as his president GOD he now bows down to. He has no business using his father’s name. FALSE PROPHET and crooked.

  3. Lol , I have to give it to a CONMAN like trump single handedly, exposed the ediology of the Evangelicas Southerners Cult . and It’s rotten to the Core.

    1. @JoeyFiveandDimes He is worse! He has the power and influence to make things, bad things happen on a large scale.

  4. what makes me sick is knowing the same evangelicals voted for Trump and ignored how children were put into cages… and they dare compare trump to Jesus Christ, that is a sin.

    1. @Killer Bunny-rabbit we are far from civil we had slaves. And we suppose to just let illegals in without doing the proper paper work. Black families been going through this and nobodies budges , democrats are hypocrites point blank

    2. @cfG21 we own there networks so you don’t know what your talking about once again, they actually interviewed the illegals that got sent back and plus it was a policies in play already before trump got into office so we’re just gonna ignore that and blame everything on trump huh

    1. You are right. Even Jesus Christ sad that his followers should avoid getting into politics. Evangelical leaders are a bunch of hypocrites that use religion to gain power and wealth. Some more then others but they are all guilty of some degree of hypocrisy to gain wealth and/or power.

  5. I have long loved Rev. Dr. Barber! He is a true Christian… unlike ALL of Treasonous Trump’s Chumps – who literally worship the immorality of their cult leader, Treasonous Trump. What is most telling is how FAKE “christians” (aka: Conservative “christians”) have been so willing to be used by oligarchs to push both neo-confederate and neo-nazi agendas. I applaud Rev. Barber’s long and vocal opposition to those who misuse religion to promote the profound evils of televangelists like Fallwell.

    1. I love Dr. Barber, too. He speaks the truth. Trump just took SNAP benefits from poor people, he’s taken healthcare from people, he’s locked children up in cages and caused untold damage to their families, and on and on and on. We are the richest country in the world. We should help ALL Americans to have better lives instead of giving massive tax breaks to the very rich.

  6. The first crack in the dam. And what do these alleged “Christians” do? Rush to throw their own under the nearest bus, along with their principles and anything else they have to sacrifice to worship their Orange Idol.

    1. I asked that question during the period he talked about a “stone cold killer”. That phrase did not fit the topic, and it was on his mind.

  7. Every time I see Trump speaking at those rallies I feel physically sick. He comes as close to the Bible’s description of the Anti-Christ as anybody I’ve seen.

    1. @Marie Light
      Thanks for hearing what i said.

      I agree,
      We do have sympathic insticts.

      In regards to resources, We are living in utopia.
      1 out of hundred have 99% while over half the world is in poverty.

      By hard numbers.

      that instinct does not define us.

    2. Yes we have mirror neurons and do have empathy but this empathy is usually reserved vor 30 – max 150 people. Your family, best friends, neighbours, maybe workfriends and about their it stops. Thats what we used to call a tribe. Thats what our genetic make up dictates. Its how we used to survive. You dont really feel bad for that poor kid that works 16h days for almost no pay on the other side of the world to prduce your cloths. We just live in a world now where our actions can be felt on the other side of the world. But our primitiv insticts are the same as they were a hundred thousand years ago.

      Education helps some times 😉

      But dont let us forget that, slavery, genocide and religous brutality have always been a pillar of all ‘great’ civilisations.

    3. Sure, but the Bible helps. It make it stronger, to that the hypocrisy today, is the same, hypocrisy, Jesus talked about. By the way, Jesus came in second, when a crowd was given the power, to save his life. They chose a criminal, instead. This just shows that the most popular person, does not mean they were the best person. The fact that it was true 2000 years ago, is evidence that it is still true, today.

      Yes, now…even now Christians are deceived.

      But it’s worse than just that. They’ve been conditioned to form their world,view not on evidence…but of a demonstrably inferior form of reasoning which included faith (aka believing without evidence).

      How could they not be deceived, even self deception, when believing without good reason is required?

    2. @Jon Rock GOOD PEOPLE DO SOMETHING not quite what I meant but I’ll go w/ you on that – have a good Christmas.

  8. Where are the other pastors against trump being compared to Jesus? TD? Joyce? Joel? And The rest of you devil’s?

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