Richard Engel: Situation Getting More Dangerous, Chaotic In Afghanistan

Richard Engel: Situation Getting More Dangerous, Chaotic In Afghanistan 1


    1. @jean aubert Your gaslighting doesn’t work on critical thinkers. Stop with nonsense about Biden. Yes, this is an ugly mess, did you expect anything less from ending a 20 year nonsensical war? Yes, we could have done more but we’ve evacuated over 120,000 people and the Americans that remain are there by choice, they’ve had ample warning.

    2. There’s an undeclared war in the USA on COVID and lots of thought has gone into how to end it. The battle could be won, accept there are traitors who refuse to be vaccinated amongst the population. Some politicians and some regular citizens are guilty.

    3. Bin Laden started the war when they attacked New York. The attack on 9/11 was the first act of war. The US entered Afghanistan in response to an act of war not starting war. And let’s be fair, Afghanistan had a government and military that folded, ran and refused to defend it’s country. That’s their fault.

    4. @Der Red They say the Afghan government had been corrupt and shouldn’t have been supported by the USA. I think the USA should have pulled out after Bin Laden was killed. By then, there must have been at least an equal number of dead Afghans (Al Qaeda) to avenge the number of deaths on 9/11.

    1. I heard that. I saw someone who said that they saw how Miller would say really racist things and make it deliberately difficult for them.

    2. @Debbie Smith True. Absolutely true.
      It was like this: “We love our Afghan allies” said Miller, “as long as we don’t invite them to resettle in the US when the war ends! Happy to have them fight for us in the interim.”
      A racist man working for a racist man. It’s was to be expected that efforts and policies were made and adapted in order to keep “those people” from coming to the US. Easiest way to do that: make the visa / green card process very, very difficult and time consuming with ribbons and ribbons of bureaucratic red tape and hoops to jump through.

    1. @gymkhanadog Gave Russia a pipeline – Cancelled Keystone XL with Canada
      Gave China auto microchips – fell asleep listening to the Israeli PM
      Taliban get the worlds 7th largest arsenal – Banning guns of America citizens
      No repercussion for Chinese Covid – lockdowns, masks for kids, inflation for Americans
      Open borders for latin illegals and afganhies, we are locked in our homes
      List of Americans trapped given to Taliban – we can’t see the list of two leaders of ISIS X they supposedly killed.
      If you haven’t figured out who Biden/HArris and the Dems are working for you are completed out of it at this point.

    2. @J W you wanted a “phased” withdrawal? How many lives would have been lost in that?
      Use anything btwn your ears before just blaming somebody. Lazy fool.

    1. They love their God so much let’s show them the power of ours. 40days and 40nights of nothing but napalm and nukes until not even moss will grow. Anyone caught inside shot on site.

  1. Afghan will have too much internal fighting and people will suffer then China will step in ….. I give it six to eight months.

    1. The only thing China wants to do is keep them in Afghanistan and out of China. They are not stepping in. At best they’ll just put troops near their border to repel refugees.


    2. it’s THEIR country- they should stay and help their country. no one said we were going to take evryone out of Afghanistan.

    3. @maria schultz Yeah and the mother of that marine is delusional. Sorry for her loss but she isn’t the only Gold Star family out there. I’m a Soldier. 17 years a ton of deployments, dead friends and endless nightmares. This election was not fraudulent. Biden didnt start the war he simply ended it. Maybe she should channel her rage to those who lied for 20 years.

    4. Goodness, I mean if you lot do not ask for the 25th amendment purely on the basis of protecting yourselves. Then I feel like there are no words. Sorry for your loss! “The rest of the world regrets to inform you they will not be supporting you all!”

    5. @Ulrich Von Lichtenstein , Be careful of what you say then. The Biden DOD has released a memo to ALL active and Retired service members reminding them they under UCMJ orders not to “Disparage” the regime. Love them fascists, cant take criticism.

  2. It makes my heart sink to contemplate the fate of the Americans and allies Joe Biden left behind. WE DONT LEAVE PEOPLE BEHIND

    1. Those people don’t matter to the Corporate Socialist Machine and so they’ve been deemed ‘expendable’! Kamala is already laughing about it.

    2. Cousin Paddy. Yes it’s awful but both we ALWAYS leave people behind after making alliances and false promises. Remember the Kurds? Trump administration blocked visas for these Afghanis for a year…. At least this administration is trying.

    3. Yes we do. That’s the American way. Why are they even there in the first place if they’re not soldiers? They’re only there because they’re greedy and this is what they deserve.

    1. @jean aubert Yeah he’s been president for 7 months. Oh your fuhrer couldnt do it? Or didnt have the balls to. He had the balls to negotiate with the taliban terrorist and invite them to camp david though. Should you be taking horse medicine for covid? Clown.

    2. @Ulrich Von Lichtenstein
      Last I checked there was peace under Trump and this massive debacle under Biden.

      Who handled this better? Think really hard now.

  3. I’ve always said a Nuclear war would start in the India area. Let the Taliban get their hands on Pakistan’s Nuclear Bombs and you may be very, very sorry that you voted in this administration. Great job everyone.

  4. Thank you Father God this 20 yr war started by Bush is finally over. Thank you President Biden for keeping your promise to the American people. God bless and keep our Service men and women.

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