Richest Countries Must Do More To Get The World Vaccinated, Economist Says 1

Richest Countries Must Do More To Get The World Vaccinated, Economist Says


Economist James K. Galbraith at University of Texas says right now, there is an “enormous gap” between the amount of vaccines the world’s richest countries are promising and the amount that is needed to vaccinate the world. Prof. Galbraith tells Lawrence O’Donnell it’s a “huge moral failure that is going to turn into a huge global failure” unless action is taken to increase global vaccine distribution.
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  1. The EU is stockpiling? You know how difficult it is to get vaccinated in Germany even now? Not as difficult as in Africa, but it takes weeks to get an appointment if you go through the regular channels. A big problem is European reluctance to temporarily relax patent restrictions so African countries can produce the vaccine right there. It’s a disgrace. As always, money over lives.

  2. What? Russia’s vaccine has been shown to be different from the one reported in its studies. And the Chinese vaccine used in UAE left 1/3 of recipients without any protection.

    1. ‘A Court Ruled Rachel Maddow’s Viewers Know She Offers Exaggeration and Opinion, Not Facts
      “Maddow’s show is different than a typical news segment where anchors inform viewers about the daily news,” an Obama-appointed judge ruled.’

    1. Cracker Jack Fauci is what I call him.
      He got his medical degree out of an Cracker Jack box, guaranteed.
      He is gave China the blue prints for the CCP Chinese virus.
      On the orders of Obama.
      That makes them just as guilty as the CCP.
      The day is coming soon when the truth will be found out, all these people will be brought to justice.
      Then and only then will we Free America.
      Save America.

  3. The EU exported 40% of all their vaccines produced to poor countries from the start. The US has started just two months ago, so it is rich to say talk about “rich countries” as if the problem isn’t very specific. That it is all a drop in the ocean is a different matter alltogether. And Europe isn’t stockpiling, it’s far behind the USA in vaccinating their own population. That part of the vaccines are sitting in stockpiles between delivery, distribution and application is only natural.

    1. Why would a rich country prioritize poor people in a different country for vaccinations? Do you know what rich citizens do? Travel. Do you know what poor citizens don’t do? Travel. If you want to slow the spread of the virus, it makes a lot more sense to prioritize people more likely to travel.

  4. The fact that he even needs to ask for more vaccine is disgusting! This should not even be a topic up for debate like he said “give them the vaccine”

    1. We live in a global world. It isn’t just their problem. As long as the virus is able to spread, you will have new mutations. And it’s just a matter of time before you get a mutation for which our vaccines aren’t effective. And if that happens, the virus will once again spread to rich countries.
      So if you don’t want to help poor countries to help vaccinate their population out of compassion and because it’s the right thing to do, then at least donate them out of self interest.

    2. @R vdB That is a good reason to prevent travel to and from countries that didn’t choose to get their people vaccinated, not for another massive give-away.

    3. @Deborah Freedman for many poor country it’s not a choice. They simply can’t afford the vaccins. And you are naive if you think travel restrictions will stop the spread. Many of these poor countries produce produce and goods we depend on. We can’t go without the trade with these countries, so there will be contacts, even if you limit all other travel.
      Or do you really think you can live without coffee, chocolat, all the products that use things like palm oil, cotton, clothes etc.?

    4. Agreed.
      Typical Leftist mentality.
      “Let everyone else pay for it” as long as it’s not me.
      This is why all Leftwing ideologies are pure evil.
      Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Globalism.
      This is why I’m a Conservative Nationalist.
      God bless America, you will be Liberated soon.
      We will be free again.

  5. Take all the vaccines that the anti-vaxxers don’t want and send it to those countries that need it
    Just saying

    1. The other countries don’t have enough liberal democrats,or their countries would already be ruined.

  6. To my parents, the president of America, whom I consider to be my own parents and the citizens of America, the world is now in danger, the United States considers my country, I am ade Munandar, I invite America to save the earth, including America, we must act quickly to prevent Indonesia, I ade munandar americans don’t want to follow their orders, this has a bad impact on the world, especially america to the parents of the american president who i respect and love and american citizens, this situation is very sad now i have munandar also to defend it, the country of indonesia not functioning properly, many bad effects starting from business and others, I have not returned to the house where I am ade Munandar, I have not returned to the house I bought Indonesia, America must maintain good relations with the world, it’s nice that they used to be rich, right they used to be If we want to be rich, except for Indonesia, which causes many people to die because of their actions, they haven’t intelligent thoughts and scientific experience, how to act, what are the impacts, I am Ade Munandar, I have a mission to save the earth, I am friendly with the universe, there are my comments before on msnbc news and other american news abc also nbc and others, facebook ade munandar munandar be diligent in reading on the facebook wall, ade munandar munandar is very important, don’t ignore this regret, it will come later, translate it into English using the application on the playstore, don’t ever read and give up whatever American complaints have an explanation for whatever it is, we will act as soon as possible and invite the world to do this, even though my writing has romance later on, you will understand it while sharpening my writing brain and complete the video, some facts are not written as well as the statement of my desire now, in a critical condition, I do not want to follow Indonesian orders

    1. The first step to save you’re country.
      Get a government that will put you’re country and the people of you’re country first.
      Even above there own interest.
      Then and only than will you be saved.
      We can’t save you if you can’t save yourselves.

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