Rick Wilson: Playing With Trump And His ‘Sick Game’ Is ‘Enormously Corrosive’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Rick Wilson: Playing With Trump And His ‘Sick Game’ Is ‘Enormously Corrosive’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson blasts Senate and House Republicans for going along with the president as he still continues to deny the results of the election and spread disinformation. Aired on 12/2/2020.
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Rick Wilson: Playing With Trump And His ‘Sick Game’ Is ‘Enormously Corrosive’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @Buff Straw He has failed to critique violent groups. You can post the same rhetoric all you want over and over but saying you condemn violence isnt the same as saying you condemn Antifa or BLM and you know it.

  1. It’s Trumplican or Cult Party now. Do not expect any decency or honor from them. They follow him like Rats follow Pied Piper.

    1. @Just Me How are they abandoning democracy? They are defending the constitution. The 2nd and the first amendments to start.

    2. You got that exactly backwards – Republicans want an honest election, Democrats are quite happy to win by cheating.

    3. @Dan the man
      lolol They are literally enabling the destruction by knowingly enabling a bs coup attempt against everything the constitution stands for & country was built on ffs. Worse its nothing more than putting self before country in a desperate bid to cling to power at all cost & regardless harm & damage caused ugh. They KNOW there is literally zero evidence of election fraud &, in fact none is being alleged in Trump & Co’s 38+ losing frivilous lawsuits. Now that has failed they are enabling trumps literal attempt to just have the certified will of the majority of voters ignored & the election given to him smh. Not to mention permitting totally insane conspiracy theory nonsense run rampant through the country literally endangering innocent lives
      These facts are crystal clear to anyone who has retained the ability for rational cognative function & can examine facts & credible evidence. I am not going to get in a back & forth disputing total nonsense, lies, debunked conspiracies, & disinfo, & will now MUTE you because I will not be used as a way for you to repeat the inevitable & harmful disinfo as is the ultimate goal of trolls & those desperate to cling to their delusion. Good Luck

    1. @Jean GALARNEAU Lots of countries got Covid — but their leaders weren’t incompetent, cowardly gasbags.

    1. @juarez.gooden The democRats are so scummy my dummy is they would try to get him for spitting on the sidewalk.

  2. I think all of these leaders should be investigated and removed from office for going along with these dangerous lies.

    1. Pray for the our country. Right now our senior Intel agents are being replaced by Trump enablers and over the US most sensitive data. This is not a game. Pray people for our safety from Trump.

  3. Mr Wilson knows what he talks about… 45 is indeed the devil inciting violence and putting the pieces in place to destroy the country with the aid of willing and cowardly sycophants

    1. Why even have laws, if people cannot be held accountable, at all levels. No one should be above the law, No One!

    1. @high voltage Did it mention the millions spent on Masks from China that were counterfeit?. Did it mention that the Repubublican congress wouldn’t fund the S.N.S because they had ” Other Priorities”?. Frontline P.B.S. did an entire program as to how Med. Supplies got so low. You may be able to find it on UTUBE. I watched it on P.B.S. probably in June or July. Very interesting. Also, Glad you talked about Reuters. Highly respected news organization

  4. I can go for “Truth and Reconciliation” for people who didn’t commit crimes, but who told lies over and over. The ones who committed crimes? Prosecute aggressively.

  5. Isn’t a call for violent overthrow of the US gov considered a federal crime? Some sharp anti-Trump lawyer should make a case for Trump encouraging that.

    1. @Prairie Dog What’s interesting about the impeachment is that it was all precipitated BECAUSE Trump KNEW that Biden would be stiff competition for him which is WHY he asked the prez. of Ukraine to dig up some dirt on him. Yet Trump touted how ‘confident’ he was over winning over Biden during the campaigns. The media never brings up the circumstantial evidence that trump was TRULY afraid Biden would win and this was before the covid scare came into full force.

  6. That is Why he is pretending To be Running in 2024,, To keep them in His pockets,,
    To keep them a feared .

    1. tRump knows he’s out, but wants to bring down the country on his way out. The patriot that he is, does not care one foot what happens to this country. He thinks he will be protected and does not mind if people start killing each other. The man is evil. He is such a crook, we should not allow him to remain in “charge” until January. He should be thrown out right now. The biggest con job was played on America and we are still tiptoeing around the con artist. Crazy!

    2. @Charlene Vigne i wouldn’t do that, because the democrat commies hate jesus lady. Also, jesus was basically a Republican.

  7. If all Republicans spoke out, the Republican Party would survive. If they don’t, they are condemning themselves. And they will deserve it!

    1. I don’t know….I mean, Hugo Chavez did give the Pawnee Parks and Recreation department $35,000 to fill in their pit and build a park, so…..

  8. Without exposure of The Truth there can be no reconciliation. This Administration’s Crimes MUST be exposed.

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