Rieckhoff: ‘Nothing More Serious, Nothing More Urgent’ Than Cracking Down On Extremism In Military 1

Rieckhoff: ‘Nothing More Serious, Nothing More Urgent’ Than Cracking Down On Extremism In Military


Paul Rieckhoff, founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, weighs in on the Pentagon considering new restrictions on service members’ associations and interactions with far-right extremist groups
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    1. Wait for it, they’ll be more organized in 2024. If you think that it won’t happen here, well, you’re wrong.

  1. GI means government issue. The military can make them do whatever tf they want, whenever tf they want. If they wanted to fix this they could & the would. They haven’t.

  2. Make sure we do this for people who want to run for public office… They should all be vetted. Politicians should have their background checked, social media accounts vetted, and a psychological evaluation before their names even get on the ballot.

  3. Having the same problem over here in Germany. And you guys know what happens when our military goes full fascist…

  4. Are Oathkeepers and the like spawned from the military? Aren’t a lot of police ,ex military.

  5. Somebody’s whose higher in rank ! You gotta look up to who is allowing this to occur ! I fear for All the inhabitants of the United states !

  6. Finally, actions to be taken on real actual threats to protect fellow American lives and our democracy
    Lock up these Domestic Terrorists with just laws. They must be stopped

  7. Yeah, we are dragging our feet. No one is taking care of our internal threats. And the anti-democratic enemies are growing stronger while we sleep. I’m not being hysterical, I’m being a realist.

  8. one does have ‘the freedom to associate’, but one does not have the freedom to conspire against the US government and live here and serve in the military.

  9. Might start with checking individual’s social media during enlistment process. They don’t currently. I know, how 90’s.

  10. “If it had been ISIS, the entire country would be mobilized.” Heck if it had been BLM, most would’ve been arrested on the spot instead of being allowed to leave–and the few that did manage to escape, the FBI and the police agencies would be kicking down their doors and hauling them off.

  11. “The price of forcing are beliefs on others is that someday, they might force are beliefs onto us.” Mario Cuomo

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