Riggleman On Threats Of Political Violence Since Jan 6th 1

Riggleman On Threats Of Political Violence Since Jan 6th


Former Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman expresses his concerns over the threats of extremist violence that have increased since January 6th

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  1. The “political calculation” by GOP politicians is that they will do literally anything including instigate an insurrection through direct calls to action and disinformation, so that they can remain in power.

    1. @John Clarke No they wouldn’t. The Democrats are trying to help. America, and the republicans, en masse, are destroying it on a daily basis.

    2. @Steve Raznick Do you even know where Russia is on a map? Why would you assume I’m from Russia? Do you know how insane you sound?

    3. @Petitl Canard Well, I’m apparently a russian and a troll, probably also a bot. Do the democrats care about helping russian troll robots? But we’ll see if Biden increases the minimum wage. If he does, I’ll take back some of my comments about him. But surely you can see why a progressive such as myself is disappointed in him so far. Oh wait, I’m just a russian robot. I don’t have feelings.

  2. well have you considered that it’s not political calculations they’re making but treasonous insurrection calculations to start their own autocracy ?

    1. Once these republicans saw those traitors of the insurrection they were convinced they may be able to get rid of voting forever and just have a dictatorship, my my but are they wrong about the bulk of the American people. Jail all elected members who KNOW it’s a lie but dont pass that on to their own people

    2. They afraid to lose to a black asian or mexica n. Their uneducated selves are not paying attention to what tpi what is reslly jeeping them piiwn in ignorance and used by the political parties toi dip there work and do nothing for their people there !

  3. Funny how after Hillary’s loss they just told Democrats to get over it they won the electoral college votes that all that matters but now Trump’s screaming he got the most popular vote when he didn’t and didn’t even win the electoral college votes.

    1. Dump lost the popular vote by millions. It was a landslide compared to all other previous elections. EVER.

  4. It’s clear they don’t want anyone looking into the behavior of the administration leading up to the 6th and the specific answers to the lack of a timely response. Those truths are damning to the entire party. Their only chance for survival is keeping the general public in the dark.

    1. Like Democrats and their complicit media keep you all in the dark. It’s the exact same thing. Don’t pretend it’s only one sided.

    2. @hector heck stay on topic, we can cut through media BS with public congressional hearings. But I doubt Fox News, Newsmax, or OANN would air it or even acknowledge facts revealed by it.

    3. @Aware American yeah, sure. Political theater is cutting through the BS. Like Pelosi’s two shampeachments. LOL

  5. Never before 2016 had i seen politicians and especially presidents talk so much violence and agression. And it hasn’t stopped. Thats why all the agression in the streets

    1. I never seen so much disrespect and selfishness from others. Reminds me of the violence of people of color in the 60s fighting for rights and better wages rights to better schools.. I thought we were way Over this fighting going backwards. With social media the injustice and misinformation spread like out of control fire. Everyone is throwing mud at each other so much negativity and anger blame pointing fingers. Instead working together for the Good of our Country.

    2. @Progressives Rock m The realities are that we had a bully in the White House who allowed the other reprobates to show their true character and now almost every person has a camera.

  6. The GQP’s calculation is this and is playing out already –
    Reinforce the Big Lie (regardless of its merit) so that we have a pre tense for voter suppression laws in every Red State in the country.

  7. This whole insurrection thing is very confusing to me. People have phones and cameras. The capital police were letting them in. What would happen if the msm showed some of the footage that’s out there on the net. That would be real reporting. But I’m not sure they are allowed to report on that. It goes against the narrative

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