1. They will be send, but They shouldn’t wait to long due to the deliverytime. Totally agree with Sean here.

    1. One is a dangerous malignant narcissistic that hangs with like-minded evil.. the other works for the good of mankind..

  2. “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his” – George S. Patton.

    1. @Zelensky likes to Slobba Zucchini!, Russia had already previously annexed part of Georgia, and part of Ukraine, and had intended to annex all of Ukraine, and is apparently going to assimilate Belarus and is talking about going into Maldova and Poland, but yeah, this is nothing like like what occured leading up to WW2…………in that fantasyland that you’re living in!

    2. Patton was talking about NAZI GERMANY RIGHT OR WRONG?
      So why the hell is 30billion dollars going to NEO-NAZI AZOV and a country that has parades on Hitlers birthday? Nato and NAZI AZOV BATTALION been shelling the DONBAS for 8 years. Hell the US HAD SHUT DOWN FOR EXTREMISM,who went to Ukraine to fight. How is this not true. Type in AZOV BATTALION. Proof in the pudding.

    3. @St ZW It’s beyond delusional to think Russia wants to expand beyond where there are Russians. On the contrary, America has more bases in foreign countries and you benefit from it, you hypocrite.

    1. @Tin Barn Ranch. This whole war is because of Bidens Corruption with both Russia and Ukraine. You’re clearly being lied to.
        You haven’t heard that Putin stopped the nuclear peice deal with the United States because Biden is to focused on giving 100 billion dollars and military equipment to Ukraine after Putin warned him not to do so.
      Same with Iran, China North Korea and many more. Because we have a soft leader.

    2. @Tin Barn Ranch joe biden didn’t stand up to Putin at all! Showed zero confidence and zero support, even stated an incursion was acceptable! all while knowing months in advance of Russia’s plan to take all of Ukraine. Joe Biden FAILED!!

    3. CNN+ BREAKING NEWS: Sean Penn Seen Sitting On Mall Santa’s Lap Asking For Another $50 Billion For Ukraine – “I have been quite a very good boy this year,” Penn was heard telling Santa. “I solemnly request that you give them another $50 billion to help us in our courageous, stunning, and brave crusade against the evil Russian invaders since the FTX/Ukrainian/DNC taxpayer money laundering scam imploded faster than my Balenciaga bondage bear.” 📺🐑 #LGBFJBPEDO+ 📺🐑

  3. I have been watching Sean Penn spending years and his money in Haiti to help the population there. Now he invests himself in Ukraine to help the population resist the onslaught of Russia. I have lots of respect for Sean, and we all know that the battle for liberation and victory cannot go on without planes. Thank you Mr. Penn.

    1. Yea but Sean supported Chavez, who used oil to kill Venezuela.

      What Chavez did in Venezuela was to insure a whole generation of women fell into prostitution due to the poverty that still rages there.

      He also supported Sadam, now you could have been against the war, did not have to buddy up with Sadam.

  4. Godbless you sean 🙏 they need more military defence equipment and pronto , not in months to come ! We all need to be ready cause it could escalate pretty quick if others decide to join ,

  5. Sadly if agreed upon it would take many months for training of maintenance crews and pilots to fly them. Personally I wish this process had started at the beginning.

    1. Funny how YOU vote for this war and now want the US to pay for it!! Voting to make America weak has consequences you Doofus.

  6. Yes Sir Sean, that has been my echo since Day 1. With each brave Ukrainian sacrifice to Putin’s megalomania it’s one less citizen capable of carrying on their culture, freedom, and independence. Waiting to supplement more advanced weapons only adds to their losses and makes their recovery more difficult with fewer and fewer alive to do the heavy lifting. Please start training those Ukrainian pilots now…do not wait until robots have to be implemented on their borders with nukes aimed at Putin.

    1. the more humain will be, Ukrain give up and make peace with fair terms. to be just will be admit in public that NATO pushed ukrain into a war, i bet Russia will leave everything behind after that.

  7. Love Sean Penn. He’s absolutely spot on. Too much appeasement by far. Scared of Putin., while thousands of innocents die.

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