Right Path, Wrong Timing for Mandatory 6th Form | TVJ News – Nov 9 2021

Right Path, Wrong Timing for Mandatory 6th Form | TVJ News - Nov 9 2021 1


  1. Why are the schools in jamaica not ready? It looks like jamaica is stuck in 2020 not moving forward a backside. Nonsense sigh and smh

    1. Can you believe anything Ronny thwaites said , remember he was education minister also why didn’t he make the schools ready ?

  2. It’s not a bad idea but I think this should have brought to the public first and get our views but I guess it doesn’t count so that’s why they come up with such decision and expect everyone to just jump with it.

    1. This should not be mandatory at all, under any circumstances .. Its really a waste of time for most students.

    2. The public had their say at the last election. The government was elected to lead. Not everyone will agree.

      We can all agree that the current system is failing. Especially when it comes to males.

      Decision made. Get on with the implementation.

      Too many sideline quarterbacks talking as if they know anything about education reform.

  3. Why can’t these two set of people agree on anything? No matter how plain and straightforward it seem. We are too divided as a people. We have to learn to come to a conclusion and move forward. Too much politics.

  4. What I would like them to do is to teach these young adults how to drive an certify them before them leave high school all of them should graduate with them drivers license we would have less accidents on the road cause them buying license and they also need a trade too everyone one of them

  5. Asking about the 124 million and the tiny percent owed to us teachers who did one month of summer school…

  6. This makes no sense,
    we already have children graduating wirh 9 + subjects and there IS NO EMPLOYMENT FOR THEM !!!!!

    A strong foundation is always the smart wsy to go . Solid early learning will serve our children much better than this botched up idea that they havd decided among themselvs to be better for our children
    What works in another country cannot work in jamaica because those countries have a system that is geared to benifit its citizens in a positive way and until jamaica adopts those principlea there ia no way the gov can just jump and make a this me feel like do decision .

  7. What kind of government is this? What style of governance is this? No discussion with the stakeholders. Absolutely unacceptable

  8. Or it all a case of mad people wearing clean clothes? This sounds like a huge distraction from the hattaclaps which is about to strike.

  9. This is a long overdue change. I left Jamaican high school at 16 and I had no idea what I wanted to. I left for Canada and was put in grade 12 – this move changed my life as I was able to plan path through university.

    Folks are too stuck on the name “sixth form”

    Call it grades 9 to 13. The graduate should be 18 years old at the end.

    1. I left high school in Jamaica at 16 as well but I don’t feel like missed anything by not attending sixth form. I migrated to the US and attended community college first and there are so more career exposure and opportunities in the US and probably Canada. I feel like in Jamaica the system makes you “pigeon holed” by the subjects you choose in third form.

    2. Students leave grade 11 with their cxc, they can go to college part time, they can go to heart, they can do apprenticeship etc. 6th form is good, but should not be mandatory.

  10. Leaving that training in situation that is mandatory after high school i know there be skilled student ready for the working world ….

  11. Not every student have that mind set to pass 5th form with 5 subjects 6th form requires 5 so make the trainin in situation mandatory then instead 6th form

  12. They need to provide a institution for these young people who are not into school or who want to learn trades without much requirements to get in

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