1. @i dont have time 2 reply it wasn’t abandoned, the afghan military surrendered and their equipment went to taliban.

    2. Wait, first MAGATS are happy that drumpf was leaving Afghanistan, then they were angry at Biden for following drumpf’s catastrophic plan abandoning the Afghans, and now they are mad because Biden is trying to save Afghans? That’s quite the spin on top of the spin—even for MAGATS!

    3. @i dont have time 2 reply They didn’t need our equipment to take back Afghanistan sport. They road into town on a fine horse named Toyota. 😉

    4. @i dont have time 2 reply Trump withdrew most of the American troops, the Americans took 90%+ of their equipment with them when they left. All the equipment captured by the Taliban was given to the Afghan military. They handed it over to the Taliban.

  1. Fox: Why didn’t Biden evacuate those poor people that helped our country? He’s failing them.
    Us: Bring them to America?
    Fox: No! No-no.

    1. @Jeremy Backup The Taliban would have killed Americans right here in the U.S. if Biden backed out of Trump’s deal. Trump made a so called “agreement” and we got nothing back in return. No wonder he kept going bankrupt. He’s a lousy deal maker.

    2. I’m surprised that the folks at Fox are not using the “Taco truck on every corner” scare tactics.
      Fox: “There will be tuk tuk’s on every corner selling hand made goods cheaper than the dollar store!”

    3. @Garett Anderson Criminal trump released the leader of Taliban from prison and gave him the keys to the country. Traitor trump still praises Taliban to this day. He is a disgrace and belongs in prison

    4. @Truth91 You own every single death that happens pal. No way around it. Hate Trump all you want but you, personally, did this. Chump.

  2. Who got the U.S. into it? Republicans and this is just more testament as to why they should never have power.

    1. @Garett Anderson Shock. Trumpnis neither a Dem nor a Repub & he has always “contributed” to both parties.

    2. @v blackwell What is your point? That he conned Republicans into voting for him? I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to say just come out and say it.

    3. @v blackwell This is from wikipedia. Not that I trust wikipedia but this is what it says and I believe this: Trump’s political party affiliation has changed numerous times. He registered as a Republican in Manhattan in 1987, switched to the Reform Party in 1999, the Democratic Party in 2001, and back to the Republican Party in 2009

  3. What about the little one that looks like Willy Wonka dropped him off. if all the Taliban were like him maybe the Afghan troops would fight.

    1. What you’re saying you’re against open borders? You think all people shouldn’t be able to enter whichever country they want to enter? So you’re against Democrat party and Biden policies?

    2. @Pistonburner IF that was the case, i would be. It’s not so I’m not either. It’s an Ametican thing. You wouldn’t understand.

    1. Pakistan is already forced to accept 1 million refugees, way above what their economy can sustain. I hope India will accept the refugees. After all India helped attack Afghanistan to support the US.

    1. @Dale Thomas Ok, nice to see how the mental health situation is going over there…
      I was thinking, looking at the betrayed and destroyed America, I mean obviously all the coloured people and gays were also all killed, everything in ruins and leftists all in mass graves. I was wondering that who did that, now I know that it was Trump.

  4. Houston, TX already has an Afghanistan people here from 20 years ago. They are a wonderful group of law abiding citizens who are welcome in the Houston community. The Afghan people who settled in Houston are proof that smashes vile Tucker and Laura Ingrams hatred of nonwhite immigrants

    1. Exactly. Plus, almost the whole reason they’re leaving is because they’re NOT fundamentalist religious zealots. That doesn’t sound nearly as scary and alien though.

    1. True. I have shared dinners with Afghani traders in Pakistan while traveling there. AMAZING people, and SO VERY courteous and honorable.

  5. I’d happily accept the Afghanistan people who risked their lives to help America as my neighbors.
    If we could just swap them out with Trump’s insurrectionists, i think our country would be a better place.

    1. Well so far the counter on “Trump’s insurrectionists” is still ZERO.
      And it doesnt look like there will be any soon.

      You must really hate the Afghan people then.

  6. Still remember the first refugee from Afghanistan I worked with when the war started & the Kindy girl is a doctor now. Lovelier family you couldn’t meet.

  7. Republicans: We need to leave Afghanistan
    Also Republicans: Don’t bring them here, I just meant we should go back there.

    1. Biden talks: “I don’t care what happens to the Afghan people, I intend to pull us out of Afghanistan and I only care about the American peoples’ interests.”
      Biden walks: Makes decisions which betray the Afghan people and will lead to their torture and death, already has for so many.
      Republicans: “Biden is a monster for betraying the Afghans!”
      MSNBC: “OMG Republicans bad!”
      Unintelligent sheep: “OMG Republicans bad!”

    2. @Pistonburner Biden only continued what trump started so your comment is just as ignorant as you are.

    3. @Tatrice Shipp Biden is President and made all the decisions, has full responsibility.
      What is ignorant or wrong about that?
      Go ahead and try to dispute anything I wrote.

  8. So trump made the deal in 2019 to leave Afghanistan yet never started removing Afghanistan allies that’s over a year and half trump did nothing

    1. @Karl Todd You’re not too bright, are you? (Well, considering you can’t even spell properly and have no idea what is being discussed…)

  9. I can’t believe Laura Ingram when she has an adopted daughter from Guatemala. These would be her words if that daughter wasn’t hers . Oh that’s un-American. How dared you adopt from another country? You should have adopted children in the United States because by adopting from another country you took away the opportunity from an American citizen those kids are gonna take away the jobs and opportunities from US children . And God knows what desaseases they have .Do you want those kids as your neighbors? Laura and Tucker would be saying that for sure.

  10. High time Americans experience the refugee problem Europe faced as a result of US invasions in the Middle East.

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