Righting the Wrongs of the War on Drugs | Into America Podcast – Ep. 123 | MSNBC 1

Righting the Wrongs of the War on Drugs | Into America Podcast – Ep. 123 | MSNBC


This week on Into America, Trymaine Lee heads to New Jersey, where voters recently opted to legalize recreational marijuana. He talks to the chair of New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission and a weed seller about how this new law might impact Black people in the state and whether it’s possible to effectively prioritize social equity as marijuana becomes legal. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Righting the Wrongs of the War on Drugs | Into America Podcast – Ep. 123 | MSNBC


  1. Breaking news:
    Arizona audit has confirmed 74,243 fake ballots. Stay tuned patriotic Americans.

    1. Georgia found massive problems also. They pulled 1500 ballots and found over half were bunk. It’s a full on audit now. Pennsylvania is now gearing up for a full audit. More States will follow suit and if this keeps up the FBI will certainly be involved.

    2. LMFAO the cyber ninjas are being investigated. They destroyed voting machines and ballots. They are a hinky outfit that operates out of a p.o. box in Sarasota, Florida. Total sham. Fraud, guarantee reeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. I told you if your story doesn’t involve Trump nobody wants anything to do with it here you are 54 minutes into it and only 16 comments

    1. Or perhaps it is because the video does not load properly .. I can’t get it to even load .. and I would have watched it.. Also .. podcast format with only one image one the screen.. people tend to not like the format .. So there are other reasons than the subject is not about tRump…

  3. People are gonna smoke regardless if it’s legal, or not… So be a good govenrnment, and tax it+allow to sell it 🙂 Seems logical to me…
    Try to outlaw beer, and look and the influx of new prisoners 🙂

    1. Omg I hope you didn’t give any money to that FRAUDIT LMFAO
      The cyber ninjas are inept. They destroyed voting machines and ballots.
      Do you give your money to just any old shyster?
      The cyber ninjas are under investigation for fraud lol.

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