Rihanna's Inauguration Dress Controversy | TVJ All Angles - Dec 8 2021 1

Rihanna’s Inauguration Dress Controversy | TVJ All Angles – Dec 8 2021


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  1. Why waste time talking about Rihanna? Talk about the issues affecting our health sector and our country. Barbados is not making any big deal out of it, so why should we.

  2. These guests reason like Dion got them out the comment section of LA Lewis page. Noone made any sense whatsoever. Lol

  3. This wasn’t even something that crossed my mind as something to discuss. Saw a piece of the ceremony, smiled for her, and moved on… why is this even a topic?!?

  4. Lawd God, morals are dead eh man. Nadine stop beating around the bush . Is it appropriate for women to have little or no tact, we can’t say to the young women conduct your self then say this foolishness.

  5. Are you serious?? Smh. This is modern time. Nothing inappropriate about her outfit. She looked beautiful. Congratulations Rihanna.

  6. To the ladywho pointed to her grey hair and saying her generation wore bras…You literally grew up in the generation where women burned bras and stood up for women empowerment. 50 years now, try to remember. She looked fine moving along.

  7. For me,,,the discussion gone under RiRi clothes now,,,RiRi neva ina bite an tear out,,,her dress was fairly decent,,,,these are the topics that come up time and time again that mek me know sey nuf a wi Brain ina Chain

  8. She work on stage naked and still do good for her country .so why she can’t be there the way she wanted ?im loving her just the way she is diamond 💎

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