1. Very clear and elementary.
    .A 7 year old child could follow the logic and sequence of events….
    Unfortunately these Senators who still support Trump do not have the courage nor the moral compass to follow their consiences..
    The impeachment managers did a brilliant, logical and truthful case…
    Elementary verdict…… Guilty

    1. You must have a conscience first before you can follow it . The Republican Party seems to be lacking that main ingredient .

    1. I’m convinced Trump wanted a lot more than what happened on Jan. 6. He knows many of his followers are in “militias” and he hoped there would be enough violence and chaos to justify martial law and suspend transfer of power to Biden. That’s the way the strongmen dictators he admires handle things. It didn’t work because 1. This is the US and 2. Trump is delusional and incompetent.

    1. Say an employee gets caught stealing from the company, but quits before they get fired. Does that mean they should be eligible for re-hire?

      Remember when Bush got into trouble for saying “Bring ’em on” in reference to terrorists? Hey, he was just exercising free speech, right?

      The last thing Democrats, especially Joe Biden, wanted to be doing in the first weeks of the new administration was to be impeaching the guy they finally got rid of. It wasn’t good for Dems politically. Ethics and accountability dictated that they had to impeach him. If Republicans had any ethics or desire for accountability, they wouldn’t be making that stupid argument that Dems love to hate him so much that they can’t let him go.

    2. @Michael DiTraglia Uppity…. that finishes what I first thought about you. You are jealous because a black man has more class than you’ll ever have! THATS’S FUNNY!!😂

  2. It is important historically that this take place even if the cheating R’s will do nothing to show him and them that he was lying and careless about all Americans, particularly his base. The facts will be totally recorded for future reference.

  3. Like I said months before, trump was doing the long con, that’s how he operates, he knows his supporters have a degree of ignorance and he takes advantage of that without getting his hands dirty, he sets them up for the kill, then walks away while they do his bidding. These people are nothing to him but cheap tools, then throws them away.

    1. @Inarus Lynx Thank you. 🙃 Notice that I give no regard to his ignorance. As the saying goes…a hit dog will holler. He is one of the “uneducated” that DT was talking about…bless his little heart; and yes, he’s been reported.

    2. @Tim Thomas Yes…he said, “I love the uneducated”. It was sad to watch. At one point, I actually felt sorry for them because they truly did not understand that he had just insulted them. He knew he could get majority of them to do whatever he wanted. Now, what’s even sadder is that they did, they thought he would pardon them; and now he has distanced himself, stating that they acted alone and he was “an innocent bystander”.

  4. “Stop the4 steal” was a third-rate freak-show featuring Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, Peter Navarro and Kay-lie McEnemy in the starring roles!

    1. Henry Dawkins
      The parallels are too obvious to overlook.
      These animated garbage specimens are exactly the sort that served as Hitler’s True Believers ninety odd years back.

    2. @Michael DiTraglia FDR definitely was in office… he died when the war was closed to being done with only japan still standing and then they were bombed … this is what i mean when i say the republicans aren’t properly educated… yuh take sum and say it so much that yuh believe it and then further make yourself look stupid… i pray for yuh and all republicans who are misguided and uneducated

  5. Bravo to the House managers. A masterful job even though it is unlikely the myopic, spineless GOP senators will change their pre-programmed minds. Voters remember!

    1. I remember. I won’t ever forget how a bunch of idiots with big mouths tried to change the vote in my state. I’ll never forget the representatives from my state who allowed it to happen. I’m ashamed.

    1. @Ral Deform when crisis actors try to act like patriots and main s media is in on it as seen video of reporters storming and laughing 😜 sorry hun we are smarter then that. Watch my pillow guys doc and educate yourself. You are welcome.

    2. @Ral Deform when crisis actors try to act like patriots and msm is in on it as seen video of reporters storming and laughing 😜 sorry hun we are smarter then that. Watch my pillow guys doc and educate yourself. You are welcome.

    3. @Ral Deform when crisis actors try to act like patriots and msm is in on it as seen video of reporters storming and laughing 😜 sorry hun we are smarter then that. Watch my pillow guys doc and educate yourself. You are welcome.

    4. @Sandra G a crack addicted pillow maker? A ex game show host for President, his children as advisors and a crack head pillow maker are the people you chose to follow! Out of 300,000,000 Americans you pick a game show host and pillow maker as authorities and leaders? Kind of silly.

    1. Because they’re not just down voting reality, they’re also down voting a black man. Probably many of them got sexually excited at being able to do that.

    2. Ignorance is rampant among the cultists. Little Donnie is as guilty as the Duck Dynasty Rejects who stormed the Capitol.

  6. Unfortunately those who lost are in denial of the facts. They would rather live in a lawless dictatorship than a democracy. People around the world are fighting and dieing to have what America has and is taking for granted but they will regret it when its taken away by power hungry people like trump.

    1. So true.
      Some don’t realize how good they’ve got it, until they lose it.
      Then it is too late to get it back.

  7. If this was a court of law the defence lawyers would be approching the judge right now to ask for a guilty plea deal. The edience is all in Trums own words and deeds, it’s no surprise all major law firms ran a mile from this debacle.

    1. @Play That Again Bruh His use of the word “person” is modern common vernacular. If you read the entirety of the Constitution including the BoR, you will see that the lawful definition does not apply to Donald Trump. As he and everyone acknowledges, the words used were *very* specific and had *very* specific definitions. Had to, else interpretation enables abuse…just as it is here.

      He needs to get out an old Black’s Law Dictionary and re-read the entire Constitution looking up every word he’s attempting to use.

      Keep in mind, this isn”t a court proceeding. 90% of what’s being discussed would nowhere near qualify as court worthy. It’s a disgusting political farce. I’m not registered to any party by the way. My opinion is objective and based on years of experience in Constitutional law.

    2. ​@Terry Spak More of the same from the peanut gallery. You make statements and provide no evidence for the argument. Okay Mr. I’ve got ten years of experience, make the case use your years of participation in Constitutional challenges to prove the misapplications. No more of the endless lies and half truths, shine baby, make this your best case ever OR just butt out we don’t need or want more FAKE innuendo. Prove it.

    3. @Terry Spak
      Interesting, how your alleged “years of experience in Constitutional law” taught you nothing.
      Actually, it’s more _sad_ than interesting.

    4. @James Smith Wow, there are still guys out there who think not-jokes are funny! I’m tempted hard to only reply with: ‘you’re funny, not’, but it feels so pathetic. You get one point for knowing who Clarence Darrow was. Quite a remarkable chunk of something at least resembling education for a trumpist. Don’t you feel pathetic yourself though that all you can come up with in defence of your orange Fuhrer is such a lame personal attack on one of the impeachment managers?

    1. @Terry Spak that’s not what I was referring to when I said embarrassing. You conveniently changed my argument into a completely different one that you can then attack with your talking points. Tell me, who was it that incited the riots on the capitol on January 6, 2021? That was Trump not Hillary.

    2. @Qcumber Bond Common fascist tactic. Change the topic, never play defense. Because they know they can’t defend themselves. I don’t even try to debate these idiots anymore, I just mock them for fun. You can’t fix stupid.

    3. @Michael DiTraglia You fucking liar. Go ahead and post any video of Clinton claiming she was the real President.

      She said Trump was an illegitimate President because his electoral win was a result of voter suppression, voter purging, etc. That was her opinion, and she was free to express it. DESPITE this opinion, she conceded the election as soon as it was called by the media. She did NOT file suit after suit in court to overturn the results, she did NOT call governors or electors to pressure them to change results, she did NOT call on her followers to ‘stop the steal’.

      Clinton didn’t concede because she thought the election was fair. She conceded because she was committed to a peaceful transition of power, just as almost all of our former Presidents have been before the vile, lying con man that just left office. All he is committed to is himself.

    4. @Michael DiTraglia
      It’s your words “Hillary keeps screaming she was the real president.”
      Now make sure you’re not exaggerating and stop using your big ladylike mouth and just post your link

    5. @Terry Spak Where did you get the lie about “the PA high court decision that their election was defective based on Act 77 being implemented unlawfully”??

      Here’s the true PA Supreme Court decision: http://www.pacourts.us/assets/files/setting-7862/file-10782.pdf?cb=1c64e8

      “Having delayed this suit until TWO elections were conducted under Act 77’s new, no-excuse mail-in voting system, Petitioners—several of whom participated in primary elections under this system without complaint—play a dangerous game at the expense of every Pennsylvania voter. Petitioners waived their opportunity to challenge Act 77 before the election, choosing instead to “lay by and gamble upon receiving a favorable decision of the electorate.” Unsatisfied with the results of that wager, they would now flip over the table, scattering to the shadows the votes of millions of Pennsylvanians. It is not our role to lend legitimacy to such transparent and untimely efforts to subvert the will of Pennsylvania voters. Courts should not decide elections when the will of the voters is clear.”

      Now – show me anything that actually backs up your lie. I’ll wait, liar.

  8. As a Canadian, born and bred, never lived a day in the USA, every time I see the attack on the US Capitol, it makes my blood boil with rage.

    1. we are all responsible for our own actions. That made me upset as well but did everyone forget our cities were burned all summer? Trump was going to send the military and the dems were upset??? Now we are militarized? in dc??

    2. @derek long
      I hear you!
      “Nazi Germany and its collaborators systematically murdered some six million Jews, around two-thirds of Europe’s Jewish population”
      My ancestors….

    3. @The Token Dude I can’t believe that any of the GOP senators would vote against impeachment after seeing the evidence, and being the witnesses.

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