Rioters invade U.S. Capitol, encouraged by U.S. President Trump | CTV National News 1

Rioters invade U.S. Capitol, encouraged by U.S. President Trump | CTV National News


Rioters encouraged by President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to subvert the presidential election. Joy Malbon reports


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    1. They did she was a pro trump Air Force veteran she was trying to get into the rotunda and they shot her

  1. I actually feel bad for those guys. They not only got grifted of a few hundred million dollars, but sacrificed 4 of theirs for a fictitious story.

    1. @46336 34, I not only think Biden won, I know he did. I saw the results on TV on Nov 3rd-6th. The states certified him. Krebbs, Kemp, Rasfensburger, and Sterling said there’s no widespread fraud and the election is secure. The courts threw out 50+ frivolous lawsuits. Mitch McConnel said Biden won, and even Lindsey Graham backtracked, and finally Pence announced it this morning…. Just what the heck are you still holding on to? Your pride and delusion?

  2. Well at least now we can say there is a limit to protesting to bad it had to be an actuall attack on Congress not say occupation of a city or police station

  3. The Government is not in control and compromised… Walk away. Also recognize the only loss of life in this display of force was that of Trump Supporters…

  4. American officials blamed Trump?? Isn’t it Awesome Ottawa and Canadians had Kevin Vickers to protect them. The Mayor of Washington wasn’t taking responsibility.

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