Rise in Covid Cases in Jamaica | Gov't Committed to Increase Goat Supply = August 5 2021 1

Rise in Covid Cases in Jamaica | Gov’t Committed to Increase Goat Supply = August 5 2021


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  1. as long as i have God by my side covid shall not know my name no matter how it rise.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    1. @Caroline Washington I can’t confirm or denies if someone is ignorant, but it could be that they are in denial.

  2. Jamaican people honest if that should have happened it need a new set of people in Jamaica not the present one who are here now talking about honest people maybe the minister man is dreaming where did he get that from it is been a long time I keep asking for all politician to take a lie detector test including public officials do I have to go to the Lord Lords in England

  3. I will get help from England to force the government here to take a lie detector test I’m not joking watch and see if I’m playing around politician and public officials must take a lie detector test I do not trust them I will never trust them

  4. Watch and see when it happened you’re not going to believe that Jamaican people was surrounded by layered

  5. 10 years no water when election time did you guys told you would get water I’m pretty sure they tell you those things but or after they get what they want these lunatic you do not see them again

    1. Politicians only concern about their personal pockets. We vote for them and that is about it until election time come around again they will ask for some more time. Very dishonest set of people.

  6. And as crimes continue to rise in Jamaica, so shall the deadly pandemic (CORONAVIRUS) be multiply.

  7. Am sure the car’s on the road side, not stopping u from sleeping in you’re bed a night time… Man go find something constructive to do ok…

  8. This must be in Kingston only, because when I went to the municipal in Trelawny I was told that they are no vacancy due to the Covid outbreak,or is the for selected groups 🤔

  9. I don’t see the used of wasting money on beach and we can’t go to have fun due to curfews going up and down every minute. What sense that makes

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