1. I had to do some work at an LCBO. I was told that the criminals literally have a shopping list. They know that staff won’t do anything, not that I blame them but LCBO must do something.

  2. Maybe a security gate-lock entrance like in jewelry stores starts to make sense if the inventory is now that much in demand that people are risking their freedom to steal it? I only buy booze as a hostess gift the odd time so I don’t much care what they do in the store.

    1. I don’t see a problem with letting one of Canada’s oldest news stations letting them know they spelled the headline wrong, no need to get all worked up about it.

  3. This doesnt happen in Mexico, no one wants to go to a Mexican prison. Also there is this sugar cane booze that costs only 20 pesos, so cheap and you dont even get a hangover the next day. Most the drunkards drink that stuff while the wealthy drink the nicer more expensive name brands. I think they let them steel from this establishment because they get tax reliefs for stolen items so… if 22 million got stolen that franchise would get tax credits of 22 million and thats why they let it happen.

    1. @robin bailey wow…I didn’t know the government would own such a business. So I use to have a business in Chicago and that’s how theft was solved, through tax returns. But if the government own it….I guess it would be the citizens who pay ultimately…either way.

  4. Well maybe if Canada didn’t have the most expensive liquor in the entire world. Godspeed children, Godspeed.

  5. Imagine NOT being taxed so oppressively that you could just _buy_ the beer. Legally.

    Groundbreaking thought

  6. I joined a group called “Transcendental Alcoholism”. We have “out of bottle” experiences!

  7. I don’t see how they get out of the store as they have to go through a cash line. It would only take a cashier to pick up a phone at the cash and announce in a loud voice to the store in general that a robbery is taking place and guaranteed the crook would leave the goods and take off.

  8. They should at least take their pictures and have a lineup of mug shots of thieves outside the building. And then get them arrested later if you have them on film.

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