Rise of Anti-Semitic Attacks In U.S. Amid Middle East Violence 1

Rise of Anti-Semitic Attacks In U.S. Amid Middle East Violence


CEO of the Anti-Defamation League Jonathan Greenblatt and former special agent with the FBI Clint Watts discuss the alarming rise of anti-Semitic attacks across the country amid violence in the Middle East.

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    1. Except they weren’t game to do it when the “former guy” was in charge though where they??

    2. @Paul Keating ” they may have laughed at him behind his back”
      No, they laughed directly in his face too…

    1. I doubt many Jews in California like Israels positions the last half century, and have no more influence than anyone else. You don’t know who these LA people are, the usual white nationalist, Arab, or hard left wingers. The Time Square with hard core supporters of opposite sides meeting is not antisemitic, this is expected. Pro-Israel marchers are taking racist stand on Israel’s racist policies the last 50 years, that is 2 groups of racists going after each other. That is the US problem, because of Hitler Jews can never be racist or because of slavery blacks can never be racist, Israel is protecting itself and because it is a Jewish country (where Arabs have less right to maintain power) it would be racist to say anything they do is racist.

    1. he’s antisemitic being violent to innocent peoples he’s not “the poor guy” he could die in pain no one should value these kind of worthless things

    1. Sorry but I will never “unite” with any racists or fascists. Never.
      That is something they can immediately change but they choose not to.
      I’ve seen enough unforgivable
      sh!t that I will not unite. The best a fascist can expect from me is my ignoring them. To have that happen they’d best be silent.
      Speak up against that before more people die.
      Racist kills. Fascism kills
      If they wear a swastika, a confederate flag or something about killing ________ (add race or creed here) there is nothing left to talk about.
      No lethal force but remember that force is the language they speak.

  1. odd feeling. Used to think other countries may hate us, but now it seem like we are hating among each other.

    1. @2 Thessalonians 2:7 That’s right!!! You can read the transcripts for the meetings about Operation Mockingbird, on the FBI site, in The Vault. Ted Koppel was upset bc the C!@ was HIRING journalists. John Kerry is in those transcripts.

    2. @Adam Taylor As to your 1st paragraph- Are you JOKING??? It is BECAUSE of the Media we are all upside down. Go watch Project Veritas’ channel. They have a lot of journalists spilling their guts to undercover’s they thought they actually had a date going. Lol But yeah- you could not be more wrong!!

      To your second paragraph- I can’t comment, because I do not have the internal knowledge on it that it would take in order to comment educated & accurately on.

    3. @UCzX3qLriSUJXHPARl6ZcPvQ BAM!!! NAILED IT. Thank you. Another inteligent person on this thread. Whew. Beinging to think I was all alone. Lol Isn’t it insane how BLIND & BRAINWASHED ppl are??! Whoa. Mind blowing!

    4. @Adam Taylor You are UNDER MIND CONTROL & have been lulled to sleep. GO TO THE VAULT on the FBI’s website & look around. Read THE FINDERS, after you read the transcripts from the OFFICIAL meetings about the C!@ hiring MEDIAAAAAA. Type in OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD. Get your head out of you @$$ bro. No really. SMH

  2. “I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.”

    1. Oh, dear. Wasn’t it violence stopping the nazis?
      And wasn’t it violence stopping French royalty in 1789 French Revolution?
      Violence stopping British colonialism?
      Violence toppling dictators, illegal occupations and hideous empires?
      So, please, stop being simplistic when facing complex situations!

    2. @Rob Summer retaliation is different Let’s take you for example , fighting against democrats is a whole lot Different than fighting democracy. What you wouldn’t know the difference now would you

  3. The big message last year was “we’re all in this together”. Unfortunately not many understood.

    1. New Living Translation
      So now we can rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God because our Lord Jesus Christ has made us friends of God. Romans 5:11

    2. The big message from the last administration was “Embrace your hatred of the other”. And sadly America has embraced it with all its might.

  4. Any person or nation should not be considered as responsible due to their goverment’s dirty policies.

    1. Silence makes you just as guilty. As much wealth they control in this country and the world, the control they have over the media and they’ve all been quiet.

  5. I think I’m going to take a bystander intervention training. I just discovered it in an article I read online.

    1. I’d like in on that info I’ve posted here, I’m just broken hearted over this what has happened to us we act like 3rd world ppl no they are acting better than us

    2. Donna Collins I know. It’s heartbreaking. I found a free online courses for the bystander training. I just typed in bystander intervention training online so I’m going to take it tomorrow!

  6. My god where is the law ,To be beaten in America in the middle of the day because of ppl spreading horrible rumors,I’m in small town /state and don’t see this but I’d like to help in anyway I can even if just my voice

    1. Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians isn’t a bug—-it has been a feature and goal for over a century with Zionism. The anti-Semitic violence happening here is wrong, it’s counterproductive, and it’s misplaced, but to ignore and not address the root cause of Zionist persecution of Palestinians demonstrates an unwillingness to deal with the problem seriously.

    2. @wily wascal thank you! You said it much more eloquently and succinctly than I did. I’m getting pretty sick of CNN…either they’re tone deaf or just incompetent.

    3. @Rowan Lees ~ Have followed and studied this conflict for nearly five decades, with equal concern for both Jews and Palestinians. Many Jews wish to delude themselves that Israel has been a boon to them, but the Zionist colonization project in Palestine was always immoral, there is damage incurred by the Jewish oppressors to themselves, and it has done more harm than good overall to Jewish people around the world. Zionists merely traded persecution against themselves for persecution against Palestinians, making a bargain with the Devil, trading their souls and traditional Jewish reverence for justice for a fascist state of their own.

  7. If the country honesty wants to be free of bias to any nation than we all star accept facts , let’s see who stars the fire first. We need people who are capable to speak the truth, we need fairness.

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  9. This makes me sad how people have no clue what justice is. We got a cease fire and we need to move on and start healing at some point.

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