Rishi Sunak officially prime minister after Liz Truss resigns | USA TODAY


    1. I think it won’t be pretty much the same.. Sunaks level of influence, I confirm much gigantic, let’s see it in years to come

    1. This guys the reason they’re in this mess in the first place being the Treasury Secretary and burrowing all that money during COVID and afterwards. He’ll raise taxes to try to fix the problem and slice prices in other areas. Obviously this is impossible to do without backlash and it doesn’t help that he’s the richest politician in the UK. He’ll last longer then Truss though and I’ll give him til May and then Boris will be back until the next election.

    2. Not likely to resign he’s got over a billion people morally supporting him near and far.

      He’ll go fully Gray long before he voluntarily leaves office

  1. Isn’t this guy affiliated with the WEF? If so that means the UK will be scaling back on farmland and forced to eat bugs like they’re trying to do in Finland and the other Scandinavian countries. I weep for the nations falling into the WEF trap.

  2. All the media “corrupt media” has nothing bad to say about him, no dirt at all, so you know he will be Rotten for the people.

    1. Dude, he hasn’t technically done anything as a PM yet and you’re already over here pointing fingers. Wow.

    2. @‌ㅤ        ‌‌   ׂ⁠𓅓 Yes, because racism… or maybe this dude is awful and you could do some basic homework.

    1. @Joey Tribbiani Not at all, they were making a big stink that Truss’s cabinet had no white men in top positions.

  3. Alright so can some of my British counterparts please help me and other Americans in understanding if this is a good thing or just as bad as Truss seemed to have been? Legitimately, have no idea who this guy really is but yeah, I hope he actually helps the British people

    1. It’s a jolly good thing, old chap. In the parliamentary system, there is an ever-present opportunity for failed officials (and some good ones too, like Churchill) to be shown the door.
      If America had a parliamentary system, them all pther things being equal until their accession:
      Lyndon B. Johnson would have been out by the spring of 1968, replaced by President Eugene McCarthy.
      Nixon would have been out in March 1973 and the Watergate mess would never have gone on and on for 26 months – but then again, Nixon’s successor may have been Spiro Agnew. Gerald Ford would never have been President. Jimmy Carter would have been out in 1979, possibly replaced in the White House in this “alternate universe” by Bob Dole. Reagan would have been out when the Itan-Contra news erupted, possibly replaced by Walter Mondale,. Bill Clinton would have been out by 1995, and Newt Gingrich or Ross Perot would have been Clinton’s successor. Bush Jr would probably never have been elected President, it would more likely have been John McCain instead; but given Bush Jr as President, he would have been gone right after Katrina (2005), possibly replaced by Don Siegelman or John Kerry. Ron Paul or someone similar probably would have been elected President in 2008. Obama, out by 2014, possibly replaced by Mitt Romney or Mitch McConnell. Trump could not have been elected under a parliamentary system; but if he had been, Trump would have served only a few weeks at most; followed by Hillary Clinton. Biden would never have been elected under a parliamentary as yatem, but if he had been, Biden would already have been ushered out, possibly replaced by Ted Cruz or Adam Kinzinger or Ben Sasse.

    2. @Scott Davis Yeah, jolly good thing another WEF plant has made it to the highest offices of my homeland, and not even an ethnic Briton at that.

  4. Hopefully he can still do a better job than Liz, I covered this in my last video, but many decisions just didn’t fully make sense under Liz 44 day reign

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