Rising European anti-Semitism blamed on lockdowns 1

Rising European anti-Semitism blamed on lockdowns

Hateful attacks on Jews and their religion have been increasing in Europe for years, but pandemic restrictions and the recent violence between Israel and Hamas have led to an upsurge. CNN's Melissa Bell reports.

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  1. Instead of having “goals” and “ideas”, a lot of politicians unfortunately believe a perceived enemy is much more effective.

    1. And it has nothing to do with the HUGE amount of immigration from countries with a deep seated hate for jews? Muslims and Jews, the majority of them dont mix well. I was so suprised to see CNN’s article about the increase of hate crime against jews and immigrant by the far right. The compleetly removed the part where 95% of those crimes were done by other immigrants and instead added “far right”.

      MSM blames the right for support Israël to much.. At the same time they blame the right for hate against jews… Yeah it cant be both…

    2. @Devo political right is not the same as bigots and haters .i am with Israel defending its self . and not and anti semite

    3. @Luis Estrada You are just a follower of MIC propaganda from Fox News, just the same as these fools here who follow the MIC/Zionist propaganda from CNN.

    4. Lock downs, eh? Not RACISM! or generational “us v them” hateful mentality! no.. no… blame goes on the lockdowns? smh

  2. It surely has to do with the multitude of anti Semitic style immigrants admitted to Europe.

    1. Hey Sarah, cool it with the anti-European remarks.
      Enough European blood has been spilled already defending your people.
      Many already see the depths of your ingratitude, it’s truly sick.

    2. @Delaine Causey “My people?” I’m neither European, Jewish nor Muslim. I’m not anti-European, either.

    1. @Mary Purcell I still think they do not deserve to be hated in this way, sorrry but I can not hate them as many people are doing. If you hate them, it’s up to you and your ignorance.

    2. @Mary Purcell we can not handle even the simplest thing without looking for help some kind of god that is listening to everybody in the same time, billions of people, some say I’m not rich enough, please god make me richer,,,and he do, what kind of stupid god is that?

    3. I don’t like one over the other. I just think they should have a home land. That is all. Do u get that?

    4. ZionistsUsingBlacks ToDestroyWhiteChristianCulture wow u are way off. What happened to the Jewish people is so awful it’s hard to say anything that sounds like I am against them. And I am sorry for that. I won’t say anything else. No reason for me to go there. I get it.

  3. In this situation if they feel that way but I think it’s human mentality is to be blame the way how we think and behave

    1. CNN and MSNBC have been building the divisive racist rhetoric and throwing fire on it for years, and now blame lockdowns?!…..Hilarious!

    2. ZionistsUsingBlacks ToDestroyWhiteChristianCulture not at all next time won’t put reply at top.

    1. @Catherine Keller Not at all. It’s just that CNN is trying to sell a message of “Anti-pandemic people = Anti-Semites”.

    2. @Catherine Keller People are willingly forgetting about the Holocaust in order to fulfill wherever agenda they may have, just like there are people who want to negate portions of history they are uncomfortable with, it is people like us who need to remember the horrors that was Hitler and the Holocaust and never let future generation forget.

    3. @Catherine Keller Except now it’s the far left and not the far right. Both extremes have a lot of similarities tho because they are so extreme.

    4. because too many people are idiots and want to hate in order to feel superior to someone else

  4. Some people just have to hate. There is no reason for hate so they make one up. So much energy wasted. Nothing is ever remedied by hatred.

    1. @ZionistsUsingBlacks ToDestroyWhiteChristianCulture you’re spending a lot of time posting on each of these threads….

    2. @Christopher Pugh That’s probably because I must be some “Russian Agent” or something… Isn’t that what you’re thinking?

    3. @ZionistsUsingBlacks ToDestroyWhiteChristianCulture not all. Just making an observation

    4. @Christopher Pugh Some people need education and asking questions, like Luis here. What’s wrong with that?

    5. like biden and his criminals sons? who take bribes, launder money, gave 10% back to Joe! Dems are dumb and brainwashed fools.

  5. So funny we will blame Coronavirus lockdown’s for this. We don’t actually blame the people committing these actions.

    1. @Luis Estrada Really? When? Can you post a link to one of these? Otherwise, you are full of stool.

    2. @Luis Estrada You’re getting called out by several people on CNN chat, no less.
      We want receipts, post links so we can review your propaganda.

    3. like biden and his criminals sons? who take bribes, launder money, gave 10% back to Joe! Dems are dumb and brainwashed fools.

    1. @1st responder Do they think fighting pandemic-skeptics equates to fighting anti-Semitism? I wonder why?

    2. @Freeda Peeple I hope you know I was being sarcastic and that I know its the people right?

    3. CNN and MSNBC have been building the divisive racist rhetoric and throwing fire on it for years, and now blame lockdowns?!…..Hilarious!

  6. Maybe it’s the fairytales that tell of plagues and swarms of locusts covering the sky that contributed to centuries of blaming them for diseases.

    1. People say that CNN is full of **IT. Is that a conspiracy theory?

    1. We’re running on emotions … and some reason (which more often than not tries to rationalize/justify what we feel).

    2. Well, that’s not how Zionists think about themselves.

    1. President Biden just stated that unvaccinated people are going to die from the far deadlier ‘Delta’ variant, so please people, take get you and your family members vaccinated right away! Stay safe and be kind to one another!

    2. I have seen the same exact comment already. Troll Farms? Certainly not from Russia 🙂

    1. @January It’s called a sentence word. You forgot the period. Deal with it. Also come up with a new troll. Stay losing.

  7. “For a lot of us he was a friend, a mentor, and a guide”
    -joe Biden speaking of Robert Byrd(Democrat kkk leader from west virgina)

  8. anytime someone talks like “jews this or jews that”, the jewish people are not a monolith, hivemind, or the borg. there is as vast a diversity among jewish people as there is among any other religion.

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