1. Leave portmore as it is they are more important things the money can be use for like fixing the darm dollar so the people can afford to eat

  1. Everything happens in America Jamaica follow smh
    People need Fi Wise up Dem nuh care about us, grow what you eat and eat what you grow.

  2. Talk talk talk…..no improvement….poor people still poorer … all the money allocated to do this n that…the ones who need the help never gets it. Unnoo fat up the common fowls dem …dats all

  3. Encourage the Jamaican people to eat healthy. People are already trying to buy the healthier food items which is a struggle. People salary needs to stand up to cost of living. Oh God help the poor n needy.

  4. Don’t the idiotic government have more important things to worry about such as high crime rate, poor infrastructure, putting value back into the Jamaican dollar, improving the education system etc etc etc. Pathetic human beings. Our economy is in such a dire state and your worried about additional parish.

  5. When the people p. N p did a put toll they never ask we the people of. Portmore what we think We have to pay so much for toll every year. So tell them to leave us alone

  6. What unno want to do is “”look up, redemption drawth near,man shall not live by bread alone ,we cannot depend on none a them in Parliament,they are for themselves,we have to put our trust in Jah,Jah know,he’s the way,will deliver us one day,we don’t have nothing to loose,Jah is my keeper

  7. the PM must free up the farmlands and supply water where is needed Jamaica should have compost plants making natural fertilizers GROW WHAT YOU EAT AND EAT WHAT YOU GROWS FARM JAMAICA NOW

  8. The sea is going to take back it’s course so stay there and fight over Portmore look how much other important things to do.

  9. The talks of Portmore being a Parish is not new, it was since George Lee was Mayor so how come the opposition is against it now, unuh work together and make it happen. Put whatever needs to be in place, unuh quarrel too much in Parliament that is why nothing gets done in a timely manner. SMH

  10. I can bet some of these kids have tablets already, they need to go into the rural communities to help those kids.

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