Rising Gas Prices Taking a Toll on Jamaica's Motorists | TVJ News - March 4 2021 1

Rising Gas Prices Taking a Toll on Jamaica’s Motorists | TVJ News – March 4 2021


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  1. You can’t trust vaz pon Nothing, fi him pocket him more concern bout and him asking judges to let out criminal police

  2. Poor people have enough things stressing them to add more. Raising taxi fare would be wrong. They need to take off that money off the gas price.

  3. Last year when oil prices was dirt cheap because of the world oil market conditions faval William and the petrojam squad told us that Jamaica has a mechanism in place that does not operate on world prices instead it stays in the middle so when oil is low it stays at the same price not factoring world market conditions, but now vaz a say that world market prices are high so our oil prices adjust to meet the market conditions….now I understand why unuh like rule in Jamaica cause in between the Cr!me, money stress, education health, and all the isms the people as a group are too tired to pay attention to the crap unuh doing to them. But productive people r leaving so keep doing it

    1. Well said. They couldn’t do this crap anywhere else. Furthermore, the people are too patriotic for poor governance over the years. My advice, leave that island if you can

  4. If I owned a gas station in Jamaica in this exact moment I would lower my price so I can get the most costumers

  5. Jamaican we can get it done .all we of to do is don’t buy no gas for 1 day are 2 days and u see it coming down

  6. God seeing them. Vaz your ticket# soon call. Stand in line, jamaicans waiting patiently….God see uno, oppressors of the poor and middle class.

    1. There ARE no POOR or OPPRESSED people in JAMAICA..ITS ALL SELFINFLICTED …Dons and one song noise maker drive BENZ and building their own mansions…get real

  7. how fair to raise an people pay not raising. if taxi thing not working do forming.until things get better

  8. No matter how low oil prices drop world wide you never see a lower price in Jamaica! Instead we see a price increase kmft this is crazy!

  9. Where the elle people should get more money from to pay increased taxi fare and they dont have a job and can hardly buy food? Oh God help us…

  10. Food & almost every thing raised already. Everytime ya went to the wholesales, supermarkets & shops things cost more money. What more people can do? God help us…

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