Risk of violence grows in Myanmar as protesters remain defiant 1

Risk of violence grows in Myanmar as protesters remain defiant


Anti-coup protests grow bigger and more committed in Myanmar despite gunfire and military tanks on the streets. But as tensions rise between the two sides, United Nations official warns of the possibility of a bloodbath. CNN's Paula Hancocks and Clarissa Ward report.

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  1. And the US would refer to this as a 3rd world country yet remain unable to see the correlation

    1. Yo don’t respond to me. Wise man once said don’t argue with fools be cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who.Can I live?

  2. How can we say anything
    are prez hasnt faced anything yet in that treasonous act
    Myanmar happen right after the 6th
    That’s y america can’t say much it’s bad. I see it as the beginning

  3. There is a moment in our lives when we choose War over peace to fight for what we believe we choose to follow damnation over salvation the choices we make reflect who we are in this life

  4. I stand with the people of Myanmar, and so do all of the people in the United States. And if need be the United States should land boots on the ground and support these people

  5. Where is the USA and it’s freedom? Oh right, Myanmar doesn’t have oil so no international “justice” for them…

  6. It’s fit Because Su Chee DID NOTHING TO HELP THE ROHINGA PEOPLE! But The Coup Isn’t Expectable! I Know Can’t Have It Both Ways

  7. Those newly formed countries have to find the kind of country that fit their people by trial and error. No country gets it right on the first try

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