Road To 270: A Look At The 2020 General Election Poll Average | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. Is that why the WHITEHOUSE cheeto’s hair doesnt move,,and he always has that pasty orange glow!!Lol!!!

    2. Rich Winder : Not according to God. You’re treading on thin ice buster. The only stupid one around here is you.You better wise up before it’s too late

    1. Polls aren’t , and never were a substitute for actually voting. The fact that someone says “screw polls” as if they are, is pretty sad.

    2. @ClownGaming RB i guess so, or undecided voters… Either way Kanye,Snoop,Dre, Easy E, Tupac, all those rappers should run to take votes away from Biden and help Trump. ‘Cause Bunker Boy will need help on Nov. 3

    1. Oh, not to worry. Every sane American in the country will be voting for Trump.

    2. @Deb dont think he isnt plotting to cheat,,,t Rump:. ” Russia,,if your listening”,,,,sound familiar???

    3. @Kent Sarr Oh, Yes! Don’t I remember!
      I really don’t want this upcoming election
      to be like 2016.. Guess we can only HOPE and have FAITH!!! 💙

  1. Potus Cartman “Respect My Athoritay” has sacrificed our national security and his crazy meltdowns shouldn’t be allowed to stand anymore! Vote him out!!

    1. Mike, thank you for that reminder. That is my biggest concern that with COVID and if the poll numbers remain the same that many may say I don’t need to risk my health because Biden can win without my vote. Your thoughts?

    2. @Lawrence Harris It’s hard for Trumpsters to accept anyone who admits error. Trump still want to “date” his daughter?

  2. anybody would be better than Trump running for president..
    Trump is the worst President EVER !

    1. I’m a Republican and I would actually vote for a tree stump over Trump because at least a tree stump couldn’t hurt our nation anymore!

    1. @Robrax I know and no one’s even paying attention! This is like one of the most amazing discoveries but democrats are to busy tearing their cities apart and distracting Americans with their Political theater! So Sad

    2. @Stingjay 4000 the only parts of the country I see in chaos are run by democrats. Before the
      ch!nese virus we had the best economy, best unemployment, best of everything. This man has been in politics for less then 4 years and accomplished more in 3 years then all of the
      life-long democrats combined! All while being Harassed & Bullied!
      Democrats got mad & scared and I guarantee you they conspired with the
      Ch!nese to drop this Bomb virus on us because its a distraction of all of President Trump’s success .
      The American people see right through the democrat political theater and come Nov you will be crying!😭 Again. A vote for Biden is a vote for pedophiles!

    1. because Mr. corrupt dementia hair sniffer Joe can run a hot dog stand much less a country, right?

  3. Congrats to Trump as he past Buchanan as the worst president in the history of America and is the most vile human in the last 75 years

    1. @hankashley …..hank buddy ur not supposed to click on that. You are required to keep that information secret. Remember I said trump will not be elected and will be impeached if you show that to anybody. so keep it quiet on that 3 minute video information. very dangerous to us trumpers that need our fearless leader for another 4 yrs

    2. Democrat oath of office

      I do soullessly swear, I will menacingly support and defund the Institution of Public Safety of the United States, against all humanity, American and Patriotic; and I will induce true evil and alliance to the same; that I take this psychological manipulation freely without any mental awareness or of common sense; and that I will, well and faithfully discharge the duties of the swamp in which I am about to enter.
      So help me Satan

    3. @T. R. Campbell Peanuts. He’s been trying to repeal Obamacare for 4 years. He SAYS his pro healthcare but his administration has been suing for years to reverse it. Trump is like a deadbeat dad who sends you 20 bucks for your birthday just to get some love. He’s a God awful human being 99% of the time so when he acts somewhat human everybody says hey he ain’t so bad lol

  4. Trump should be polling at 4% not 40%. That he isn’t demonstrates the fragility of any democracy.

    1. 4%?? 40%
      the majority of trumps 100 million dedicated and loyal supporters will not be voting until nov 4th. So who is laughing now?? thats what i thott

  5. Trump, “It’s going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” 

    He meant it’ll disappear WITH the dead bodies.  It’s a miracle!!

  6. At this point in time I’d vote for a burrito before I’d vote for agent orange, the man’s a danger to democracy and the world.

    1. If you think the riots and anarchists will stop if Biden and a Democrat majority take over, you are foolishly mistaken. The Looney left will always destroy itself, look at Portland, Seattle, Atlanta….

    2. Considering that burrito has less dementia than Hidin’ Biden, that’s probably a good idea.

    1. @WWG1WGA Law and order? Hate crimes spiking nationwide as Trump describes Klansmen and neo-nazis as “fine people.” The worst anti-Semitic massacre in US history. Journalists hiring security guards for their families as Trump calls them “enemies of the American people.” The teargassing of lawful and peaceful demonstrators at Lafayette Park and in the state of Washington. The deployment of federal forces in a major American city without the knowledge or consent of the mayor or governor. You’re confusing “law and order” with police state. Low taxes? Trump has RAISED the taxes of people living in states like New York and New Jersey who now have a ceiling on how much of the state and local taxes they can deduct on their federal taxes. Imports from China are now more expensive because of the tariff which is a tax levied on the purchaser. Protected borders? Absurd. Where was the protection when thousands of Americans returned to the US without face masks, without social distancing, without so much as having their temperatures taken? No wonder the first severe American outbreak of the virus was in a city surrounded by three international airports. Patriotism? Russia is paying a reward for every US serviceman killed in Afghanistan. How is that patriotic?

      Under Trump, America has become the object of pity around the world.

    2. @steven franklin Ok here’s what Biden said;
      – 1975 joe bragged about his friendship with racist George Wallaace
      -1988 on the floor of the house senate joe praised segregationist Sen. John Stennis(D-MS).
      – 2006 joe explains ” You cant go to 7-11 or even a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking”.
      – 2014 joe still using the word ” Orient ” to describe Asia.
      That same year joe used the antisemitic term “Shylock”.
      Heres some more;
      – “poor kids are just as bright & just as talented as white kids”.
      – marveled that Obama was articulate & clean.
      Bragged about being from a Slave state and repeatedly used the
      And the most Racist comment i ever heard is joe saying ” if you vote for Trump then you ain’t black man”.
      And there are several more examples of joe’s racist rants.

  7. There’s no magic for Trump again…..most Americans already see through him… vote BLUE all ballot

    1. because Democrats are the party of riots, looting, and burning, vs Trump being the law and order candidate who is bringing back the economy TWICE. Ah.. no sale. MAGA

    2. Reggie Dunlop ; Reggie, I hope you are well . Did you get the vodka I sent you ? Testacoff told me to tell you that Sergei will not be able to make the meeting, but Illiana will still meet with you in St Petersburg square at 17:00 on November 3rd . Be sure to bring the Spirit of Rose and tell no one of this. Comrade Trump will be most appreciative of your cooperation. KGB will be in touch. Comrade Biden will remain subterranean. We are arranging to have a shovel sent to him. Comrade Obama tells us that Biden is shovel ready.

  8. No matter what the polls say all Dems must vote in November. Make it a landslide because ,given #TreacherousTrump ‘s dirty tricks, it may have to be.

    1. The vote MUST be a landslide of historic proportion. Trump IS going yell scream and flail around. He MUST have no room to contest any state of any consequence.

  9. Please register and vote. Younger people, it’s your future. Don’t let Trump and the GOP screw it for you and your kids.

    1. @John Doe I can agree both sides are crooked. Both sides say one thing and then do the other- However Trump has made it Transparent…

    2. LairdDougal Yes!!! But the American White woman has to hold Donald accountable this time, last time she didn’t. And the American White man (the electoral majority of them) will never hold him accountable, because they whole heartedly believes this is a referendum on them as a monolith.

  10. Why are 40% of americans still supporting trump after all the evil things trump has done for the last 3.5 years ?

    1. Because Demonrats are destroying the economy with pointless lockdowns and allowing people to shoot people, who burn down and loot cities just to have fun.

    2. Biden ! That’s why , wait when people see his full blow dimentia , you have a craziness vs dementia election 😩

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