Rob Reiner On California Recall Election: It’s All About A GOP Power Grab 1

Rob Reiner On California Recall Election: It’s All About A GOP Power Grab

The California gubernatorial recall election is “all about a GOP power grab” Rob Reiner tells Joy Reid. Independent journalist Jean Guerrero also explains the grave concerns many have about controversial Republican recall candidate Larry Elder, a supporter of Stephen Miller, possibly becoming the governor of California through this election.
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  1. The recall portion of the ballots is frighteningly small.
    Also, packing the ballots with this many candidates that don’t actually care to win is pretty disgusting.

    1. @mike davison You can leave too. I don’t want GQP nut cases running CA. I’ve seen Republican governors before. Some were ok and some stunk. The ones on this ballot are mostly in it for a power play and a few are nut cases. I don’t like the odds. Also, blaming Newsome for that litany above only demonstrates that you and lipstick don’t know s**t about economics. Blame most of it on corporate greed.

    2. Duh…as if a Republicon will lower all these. They will raise COVID and deaths numbers for sure but they won’t have a chance.

    3. @Irma Vera more people left the state this year than ever before and it wasn’t even close. Wish I wasn’t on one of the deepest echochambers on YouTube explaining this, but those are just facts.

    4. @Janice Wood biden got rid of the pipeline. That created less supply and more demand.. my god you people are useless here

  2. I hope California is focusing also on those folks who have gone through hello in losing their homes from those fires. How will *they* be able to vote, especially *now* !

    1. @My Perspective Nope. Definitely not a “wannabee racist”, but from your many comments, you’re definitely more than the 25¢ full-fledged sideshow act you come across as being. So, rah, rah for you.

    1. @M Yup. Recall the governor back to his duties away from this stupid waste of money and time. Republicans are stoooopid.

    2. @Gulf Marine ….so that is your thoughtful response to what I wrote? That is the point sir…a minority party will always have to figure out a way to nullify the power of the majority if they want to stay in power. Need you be reminded of the fact that the last two or three presidential elections that the GOP won were NOT THE MAJORITY VOTE OF THE PEOPLE…but of the Electoral College ? Just because a state is “blue” doesnt mean that if you pull your pants down someone wont do it to you…

  3. “Working mothers shouldn’t be hired for jobs, even if they’re qualified. They’re just not as dedicated and you can’t rely on them because they’re too busy caring for their children.” – Larry Elder, 2017 saying something straight from 1917.

    1. you have a white lady calling a black man a white supremacist. How much of a bigot do you have to be to do that?

  4. O my…. Larry Elder reminds me of the GOP candidate Alan Keyes, who was smuggled into Illinois AT THE LAST MINUTE from Maryland to run against Barack Obama. Our GOP realized they’d probably blew it as soon as Keyes opened his mouth. According to Wikipedia, he’s never successfully ran for office. So… what does that say about Larry Elder? Probably nothing, but it’s very unnerving.

    1. Why to spread more propaganda and lies that you believe. Get a clue sheep. Homeless and lawless everywhere in this state. But you don’t give a shyt as long as you can live behind walls and your pay check is not affected. Wake up Get a clue already.

    2. @Jose GomezAgree Hollywood elitists who live in million dollar homes giving political advice is comical.

  5. If one man or woman can have this much impact, it’s time to look at the blueprints to figure out what is broken. No American should seriously have to fear any one person.

    1. I was responding to the original comment about fearing one man. I can think of many men in history that destroyed countries and should have been feared. I thought the original comment is dumb

    2. @Ayn Rand My point, and Our Founder’s main goal was to prevent that from happening to America.
      I enjoy semantics as much as any Centrist, but you missed the point, if any Citizen fears a Governor or a President, that role has too much power.
      Fear in general is obviously a sign of intelligence, but no American should be burdened by it from their leaders. Our
      Founders put a lot of time and energy in to designing a system of government where that would be as true as humanly possible.
      They mostly thought it would never work because of human’s nature to want more and more.

    3. @Sparky’s Imagination I agree. I just responded to the comment about fearing one man. We should not have to, but we will because people vote for Biden. His administration is socialist. Get my point?

  6. Funny.. they’ve gone after both Governors of the largest states by populous.. Its about to get really ugly on our home soil…

    1. @mark scarboro what rock have you been hiding under??…LMAO.. Biden didn’t take office until this year, Rethuglikkkans and their King Dummy have been running the show.. Even though Dems have the house Moscow Mitch McConnell and the other white Supremacist in the Senate blocked everything but appointing judges… every body didn’t fall for Trump’s ignorance and lies. LMAO… and you couldn’t name a leftist policy if someone handed it to you. A FOX News talking point that Trump supporters vomit at every chance they get…

    2. @mark scarboro yeah,….No Punctuation, make You look Dumber. Dont worry about PATTY’S grammer… take a look at yours, Einstein.

    3. You mean The most disastrous, corrupt and dysfunctional states (what a coincidence, they’re all DEMOCRATIC states led by the corrupt swamp) with the highest homeless population and crime in America?

    4. @PSI … LMAO … please point OUT any legislation that the Rethuglikkkans have passed to assist the homeless… LMMAO…

  7. American elections are so broken it’s not even funny.
    With the Electoral College and Gerrymandering, a minorities has won an election countless times already, now in this recall election a candidate could easily win with less than 10 % of the vote as long as Newsom stays below 50 %? This is nuts!

    1. @Merciless Moose , Yet you fail to mention that Pelosi’s “police” opened blocked areas & motioned the crowds to enter (these videos were everywhere). This was a planned set up by Pelosi and the corrupt Left to blame Trump. Many BLM & ANTIFA members were dressed as Trump supporters (again, much evidence many of us have seen yet squashed by mainstream media). Truth Will Prevail. Side note question: Why do you think Pelosi will not allow Jim Jordan to speak at her self imposed “commission” hearing & has began a witch hunt against him? I’ll tell you why, because he will show the mass evidence of Pelosi’s corruption and intent to do anything in her power to destroy Trump and portray Trump supporters as violent. Ashley Babbit made a poor decision to climb thru a window yet she was unarmed & if this had been reversed – a white police killing a black person in such a manner, it would have been the complete opposite in the Left’s response.

    2. @PSI YOU are the best argument for banning home-schooling. The incredibly embarrassing levels of ignorance in the Trump voter base are the INTENDED RESULT IF DECADES OF REPUBLICAN DEFUNDING OF PUBLIC EDUCATION

    3. @C Cole , Anyone with critical thinking skills have become more supportive of home schooling than ever before to protect our children from the evils of CRT. Teachers unions protect the lazy and irrational teachers (not all of them but many are straight up Marxists). Many of us cannot afford to home school on our own yet we are coming together to teach and protect our children through supportive, intelligent and committed families in our communities. Where there is a will there is a way

    4. @PSI If you think CRT is a) something you need protection from and b) something that is taught anywhere outside of university or law-school, you might want to re-evaluate your sources of information. Where there is a will there is a way

    5. @Wolfram Stahl haha.. no kidding. CRT is being “taught” by university, corporate America etc. Moderate Citizens that have friends, family from all races/walks of life are not buying into this evil propaganda.

  8. I am a Canuck and I admit I don’t get the recall process.

    It seems to me that if a person gets elected, unless he commits a crime, that person should fulfill his term.

    1. States that have recall elections often will also have ballot initiatives to enact laws as well. These states seem to be those admitted immediately before or after the US Civil War. The issue with California is that the threshold for the number of signatures to recall the California Governor is apparently low.

      I live in Indiana. We do not recall elected officials or have the opportunity to initiate ballot measures to enact laws. We do vote on amendments to the state constitution and whether to retain appointed judges at regular intervals. The state legislature added a requirement of voters to approve by ballot any increase in property taxes in their jurisdiction as well.

      Most states have an impeachment process for all office holders who cannot be terminated. States that do not, sometimes use a recall instead. States have never applied these rules to Federal office holders.

    2. @Tom Slick Oustanding explanation of Indiana Law and Process Bud! Thank You for enlightening those who enjoy this sort of thing. I Hope, You might be Helping in Your Local “arena”, to educate young and old alike. You and Your post is what Americans NEED right Now! Thanks again from Oklahoma.

    3. @Tom Slick The thing is, Newsom has done nothing warranting his removal. He’s been better than the last few we’ve had. It’s a power grab by the Republican Party. We have a population of 40 million people. The stakes are high.

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