Robbery & Double Murder in St. Elizabeth | TVJ News – April 13 2022

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    1. Totally agree but it’s always tough when the corruption is at the top. All those resources in πŸ‡―πŸ‡², everyone should have a job making a good living.

    2. Now if the coner boy escape in the bushes call in the police πŸ• dog and JDF plane they can’t hide

  1. I remember when I was a little boy Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡² had pockets of bad man and thieves. But nowadays before di baby born dem a bad man and thief. Pure madness! I think we need to stop and take a look at the factors that are influencing and swaying the youths mind to do crime at this exponential level and address them. If we live in denial about some obvious factors then we will never fix the problems.

  2. That’s how communities must come together and get the wicked, I’m so sorry those two men lost their lives. We have take our communities back and keep ourselves and the young one safe, it’s the same young men them that lives in the area.

  3. So hold on their police no somebody if them cant protect their life how are they going to protect others come on people police a human to not robot’s

  4. Everytime them catch a criminal redhanded. Them girlfriend/baby mother any ooman them live with and mother must come give account to too. 3 days of questioning. Find out what else them know. Because trust me. They know

  5. Blessed πŸ™ Jamaica land we love πŸ’•, that man who is talking about who police have strength for and police running from gun men, I have a message for u, stop habba gunmen in the area, when you see strange people in the area tell a somebody or call the police, some police gun is no match to the gunmen gun, why the police don’t call for the helicopter for back up,

    1. Yeah cause the police dem gun nuh bad like fi dem sad eee memba dem waah live to really sorry for the 2 innocent persons who died

  6. When gunmen does them work let them mother and they woman pay the penalty they are the problem

  7. Definitely need the death penalty back for cases like this when somebody die when they commiting another crime. They kill for no reason.

  8. All they have to do is ask the driver for all of them easy easy let him talk who they are and get them simple!

  9. No death penalty, Jamaica will never recover from the crime wave. We need that new political party brewing called, Democratic Independent Government of Jamaica Fe clean up corruption and crime.

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