Robert Mueller Sparks Call For Trump’s Star Witness | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

After Mueller says Trump was not exonerated, Democrats push new oversight subpoenas for Trump World figures and eye Trump’s former White House counsel Don McGahn, the aide Trump ordered to fire Mueller.
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Robert Mueller Sparks Call For Trump's Star Witness | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


    1. I don’t think democrats are smart enough to do an impeachment. They just like talking about it.

    1. More than fun, getting the GOP Senate to be forced to go on record supporting the traitorous criminal in our White House.

    2. @Claudia Nuss Schulte It s actually ” coming” but you socialist slobs were never known for your spelling.

    3. @quietman356 123455 as opposed to Trumps voters right? Where is Whales anyways? What does “unpresidented” mean…other than what trump is, of course.covfefe? Scott Free?

  1. Democrats and Progressives had better fight back like our Democracy depends on it… The Majority of Americans have absolute power… Time We use it…

  2. It’s time for the House to call their ‘investigations’ what they are: Investigations Into Articles of Impeachment. Period.

    This way, once they decide they have enough compelling evidence (whatever that means, given the mountains of evidence they already have) they can then initiate the ACTUAL : Articles of Impeachment.

    1. @Eric Patton Spare me the nonsense. I’ve read the report, you’ve heard the testimony from Mueller and what Barr tried to pass off. Evidence galore.

  3. Yes. Mueller again confirmed that Trump is a felon and that the US is not the most powerful nation in the world.
    Putin it simply, America has been captured by techs and the GOP.

    1. actually, mueller confirmed trumps innocence. if you’re ever clear headed for even a moment or two, you will know what i just said is the rock bottom truth. it is the truth upon which free people count. and it is the truth upon which the rule of law is built. i get it, right now you’re confused and angry. you have TDS, which is a real thing btw. some day in a moment of clarity, you just might understand. i sure hope so.

    2. All Mueller confirmed is that there is sufficient evidence to charge trump with obstruction. He can not due to the O.L.C. but the representatives of the people of the U.S. can.

    3. ​@John Doe You’re confused, too. He said he could be charged if Mr. Trump wasn’t for the president. As long as he’s president, he can’t be charged, Mr. Muller can’t do it because of his status. But the representatives of the people can do something. After that he can be charged.

    1. @David Montrallo
      It is OBVIOUS you’re a moron.


      These only include people who served in the administrations, and excludes others (like members of Congress and private individuals)


      The only indictments for his administration were of his Secretary of Agriculture Mike Espy (who was acquitted of all 30 charges) and of Espy’s chief of staff Ronald Blackely, who was convicted of making a false statement and sentenced to 27 months in prison.


      Bert Lance—Director of OMB. Crime: indicted for misuse of funds during the sale of a Georgia bank to BCCI. Result: acquitted of all nine counts

    2. ​@Hayden Williams you are still only following the executive branch, which is what my argument was to begin with. when you bring in the legislative branch the numbers of even out across the board showing that the corruption is not a on sided track. you are using one side of the coin to fit the narrative that fits your political opinion and I am pointing out the misuse of data to fit said narrative. even called both sides corrupt. your arguing from a position that one party is better than the other when in fact they are the same working for the same people with all the same donors. was that not apparent in my original response to you?

    3. @Hayden Williams I was not making a revelation just pointing out the partial facts you used. by doing that you help support false narratives that keep the divide, and do nothing to help change the conversation that would lead to an actual change in how we view the failings of the current and former way of governing. we have to correct the conversation between all of us before we can fix the problems at the top. is that not something we can agree on?

  4. the constitution does not recognize any privilege against arrest, indictment, trial or imprisonment of a president, and we should do all that right now.

    1. @DVDA Exactly correct. In addition, Trump attempted to get AG Sessions to unrecuse and shut the investigation down multiple times. Sessions refused, but it is still obstruction.

      ANYONE other than the sitting P would be heading for trial.

    2. @Mahande Beginning with strawman and ad hominem attacks does nothing to help your argument. It’s not my problem that you seem to have not read nor heard what actually happened. We can have a productive argument once you stop spouting fox news talking points, AKA misinformation. Yes he said the investigation was not curtailed, however that does not matter as much. Intent to obstruct justice and spreading misinformation along with attempting to block testimonies and lying to everyone on TV minutes afterward about what Mueller actually said is wrong. Merely intending or attempting to obstruct IS obstruction. Deal with it.

    3. What an embarrassing end to this fiasco. An attempted coup, an attempt to overturn a legitimate election, that nobody wants to be bothered to investigate and the perpetrators may never be held accountable.
      If Mueller was the great man of great character he was proclaimed, then he should have been bored by investigating the silly Russian collusion charge and yearned to do the real work of bringing the perpetrators to justice.
      But as those behind the coup seem to be his friends, he opted to cover for them. What a disgrace.

  5. new bill proposal
    if any elected official is immune from indictment
    the clock on statute of limitations should be paused

    1. @Josie Fox McConnell’s est. worth
      $26, 957, 535.00 Million Dollars (OpenSecret.Org) GOOGLE: McConnell Oligarch Oleg Deripaska lifting of Sanctions. Or Kentucky 200 Million Dollar Aluminum Factory McConnell.

    2. The statute of limitations would toll (pause) according to an Atty experienced in arguing before the Supreme Court. Sorry, he was on a different show. I could find the link if anyone is interested. Also states could indict him. The guideline about indicting a sitting president is federal and also not a law.

    3. There is a video that answer the questions of pausing the Statute: GOOGLE: CBSNEWS; WHAT IS THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON POTENTIAL CHARGES AGAINST TRUMP? Also see Trump’s response to CBS News Reporter (on same video).

    1. and let’s not forget: Persia became Iran, because you tried to install a puppet there too, causing the Islamic revolution and the ‘death to America chants’. They can’t have a nuke, you have thousands (because Russia also has thousands. About 100 is all you’ll ever need…) Oh, the irony…

    2. you also got mad at cuba, when the USSR wanted to place nukes there. While you have them stationed literally everywhere… ‘We’ have about 20 too…

    3. I could go on, doesn’t sound like a mueller world to me… This world is rotten to the core. Just look at your history, or read up on what your General Smedley said in 1933. Nothing has changed…

    4. Peter Terry. the first stage is to vote every republican out of office, state and federal, town and city , and keep them out for generations

  6. (R) Rep Buck, “Do you believe…could the president be indicted for obstruction of justice after he leaves office?” Robert Mueller, “YES!”

    1. @Terry Grant yea, using the “leftists intellect” in a condensing manor that was really congenial on your part though. Right?

    2. Terry Grant they couldn’t prove the crimes because of all the obstruction constraining the investigation

  7. MUELLER served most his life for the country & TRUMP served most his life for his wealth himself. MUELLER worked with integrity as priority and TRUMP worked with benefit as priority.

    1. Simple! Since I am nonsense. Please mention any legal precedent that a prosecutor “exonerate’. I can wait……Thanks for proving me right.

    2. @ALwayserecto like I said…nonsense, Russian.

      “You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic if this body determines that your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role,” the politician said. “Impeachment is not about punishment. Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office.”

      That man was South Carolina’s own Lindsey Graham, then a 43-year-old, third-term Republican Congressman. The president in question was Bill Clinton.

  8. 13 million more Citizens of the United States of America voted for Democrates then Republicans in the 2018 Elections. They HIRED YOU TO FIRE HIM!! DO YOUR @#@# JOB! Open the Impeachment process.

    1. Success key, not declaration. Process undergoing for some time by Dems, in case you hadn’t noticed. 2018 election referendum was not a plurality of voters (even those voting Dems) supporting impeachment. Wish it were so, but that just isn’t true. Public is coming around now, though, long after last election. Pelosi strategy is working quite well, overall. Shame you can’t appreciate that, direct your ire where appropriate; at Congressional Republicans who are trying to cover-up, who are impeding impeachment, and without whom impeachment can not be successful. You’re hurting more than helping. By all means, let’s call for impeachment! But dulling the tool you are using to accomplish the work runs contrary to common sense.

    2. The American people have to do this again we will need to vote trump out of office and then vote out all the corrupt politicians no matter what party they belong to but the swamp must be drained and this is up to we the American people not the politicians but it’s the American voters responsible to do this and we can and we will so in 2020 vote out trump and the corrupt swamp

    3. Richie Tattersall, 13 million stupid people could destroy this country, Thank God it didn’t happen, and thanks to more stupid Democrats, Trump is going to win 2020,

    1. They should of done this from the (escalator) He would of fall flat on his face. TV is his strength to reach people like him who are rotten humans & they’re MILLIONS.

    2. Without Trump what would they talk about 24/7? Trump is all they want to talk about. It’s Pretty pathetic!

  9. Barr, first of all, should be jailed for his Contempt of Congress charge. Then Trump should be impeached. No more playing nice.

    1. @Eric Patton obstruction of justice, campaign finance felonies, emolument clause, to name a few impeachable offenses.

    1. He’s been talking about that for month’s, ever heard of harvest boxes?, even if people got them he would eventually cut them off. GO t to pay the national dept, which he’s been running up Willy nilly.

    2. @Doris Fowler And no one wants those boxes,as well many cannot eat those…gross! What a horrible waste of $ that would be!

  10. Remember when WikiLeaks is a great tool I love WikiLeaks did you hear about WikiLeaks now it’s Wikileaks is fake news don’t you trumpsters get tired of this BS from the president

    1. I thought about compiling all the contradicting things trump has said, but there were so many. What you said is exactly what I wanted to do… but he is at about 11,000 now.

  11. If they don’t impeach, it’ll be a tragic mistake. We need to hold the presidency to the standard that’s been maintained by 90% of his predecessors and put a foot on the neck of presidential corruption now, before Trump gets a chance to out-term the statutes of limitations!

  12. I don’t understand what the problem. Mueller was clear about Trump’s crimes. Trump lied even in written questions. Impeach

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