Robert Mueller’s full testimony to House Judiciary committee

Former special counsel Robert Mueller testified before the House Judiciary Committee where he answered questions about his investigation into Russia meddling in the 2016 election.

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  1. Everything unravels here 1:29:00, Joseph Nipsid started Russia Gate and wasn’t charged for lying to FBI 3 times. Democrats are worst than Republicans now, thanks to the Clinton’s

    1. Treesee T. Lol keep ur comment up, everyone so toxic xD, plus u raking in a bunch of likes lel

  2. Mueller gave his full testimony of the small part that he was allowed to talk about from an already heavily redacted report.

    Summary: America got bent over and f*cked. On national TV.

    1. Its not heavily redacted. Literally, the Mueller team redacted the portion of the report and it went to the White House for more redaction, except Trump didn’t redact further. So the so called “heavily redacted report” is a lie.

    2. Yea we learn Mueller was hired to investigate but he did very little and let the democrat team to run it. They wrote the report and Mueller didn’t bother to read it. He was clueless at time on very important investigation

  3. Glad this is on trending – the full version vs “highlights” increases the amount of my fellow Americans who will actually make up their own minds! Baffling! lovin it!

    1. the true circus runs 24/7 at the white house where trumps family business creates constant conflict of interest with affairs of The State!

    2. Remember all those times that trump lie and how he’s connected to a child rapist and and he also colluded with a foreign country compromising the elections of our country

    3. @Josephi Krakowski But he was cleared from Collusion that’s not even a debate anymore….. You clearly watch too much CNN and dont even pay attention to what’s going on. Stfu

  4. The day after the Mueller report. The view is absolutely insane and everyone on it. They are sooooo upset and it shows in there faces. They are sooooo ridiculous and stupid it’s a shame. It’s laughable lol SOOOO sad for all of them.

  5. You can tell who didnt watch this cause they keep using the same talking points that have been disproven. *Don’t be part of the problem.*

    1. @gr33kb0i either people have too much pride to admit they are wrong, or bots just being bots.

  6. …does anyone actually get their news from CNN? Robert – Help I’ve fallen and can’t get up- Mueller was a major Trump victory.

  7. Mueller’s wife: Are we going to make love tonight dear?
    Mueller: Uh, I can’t answer that.

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