Roberts Field Residents Still Can't Cross it | TVJ News - June 1 2021 1

Roberts Field Residents Still Can’t Cross it | TVJ News – June 1 2021


In rural Saint Andrew we revisited Robert's Field in Mavis Bank a community which was thrown into the spotlight after this famous phrase "nobody cannot across it" here's Janella Precius with this prime time news follow-up.

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  1. “Still cannot cross it”after 10 yrs come on GOV stop starting over every time a party wins and continue work that way it saves the country time and money and you do t have to very votes!! Hear the say !even when it (JEW)big up cliftwang it’s good to see him again .laughs guarantee

  2. Omg I was a child watching this years ago my cousin didn’t like The news but I did

    1. @mark watson I know right . U wah si mi a look fi di oxygen tank an a wondah how him a do welding with a flame next to the tank..

    2. @Tash Brown Ikr..The breathing tank deh pond him face man ,bwoy no have da nose fi nothing

  3. The Citizen’s Organization should do a fundraiser. They will raise enough money to fix the the bridge.

  4. My God can’t someone tell that guy that what he’s wearing cannot prevent Covid19

  5. Clifton Brown remix Time now, afta 10 years nobody cannot cross it, so wi need money to build the bridge…

  6. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with the partial nebulization connections

  7. perfect solution for this take some of the money when you took from people who is not wearing masks and who break the curfew take someone to $10,000 and some of those $5,000 and fix the bridge for the people talking about you don’t have no funding

  8. today the 2nd of June I went by a court today and I can tell you the amount of money they take off of the curfew and the mass can supply all of this work what you guys have in the pipeline this is all about drilling out poor people’s pockets

  9. today alone the amount of money the courthouse make Island wide can more than fun some of these infrastructures want to fix in our Islands question what use all of those money go to where you took away from people who is not wearing a mask and who you say break a curfew where do all of those money go which funding which hospital how much ventilator how much mass you name it how much stuff that money buy matter of fact where do that money goes

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