Robinson Asks How Many Times Do We Have To Have This Discussion On Gun Violence? | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Robinson Asks How Many Times Do We Have To Have This Discussion On Gun Violence? | Deadline | MSNBC


Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson reacts to the shocking reporting that in most states it is easier to purchase a rifle than it is to cast a vote. Aired on 03/19/2021.
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Robinson Asks How Many Times Do We Have To Have This Discussion On Gun Violence? | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. How was he able to get a gun with his background? When is easier to buy a gun than to vote, there’s a massive issue in this country and one party is the cause of it unfortunately..

    1. @John Watt
      I don’t have that option in the state I live in. In fact as a person with barely a speeding ticket in the past 20 years they make it nearly impossible as criminals are shooting up neighborhoods on almost a daily basis. I am thankful I got my equalizer early in life.

    2. @just me: If I was living where I felt I needed a gun to defend myself I’d move in a hurry. Good luck with your caliber.

    3. @just me have a hard time going out for a sandwich you need a gun? Guess again republo, we aint buying it anymore.

    4. @esam 65
      Wow. Not everyone lives in a city. How narrow minded. I don’t buy that anyone else could come close to helping me where I live, and I make my sandwiches at home. Calling the cops is not an option for me. I suppose I could hide in the dark and lop off some criminals head with a machete. How do I protect my animals? Do you people ever think? Do you actually believe everyone lives around the corner from a cop shop? Get educated and try again. Don’t want a gun? Don’t get one. Don’t tie my hands behind my back either. You care if a crimial dies but not a law abiding citizen and thats whats wrong.

    5. @John Watt Yeah, if you get it sent through an FFL. Which, you know, performs the background check.

  2. Maybe we can actually have a vote on the senate floor for once instead of Mitch RippleChins McConnell refusing to allow senators to do their job and vote on legislation.

  3. You know that George Orwell’s novel 1984 has come true when buying an assault rifle is easier than being able to vote.

  4. It is easier to buy a gun in many states than it is to vote?? That does not even seem real. Something that is so easy to do for many is so dificult for others to do??

    1. Yeah. He didn’t have a bad day at all. He did everything he wanted; he bought a gun; he killed people; he destroyed people’s lives; he felt in control. All that makes for a fine day in the mind of a sociopath.

  5. Breaking News:
    A wax museum in downtown San Antonio, Texas, removed its wax statue of former President Trump after it was repeatedly vandalized, the San Antonio Express-News reports.

    LMAO only in Texas. Hey there’s Trump… PUNCH
    Trump: That bandage messes up my hair. Did anyone get a pic of the antiwa that punched me?

  6. He had a bad day! Jeez, get off his back

    Haven’t we all had a bad day and decided to go out and shoot a bunch of people to feel better?

  7. hey scarecat gun owners, did you ever read the text of your beloved 2nd Amendment?
    It begins with … ” A WELL REGULATED MILITIA, BEING …”

    1. @g suitter exactly, they don’t seem to understand Well REGULATED means REGistration, REGULATions, legislations, bullet identification number on it, trainings and licensing, etc. in addition to them BEING in a WELL REGULATED MILITIA.

    2. There’s a comma after that. saying the rights of the people shall not be infringed the comma separates the militia part that there’s a well regulated militia and not a crazy militia the ones with pitchforks and torches, so a well regulated militia meaning a lawful militia has a right to be formed to defend a state then there’s a comma which addresses the individual you me all of us as individuals have the right to bear arms and shall not be infringed!!!

      Should we talk about the bear arms part you’re allowed to Bear bearing ownership of arms, now it doesn’t say “firearms” it says “arms” meaning any arms that the military possesses the individual rights of the people have too and why it says arms and not firearms,is because “arms” is a term for a classification of weapons like knives, swords, guns, Shields, tanks, warships, and so on…
      if you don’t believe me look up the saying Navy armament or army armament …

      Back 1776 when private owned fleets had cannons on their ships they where not regulated by the US government because they were a necessity and in fact they were a big help in the revolutionary war against Britain because the United States didnt have that many naval ships yet and citizens privately owned ships where used to fight for our freedom against Britain!

      You could look at a privately owned fleet of ships at the time with 25 cannons on it as basically a machine gun and they gave those individual citizens a right to own those ships… So not only are you wrong you should take a history lesson

    3. @GreeneyeDemon wow, your stupidity is showing publically saying a comma is what gives you You individually a right, forgoing what your founding fathers say about BEING a part of a WELL REGULATED MILITIA, which, hello, BEGINS the 2nd Amendment.
      don’t be stupid, see and read the beginning of the 2nd Amendment, which tells you to be a part of a WELL REGULATED MILITIA before you can hold a gun.
      also, live in this century and think in this century if you can, not just relying on what bad vaccines in 1970s did.

    1. @buzz magister It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the right wingers make money buying and selling votes as well. The lack of morality and principles among those people is alarming as well.

  8. If it is that easy to buy a gun, then Gun shops must be prosecuted for aiding and abetting a criminal act.

  9. Finally. So happy this clip is focused on what we need to be talking about….. and what we need to *finally* do something about!

  10. With all the unimaginable things going on in the U.S. , it would be nice if the country could at the very least , become civilized again . Is that too much to ask ?

  11. The USA is like a different planet. I’m in Canada…. We get PAID time off to go vote. It’s federally mandated. Prisoners vote. Homeless people vote. We ALL vote…. I can’t picture a world like the USA. F that. Nope.

  12. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  13. White GOPer: I have the right to lots of bullets.
    Person of colour: I have the right to one ballot.

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