1. @Erik Anderson Yes privacy. When you alert the public of something you are also alerting the world. Figures were not provided prior to Obama. Changing it back to that way would be considerer reverting back to how it was.

    2. @Erik Anderson Using a Chicago paper as your source. They are discussing drone strikes not deaths. Considering the death counts are not accurate for either administration you can’t possibly know what you claim. Also as technology increases and we move towards unmanned combat you should expect to see more drone strikes vs anything else.

    3. @Erik Anderson There’s one important fact that many of us have a hard time coming to terms with. Some of these organizations have no problem using children as shields or even weapons unfortunately. I can’t imagine having to shoot a child to protect myself or others from being killed.

  1. Leave Middle East. Why US sitting in middle East. Let arabs deal within their ranks. US destroyed whole Iraq Syria Libya Yemen with hands full of blood of human..

  2. Pretty sure a rocket would be way bigger. Looks like some kids got a little too much fire power and stopped some traffic.

    1. @Argyle Jorgen That’s why i said thank god. it’s ok to call out your guy. I gave him credit back in the day for not starting a war with russia. I mean yeah he sent warships over there and sanction the crap out of them. Sad that that’s the new bar now.

    2. @Argyle Jorgen I’m not surprised. I completely effed it up, was intended for “Richard von peckerhead”. Or is it von pingel? I can’t see it from here. Sorry dude.

    1. @Jason Sabbath if the US is richest country in the world, how is it that the US is in so much debt? The US didn’t even make the top 10 richest countries in the world in 2020. It ranked #11👀(Look it up). Don’t listen to media talking points and take what they say as fact. You’ll fall off a cliff being that gullible. A lot of what you have stated can and has been easily refuted so I will not go down that rabbit whole. Just do your research so you can have the right information when arguing your point. Have a wonderful evening…

    2. G’day,

      Ahh, Grasshoppities…, the problem with that there Hypothesis, y’see, would of course be ; the Clause whereinat it be written that,

      Broke it…;
      Therefore thus & because…,
      You now
      OWN it…!”

      That being a well-known and infininely Fractal Karmic Feedback-Loop, operatin’ within the Matrix of Kosmic Scoreboard-Effect…; by way of which the entire known Living Universe is seen to be operatin’ …(!).

      And, so, for as long as Unkle Spam persists on insisting that AmeriKa be permitted to excercise Command & Control over the Armed Shards of the Poltically-radicalised and fragmented Local Yokels still resident wherever AmeriKa has chosen to have itself a little Waaauuugh(!) or three over the last 30 years – all to generate endless Resupply Contracts for the US Military Industrial Complex, or to please King Saud…; the end result is that the only way for Unkle Spam to stop paying the Butchers’ Bill is to listen to and be guided by to the time-honoured Songline.

      “Go Home
      Go Home,
      Go Home
      Right now !
      Go Home
      Don’t delay.
      Do it TODAY…;
      Go Home
      Go now…!”

      Or, words to that effect…

      All the Returned Combat Veterans & Drones can be readily re-targetted, after all…, chasing after the Insurrectionists & Trumpist Insurgents, and Wannabe Tewwowithts, currently swarming claimed to be hatching & swarming like a Plague of Locusts, all over the Continental 48… (OuuuRaaahhh ?).

      It can become Haliburton’s next big sustained Growth Industry (!) ?

      Such is life.

      Have a good one…

      Stay safe.


      Ciao !

      Just(ifiably ?) sayin’.

    3. @Samantha Brett because countries don’t operate like households. The national debt is different from yours or my debt. We determine the richest country by GDP. Ours is number 1. One of the biggest resource drains are US corporations who don’t pay taxes. As is currently set up, the vanishing middle class and lower class are picking up the biggest part of the so called tax burden. The loopholes that exist to keep the wealthy, wealthy, are staggering. If we put Sen. Warren’s tax on the rich in effect, the rich will still be wealthy, and we can actually pay for so many more domestic programs than we do, comfortably. The debt is wholly different from the debt normal people carry and it doesn’t penalize in the same way.

  3. You gotta fight like hell…. US foes have finally stopped laughing their asses off at Trump and the election….. The 2016 election.

  4. So someone got the contact someone else wanted and this is retribution? Or the start of a gang war kinda thing? Find some real news ladies. Are you That starved for attention?

  5. I’m just trying to figure out if there was a security camera or some just so happened to be filming a boring street with nothing record worthy going on at the exact time something like this happens. If it’s a handheld camera then I would look to the person recording the perfect angle at the perfect time in the right spot…

    1. It was not news worthy because we know Trump was ignoring the Iraq issue for years. its news because now we get to see how Biden will react

    1. That is very true. Unfortunately the reason we need presences over there is because one. We provide special skills that the people of those countries don’t have the knowledge or skill base on their own. For example, we helped them build up the airport taxiway because the original construction was done terribly wrong and would of failed and most likely caused some damage to expensive aircraft.

      Secondly we need presences over there because its like all wild west out there. If we didn’t have our foot in the country to hold things down it would be like a 3rd grade class without a teacher in the room. All hell would break lose worse than it always is. Believe it or not the US does do good for those countries and I’ve seen it first hand. Yes there’s always the war, Money, oil, Etc.. issues but we have permission by the government and are allowed to have bases and operations there.

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