1. Iran is going to make the Iraq and Afghanistan war look like a play ground scuffle. They are a very real and worthy adversary. Americans will come to learn and find out.

    1. @piokm mjkjjj cause we didnt like Russia being there so we tried to make them leave which just drug us into the hell whole

    1. The Pentagon shutting down because of snow was the most batshit crazy statement in this entire interview, and there was a lot of batshit crazy

    2. Quite funny, and administration just returned from holiday. I would love to see the stats on Senators and Congressional people on how their pay works? Lunches, vehicles, security, tax payer travel. Snow day’s are for children.

    1. @Peyton Schroyer your fine cause your hiding out at your mom’s basement… don’t speak for others dumbass🤣🤣🖕.

    1. Nope they didn’t kill anyone idk how I guess that just shows how weak they are haha if they killed US troops or allies trump would have leveled Iran

  1. “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” Albert Einstein.

    1. No you quoted it wrong: Two things are infinite the universe and Trumps stupidity and I am not so sure about the universe” Malenursenyc

    1. Comrade Hellas lol you would have starved to death under Stalin’s rule . Just like the other 30 million . Grow up .

    2. @cookie it’s not just Trump, we have been supporting the war mongers in every country for a long time now … it’s time to not play into the emotions they are whipping up, so they can spend all that military cash and weapons ( and get money for new ones)

    1. America is the enemy of muslims and i ergy all the muslim people war against america citizen in the middle east

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