Rocky ending to Bannon’s closing argument as his attorney brings up politics

Rocky ending to Bannon's closing argument as his attorney brings up politics 1


    1. @WineNot it’s still shows that he’s a traitor. Don’t ignore the elephant in the room. His credibility, integrity is gone. Has a record and his supporters are disappointed and turning blue. There’s a lot more @ stake here than just a subpoena

    2. @maria ls what about Lincoln on how he started the military draft so that 1.5 million boys could die for nothing

    3. Max sentence would be two years for the two counts, but the judge was appointed by Trump and it will probably be a slap on the wrist.

  1. It takes a special type of human being to be a responsible public servant in American politics. While the American right has generated a limited amount of these in recent years, it now appears to have in mind a desire to produce even fewer.

    1. @Yaaghob Rahmani Well you’ve obviously got no idea what you’re even talking about. So what was the point of even bothering to write anything really.

    1. @scapegoat712 Multiple federal courts. Stop wasting my time. He’s already been found guilty with good reason.

    1. @5 AOC’s not my buddy anymore than MTG. But I must admit, it’s freaking hot these days. How about you? Same old? Or hotter? What’s your take? I think we’ve got way more than 12 years. But I also think covid is nothing compared to the climate crisis we’re gonna experiment in 20-30 years. Will you still be there? I hope so!

  2. “How do you plead?”

    “Not guilty”

    “And what is your defense?”

    “I dunno, you tell me”

  3. This is clear he broke the law. When will people start to pay for all these serious actions which caused deaths and somehow 5 peoples lives is only worth 30 days. Wow!

  4. Proof: “What Trump’s gonna do is just declare victory, right? He’s gonna declare victory, but that doesn’t mean he’s a winner.”~Steven Bannon~10/31/2020 (caught and leaked on audio)

  5. I’m going to use that defense on my speeding ticket, this is all just politics!
    I’m tired of these people using politics like a shield 🛡. You are not immune to justice just because you talk politics and was friends with the president.

    1. Good for him speaking out! Global News has Banon attorney supporting why it will be appealed!

  6. What does it say about the caliber of a man who knowingly and willfully embraces the evils of another? And who’s to blame for this foolish decision?

    1. @e Hayes very true. the grifter is a very impressionable and gullible person who’s easily manipulated.

  7. Trump on camera/twitter: “Do a thing.”
    Proud Boys: “He told us to do the thing.”
    Corporate media: “How can we know or prove he incited?”

    Fucking corporate media, stop making excuses for DoJ inaction!

    1. You can watch someone rob a bank along with a lot of other people but it has to be proven in court with the laws on the books. It’s supposed to protect the innocent. I cases like this though, it sucks!

  8. It’s ironic that the ‘Oathkeepers’ have been directed and duped by the Oath breaker in chief

    1. Haven’t you heard? Down is the new up. Why do you think they named themselves “Oathkeepers”?

  9. I don’t know where they can find a jury who doesn’t know who this guy is by now, but the fact that he ignored a subpoena should be heavily considered, whether he claims to have gotten bad legal advice or not.

  10. I have an awful feeling about this given been a while with no news of a deliberation. This should take at most 2 hours and you normally hear pretty fast once finished even if takes a while for court to be called back

  11. Wow, should take the jury 5 minutes to convict him.
    I mean, there’s no wiggle room for ignoring a subpoena.
    Everyone else did and pled the 5th, you’re no different Bannon. No amount of crying about being a ‘political victim’ is gonna work. The victim fetish you guys have is getting very very tiresome.

  12. Less time in jail for contempt of Congress than for marijuana possession. The US has a seriously messed up legal system.

    1. Breaking the law with a jail term as a prescribed sentencing protocol is what happens when you break a law with a prescribed sentencing protocol. I have yet to meet anyone that was sentenced to jail-time for possession that didn’t know it was illegal and didn’t know that there was a prescribed sentence. Until it’s legal in the state where you have possession, you deserve the time. Stop playing apples-and-oranges here. They’re not the same thing. Obey the laws or don’t whine about being punished.

    2. The minimum is 30 days, the maximum is one year, so let’s see how long he gets. There are two charges, so my hope is that they run consecutively so that the POS could get up to two years, but I doubt we’ll get that lucky. There’s also a fine – hope that’s a big one too!

  13. All I have to say is, if Nixon had to resign and he was no where close to being as terrible as trump, there has to be some hard penalty for trump. 🤔🤔

  14. So let me get this straight. Bannon was given a subpoena. He refused it, meaning he refused to go and talk to the people that issued the subpoena, and it was his own choice to not go talk to them. He then argues that he is being silenced. So his defense was he was being forced to remain silent by being forced to talk. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense there.

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