Romero on Trump's latest lawsuits: "When something doesn't go his way, he calls in the lawyers" 1

Romero on Trump’s latest lawsuits: “When something doesn’t go his way, he calls in the lawyers”


CNN's Nadia Romero breaks down the latest in the U.S. election, as the Trump campaign tries to stop the counting of mail-in ballots.


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    1. @Mel Morrison who tf uses radio anymore. Are you delusional? Turn your brain ON and try thinking for once. How bout that?

    2. @VISHNU NOT delusion: an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.

      How can the powers that be create a delusion? Also, the powers that be don’t want you to think that the pandemic is a conspiracy. None of what you are saying makes sense

    3. @Ben Cressman The powers that be……hi diddly dee said pinocchio with his delusion of what was being said and where he was led

    1. @skate metal pre-election polls don’t mean anything. but the dems will probably change the law so they do

    2. @skate metal 180k votes being found 100% for biden, out of the blue, your election is rigged garbage. Cheaters dont win

    1. administrative state is controlled by liberals, I am sure the liberals are getting invalid votes. the administrative system is run by liberals. just think about it – one party thinks Government can solve the problems (liberals) and one party thinks Government is the problem (conservatives). 90% of government employees are liberals. so therefore all administration is heavily biased towards liberals including voting etc…

    1. Welcome to the party, pal. The news has been this wrong the whole time. You have to find independent news sources or at the very least, conservative to balance out the normal extremist liberal bias.

    1. not the idiots, they wouldn’t care, only to have their stupid guts full. …nothing else….”me first, me first!

    2. @Brett S OHH so now Biden steals it? I guess all the “scammy” stuff Trump was doing prior to this election you’re going to ignore? You do realize this was a record high in-person voting by America right? If there is THAT large amount of Americans voting, not sure how ANY stealing will be going on, other then done by Trump. There is FACTS, vs FICTION, and so for you pro Trump supporters and Trump himself are losing cause your believe in FICTION. “We should have “FEWER COVID” tests right? I BET you won’t tell me who said that.

    1. @Crystal Bordage I definitely would, I don’t care who it is, personally I think they’re both in on it and its to create distrust among voters

      But its not possible for multiple instances of 6 figures worth of votes coming in, and 100% of them are for Biden, they really couldn’t be anymore blatant with the fraud

    1. @Lul Highman – Check the voting results between DWS and Tim Canova, ballots were illegally destroyed and no one went to jail because they promised never to do it again.

    2. @Hiya Reread your post, check your spelling and punctuation, then try calling everyone else dumb again.

    1. @Jonathan Szwed All the Mid East progress is going to be reversed with more wars. I have no doubt about it. The CCP who is playing the long game, must be smiling from ear to ear, as they already have Biden in their pocket.

    2. @Jonathan Szwed He was until he became president when he could have pulled out anytime. He didn’t. One more reason he’s unfit.

  1. Wait… he campaigns from his basement, does some caravan cruises and wins the most amount of votes ever? Only in democrat reality!!! Fraud.

    1. You’re not paying attention. They’re talking about counting mail in ballots and Trump wants to stop the count. That’s voter suppression. Why would you want a leader that advocates that? Rudy is spewing nonsense. When the ballots are counted part of the process is getting all the info about where they’re from. Not mars. Rudy knows that you trump supporters don’t understand due process so they straight up lie and you fall for it because they know you won’t look into it or even figure out how to look into it.

    2. @Walter Platzer hey Wally, you moron most states have limits on the date which ballots will be accepted, but I’m guessing a liberal like yourself has no problem with cheating. If you actually believe in a democratic process then let Trumps claims go to court unless the big lie of voter fraud is real then obviously yo7 have something to hide.

    1. @GodEnderX yah the Hunter laptop that was dropped off by Hunter himself was for sure the Russians….. the only one who worked with Russia was Hunter himself and Hillarybeast.

    2. @Robert Selles o yeah did the legally blind store clerk tell you that? thats weird, because the fbi says otherwise.

  2. I love the fact that on an incredibly busy day for her, the reporter still took time to check in on her Grandma. That’s really nice

    1. 1430000 ballots show up in the middle of the night michigan all for biden 100% biden that’s impossible humanely impossible

    2. @mahones jones It needs to be proven just because it’s strange doesn’t mean it’s fraud it must be proven or it won’t matter. Proving it is the hard part.

  3. When he is leading Michigan at 3:30 AM by almost 200,000 votes and then another 183,000 votes are counted before 9AM and every single one of them is for Biden that is suspicious. Actually it is statistically impossible. So yes calling his lawyers makes sense and anyone in their right mind would have done it.

    1. All swing states almost simultaneously stopped counting. Like you wrote out of nowhere 100k+ votes all of a sudden and ALL for Biden in Michigan and NOT one vote for anyone else. A vertical spike in the voting graph out of nowhere the chances are 0%, but I am sure it is 100% ELECTION FRAUD.

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