Ron DeSantis’ 2024 road just hit a major Covid-19 bump 1

Ron DeSantis’ 2024 road just hit a major Covid-19 bump

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has been seen as a champion of fighting Covid-19 by Republicans — despite extreme surges in the state. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explores how, beyond the human toll, DeSantis’s approach to the virus could also hurt his presidential chances in 2024.


Florida Hospitals Are “Stacking Patients In Hallways” As The Delta Variant Surges

As Covid-19 cases surge in Florida, governor says parents should decide whether their children wear masks to school

DeSantis blames Florida’s surge on ‘covid season.’ That’s misleading, experts say.

Trump believes coronavirus will vanish with April temps — experts are skeptical warm weather alone is enough

Florida's governor was spotted mask-less at the Super Bowl. His reason is, uh, not great.

Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count

This Florida COVID surge is different. So is the state’s response.

Ron DeSantis cancels Nevada fundraising trip as Tropical Depression Fred threatens Florida’s west coast

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    1. @Horns Fan Are you high? Trump abandoned our Syrian allies with zero warning and left them to be slaughtered by the Turkish army. An army, I may add, that launched missiles around fleeing US soldiers to push them back as they tried to take US bases and the valuable intel and equipment stationed there. US forces literally had to detonate their own bases to keep them from falling into Turkish hands because they didn’t have time to extract their vital equipment.

    1. @Gary Fumeaux Oh yeah Gary, we’ll listen to you. NOT! We listen to the experts in viruses. If you’re too stupid not to, then that’s your issue.

    2. @Laurie Jo that it does. Not arguing with any of that. Just asking people to stop making such serious decisions off of information that we know will change soon because “it’s science”.

    3. @Laurie Jo by listen to experts, you mean listen to fauci and ignore any other experts, right? Because there’s plenty of experts out there with different viewpoints on what the science shows. It’s hard to find because they’re all censored though.

      Maybe that’s the problem some of us have here. Some of us can see something at least slightly odd about this virus and we have some extra questions. Others just turn the media on and listen to what they’re ordered to do.

    4. @Nickanthony Nick if you think these other so called experts are censored then you are living with a conspiracy theory mind. Why would anyone censor them? That doesn’t make sense. And yes I listen to Fauci, he has worked his whole life with viruses. Why in the world would we not listen to him and the fellow expert doctors and scientists? That doesn’t make sense either. No one is censoring these other doctors. Many doctors with different ideas have come forward and we’ve seen their theories be shot to hell because they missed this or that. I think you are just one of those that the government are the bad guys no matter what they do. I think it’s a good thing we didn’t have people like you when other virus injections were put into effect. We’d never have a vaccine for anything. But go ahead, trust your “censored” doctors and the like. For me and for most people, we’ll go with the experts.

    1. Seek salvation Mike Jones, the government wants to add a “boost” to you; after all the first shot and second shot didn’t protect you that you still have to wear a mask; now government has another one ready for you. Little knowing what is actually happening. The Book of Revelation is NOT a conspiracy; and because many of you don’t believe you will see things things unheard of. The end of the world is at hand. Jesus Christ is coming back soon.

    2. Hey hang in there. I’m sure something else will come up that you are #1 in. Actually, you have the number 1 football program in America the last 10 yrs.

    1. Don’t be a stooge and fall for liberal media bias. It was given out to whoever was most prepared to distribute the vaccine, based on geographic locations throughout the state as well as readiness to reach all Demographics. Would you rather it go to someone who was totally unprepared and lacked the resources & ability to distribute it ?

  1. DeSantis rule: it makes an entire school vulnerable to the most idiotic parent of a school kid….
    COVID Season: the season of idiocy!

    1. So you think YOU have the right to make the decisions for that “one idiotic parent”?…Would you have the parent hung and the unmasked kid shot in public executions?

  2. If it is your “Covid season” and you anticipated a rise in cases… wouldn’t it be this specific time of year where you would encourage people to wear masks and distance from each other the most?

    1. @Don Hardcastle You mean the place where they banned masks and then want to blame people crossing the border? Yeahhhhh….You’re an idiot alright

    2. @Cropper Copper trouble is, I’ve seen the numbers on the official CDC website…
      What happened to the regular flu?
      Heart disease? Lung cancer?
      ALL have been classified as covid deaths…
      To each their own, I say! Protect yourself if you want! Vaxx every other day if you want! Just count me out of this experiment because I’m not that gullible…
      Good luck and God bless!!

  3. Desantes doesn’t have enough voter’s left to get re elected. I dont mind if his suicidal anti everything supporters kick the bucket but they take innocents with them.

    1. You could at least spell his name correctly! Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear bright until they speak.

    2. Taliban is gonna be knocking on ur door pretty soon bud. Thanks for getting an absolute loser elected. He honestly might get us all killed.

  4. Florida Governor DeathSentence: “Your freedom of choice TRUMPS your life, and those of your family and fellow Floridians.” MAGA!!!

    1. @Bublito Blatant lies. Red states are doing the worst. California has less cases despite much higher population.

    2. @Alstroemeria227 again No, I trust my doctor. He and all the doctors agree with the scientists as do the federal government. What are your credentials that anyone should trust you?

    3. @Bublito also your comparison of NY and FL is so flawed, it’s almost comical. Yes they have similar populations but almost half of New York’s population lives in NYC. While not a single city in Florida has over a million residents. This is a virus… proximity matters. The fact that Florida got even that high is embarrassing considering the distance compared to NY

  5. There was never supposed to be a “covid season” in the first place. The gop really dropped the ball on this one

  6. “I don’t know that we thought that we would necessarily see….” spoken like a true politician .

    1. @Regulatory Affairs did you read the article
      Some flights scheduled to deport migrants had more than 25 percent of passengers test positive before departure, leading Immigration and Customs Enforcement to remove those migrants from the flights for quarantine in the U.S., according to the document. CA is NOT facing the biggest spikes along the border nor is TX.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis I love how “Regulatory” Affairs can’t even regulate their emotions when presenting the facts.

    3. @Regulatory Affairs – You people who are so much into your politics and want to blame everything on the other side are just stupid.

  7. DeSantis is one of the poster children for the fact that having a set of Ivy League degrees does not make you smart.

    1. Hello How are you doing? Sorry for dropping this here on your comment section actually I was browsing through a page am following when I came across you attractive profile, my name is David Curtis
      My dear I will love to know more about you I am expecting your reply thank you

    2. Obviously being able to pay for expensive eduacation doesn’t mean you actually learn anythihg. It would seem that ivy league schools are just handing out diplomas to anyone.

    1. The dirtbag deserves nothing that remotely resembles sympathy or empathy towards him. His actions are DIRECTLY contributing to the covid situation in Florida. You can extrapolate that that to mean he is causing serious illnesses and deaths that could have definitive been prevented.

    1. I’m no democrat or republican, their both insane. In light of what you state here, I’m sure the border was far from your mind.

    2. Have you seen his round table talks where he talks to experts where they go over studies and reasons for their covid approach? Oh wait you can’t because YouTube censored it because they have to control what you think

    1. @Brad Kearns

      His kids will be wearing masks, social distancing and are vaccinated. Also, if his kids do get sick for any reason, they’ll pull your kids out of a hospital bed for them. You’re being suckered, trick.

  8. We need a miracle to get Governor DeSantis to take his head out of (the sand) and act like the leader he was elected to be instead of continuing to abdicate his responsibilities for the wellbeing of his citizens.

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