Ron DeSantis faces governor challenger ahead of possible 2024 run | USA TODAY


  1. Ron DeSantis isn’t facing any challenge for Florida governor. Crist is done. He might as well drop out

    1. If you want 12% inflation next year then please cast a ballot for any republican because if DeSantis wins easily inflation will rise above 9.1% and every one will pay $6.00/ per gallon for gasoline,witch is very good for bill gates and Microsoft because they own Exxon it will also help tremendously British petroleum and the United kingdom out of their economic repression but for the rest of us hardship neither DeSantis or bill gates are qualified to call themselves Americans because the voting rights act falls under the Us constitution not the British or belongs to Microsoft/Exxon,just try the remember that when you vote by 11/08/2022.

    2. @Sofia Ruha you’re describing what Democrats have already done. The adults will be back in charge when the GOP sweep the elections. I’d seek therapy to cope

    3. @The Kentucky Rifleman dear Kentucky rifle man I do not need therapy but those fellow Republicans who has been arrested charged and convicted of sedition and insurrection could probably use some,if you personally has participated in those events and has not been identified yet please turn yourself in to authorities because they looking for you ,the outcome of the November elections hinges largely on the criminal trial of the Trump organization and the government’s ability to prosecute those of like Trump and DeSantis as many of us has been anticipating since August whether Mr Trump will be charged criminally the clock is still ticking so any republican or Trump supporter I wouldn’t place a bet whether DeSantis will get re-elected it is not settled because the Trump DeSantis partnership designed to harm both of them unevenly witch should unfold by no later then the end of the year.

    1. @Susan Sharp
      your opinion. We all got em.
      He stands firm on the values I believe in so my opinion is the only one that counts

  2. The fact so many people in Florida want a bully cruel person like DeSantis is very sad. I think DeSantis will win which is a horrible statement about my state.

    1. How? Because hes firm, dont take any bs and stands his ground? Move out of Fla then, go where your beliefs policies reign

    2. @Barrett Kettle You are that blind? If confronted by an equal or more powerful person like all bullies he will fold. My family has been in Florida for over a hundred years. Not moving and not condoning evil.

    1. So what? Let them be angry, they’re going to be anyway. I’m assuming you’re referencing the abortion subject and I think he is doing the right thing

    2. Would not be the first time women have saved us. I am hoping enough get off the couch and vote. If they do DeSantis will lose.

    3. @Stephen Cullum Not all angry women out there are pro-choice and pro abortion, just so you know. There are as well many pro-life and angry woman as pro choice and pro-abortion in Florida, and they easily push Desantis to the finish line.

    4. @Clappin’ThemAmogusCheeks Please! I have used the same statement for men. If we don’t make an effort to vote the anti-democracy voters will and we will be living in an authoritarian hell hole. Rather settle this at the ballot box than on the streets.

    1. Did you name your profile after a liberal? That’s awesome! LMAO
      I was gonna do it but i was afraid people would realize that i had no personality and that i was clinging to an old trend for relevance . You should be proud lmao.

  3. I agree that the choice is between the least of 2 far from perfect options. But I am really in awe of how biased is the media when still dubbing the law as “don’t say gay”. Has anyone cared to actually educate themselves to understand the ill intent of that moniker? Parents should have a say in their kids’ education. (even more at a younger age)

  4. LOVE ….LOVE 💗 …GOVERNOR RON …..BUT NOT YET President TRUMP 2024 first THEN May be Governor RON after President TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. A Ukrainian nationalist comes home after a rally, tired, hungry, looks, an elevator is working in the entrance, runs into the apartment, and there his wife cooks food on gas, he is already sick, goes to the bathroom, and there is hot water.
    Sliding down the wall, he whispers:
    – That’s right, the Russian invaders are back again!

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