Ronald Greene Lawyer Speaks On Newly Released Bodycam Footage 1

Ronald Greene Lawyer Speaks On Newly Released Bodycam Footage


Louisiana State Police are finally releasing bodycam video of a brutally violent arrest that led to the death of a Black man in 2019. Ronald Greene’s family was initially told by police that he died from a car crash, but the video shows Greene being beaten and tasered as he remains handcuffed face down on the road. The police now call the actions of police “justified,” but Lee Merritt, the family’s lawyer, says it’s time for accountability for “everybody who was involved in the cover up.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Ronald Greene Lawyer Speaks On Newly Released Bodycam Footage


    1. The bosses don’t want that because they are aware most cops are dirty

  1. Criminals have discovered they can join the police force and commit crimes but be protected by police unions and from all accountability!

    1. @John Buck – Just stop.

      No, they haven’t. They’re virulent Trump supporters.

      And you know that.

    2. @Lynne Anderson, They donate alot of money to democrats to be such staunch supporters of President Trump.

  2. Why is this not a bigger news story? This is the most brutal body can footage I’ve ever seen

    1. @Rocket Boards they’re pretty selective on who is worth rioting for. Guess this guy didnt make the cut.

    2. @John Buck you don’t need a rope to lynch somebody, dummy. Does your white privilege somehow prevent you from cracking open a dictionary once in a while.

  3. In any half-sane country all officers involved, and all higher-ups aware of the cover-up, would be in prison – and it would be a long time before any of them came out.

    1. Can you not see that Amerikkka is far from sane, half the country voted to destroy itself!

    2. In America, if you’re filled with hate on blacks and are ready to lynch them, you join the police force. Sad, but the truth.

  4. That was not an attempted arrest. It was an execution, and then it was covered up. There must be serious legal consequences for all involved. Nobody is above the law!

  5. Apology?? Anything they say is meaningless! straight up cover up! the entire department needs to be fired! DOJ needs to step in

    1. fired is the punishment for LYNCHING TORTURE MURDER? no – every single white klan pos needs to get the chair and I would GLADLY pull the switch.. they can apologize before it happens to them

  6. Every cop and official present during the assault and every official that tried to obstruct the investigation should be charged w murder.

  7. And they want to keep people’s like this on the police force they all should be % prosecute to the full extent of the law!

  8. This is so sickening to see that nothing is done. If anyone else did this it would be front page news!

    1. Yes, they do, as well as their addresses. The names and addresses of every other criminal are listed in the police blotter section of the local newspaper. Theirs should, too.

    2. @Patrick Bateman If I murdered someone, make no mistake that my name, photo and address would be in the newspaper.

    3. @Patrick Bateman Palm Beach isn’t Boca. You’re not very good at pretending to know what you’re talking about.

  9. The Police LIED on their reports? Shocking isn’t it!! at this point is ANYONE REALLY SURPRISED

  10. The lawyer his the right thought. All those involved in the cover up should be held accountable. The officers should all have charges levied against each and every one of them. No stone should be left unturned. Get’em.

  11. These officers and officials need to be in prison. The actions show they knew it was wrong

  12. the police MURDERED this man, said he died from a car accident, and the entire department covered it up for 2 years?!!

    it sounded like a mob killing.

  13. This should be a billion dollar law suit. Its time for the police union to start having bake sales and car washes so they can pay for this.

    1. Please, please, please stop talking about money! This is a planned lynching and these murderers need to be charged for murder. End of.

  14. They intentionally turned off there body camera to try to cover up the murder. This is common place in monroe. 2 years, 2 years! And still no criminal charges have been filed

  15. This is just disgusting. It is so hard to watch. I can’t imagine how his family feels. God be with them and bring some manner of justice for this family. There is NO EXCUSE for this excessive use of force.

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