Royal Visit Sparks Modern Day Slavery Debate | TVJ News – Mar 23 2022

Royal Visit Sparks Modern Day Slavery Debate | TVJ News - Mar 23 2022 1


  1. “Mi nuh care weh nobody wah seh” free you mind from mental slavery, who cares if you didn’t see the queen, she and her family enslaved our people, have you seen the way they treated Megan, We can’t really have any hope for the older Jamaicans, at least younger Jamaicans understand


  3. Its about time that the monarchy is reminded and helded to their history of what they had done!! They r tone deaf, to this history it’s one thing to acknowledge the past and they should have made a positive justure to give back artifacts of this culture. Also Kate should have chosen to wear local clothes and jewelry from an island artists, instead of royal jewels that rubs Jamaicans faces in their wealth and status. Any actions by the royal family should have been donating $$ to local charities and really getting their hands dirty by working in the fields. Diana certainly would have been shoulder to shoulder working and experimenting what workers do and go through to feed their families and communities!!!!

  4. Jamaica people wake up wake up when you get reed of Andrew and the laboratories. MP and police we get back our jamaica when they new police force will do proper policing can’t have crimal running the country

    1. @Kadian Webb they are working for the interest of the queen not the African descendants of Jamaica.

  5. This was sickening!! It was a terrible look for Jamaica who use to be the rebel country of the Caribbean!!

    1. It reminded me of the imagine in Europe, not sure if it was in Belgium where they had kids in cages while on display like the Zoo. This bleach out face gal is a perfect example on why we need to know our pass history and why our history needs to be taught in Jamai a schools. I would not listen to someone who bleaches there skin first and foremost. If your parents didn’t teache you anything, then it’s up to you as an adult to learn your history. My Mother had a picture of white Jesus in her home for years , but because what I learned I explain history to her and she removed the white Jesus picture. Our parents unfortunately does not know better, but if we know better. Why not do better✌🏾.

  6. When you mislead our generation this is the out come.sum set of dunce wanted to say the false prince

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  8. Its clear that some of us Jamaicans have no clue has to what happened during slavery. Read and wake up people, there’s lots of things to learn that they never thought us in school. We was brain washed. REPARATION IS A MUST!

    1. Well said 💯💯💯💯 soo much as been hidden and taken from us BLACK PEOPLE…. we need some answers Now!!! And we money 💰to.

  9. Well, wow, I am so suprised by their visit. If I could lecture I would have. I think the queen herself visited many times. In the year 2000 she visited and that never sparked any debate. She is like the adviser or permission slip to the govoner general in terms of passing the laws or bills under her monarchy. Now to call an election that is between the prime minister and governor general. I mean their is no other option. To change from a british monarchy to a republic is and has always been a choice or option for many countries who have gained independence and is apart of the commonwealth country. They do not have any other choice. Our colony is 70% Black, 10% Indian, 10% Asian and 10% White.

  10. Jamaica! Our ancestors were Queens and Princesses too! We were ROYALTY too before we were taken from our lands by these Royalties. This isn’t your princess it’s their princess. Unlock your minds. Theyyyy did something to your ancestors – signed off on sailing to our lands and taking us for free labor and property.

  11. Get the queen 👑 she’s not helping jamaica 🇯🇲 just collecting.🙏🏿🇨🇦🇧🇧😡🎯💯

  12. The pass is the pass and what did take place was not lovely, but me and you all was not born in those days and as a born again what more important is salvation and our saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth I been to hell and heaven and in hell my soul was tormented and in heaven I felt peace and I was a homosexual transgender who God Almighty used prophetess Mattie nottage to deliver me through Jesus Christ and we of to forgive in Christ Jesus because the pass can hold you back if you dwell on it because if Jesus Christ is not in anything it’s like nonsense amen bless

  13. 🇯🇲 Wish they never killed Bob Marley.😓He said” 🎵Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.🎵”🇪🇹

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